Abigail (아비가일, Abigail) is the character of Denma.

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He first appeared in Iron Dog Is No Registration. And he appeared in Rami Record (2) (Korean, In Denma, it's (1)). And in Denma, he's first appeared in Sixteen (13). Then he appeared in A Catnap (4) - Ch.326.

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21 years ago Edit

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In Rami Record (2) (Korean, In Denma, it's (1)), at the House of Dancing Flowers, Rami sees Deva Agnes and her Guardian priests with 2 other friends. Around Agnes, there're 4 of her Guardian priests. They're Red long hair and him, Scar face, June.

A Catnap Edit

Hades' first escape Edit

In A Catnap (1) - Ch.323, in the Internal Affairs, the members sees Hades, and talk to each other that, Hades is one of the eastern Church of Madonna's 3 crazy dogs, Balak, him, Hades.

A Deva and her Guardian priests are going to retreat place on the ship. He uses the Scar face as a chair and the orange hair Guardian priest as a footrest. He reads the letter from Y.J. and laughs. The Scar face and the orange hair Guardian priest are surprise and they're talk that he's definitely laughing. At this time, Deva Agnes calls him, and says he has a job to does and it won't be easy so please take care and return safety.

Gatsu says to Balack that he heard that the Security Department sent him to check him, so it turns out that the 3 troublemakers of church body are getting together at the same place and everyone knows about this at church body, and get rid of some traces and information that could tell them Hades' next target before the Security Department guys arrive. But the Security Department and him are arrive by the teleportation Quanx.

Max introduces that he's the leader of the search party from the Security Department. Gatsu also introduces that he's the leader from the Internal Affairs. Max and Gatsu are shake hands and Max says if they're not going to help each other, let's not interfere with each other. The Yellow green thinks his nickname is the one-against-hundred, and Gray marks thinks he doesn't look that strong except for his eyebrows. The Internal Affairs members think that A mad dog versus a mad dog, Balack and he'll collide into each other at some point of this competition and for them, where they belong doesn't mean a thing, because they're so proud to be the mad dogs of church body they'll fight till someone dies. At this time, Balack threatens him to lower his eyes. Gatsu and Max think that they're trying to fight right now. He rejects Balack's words.

Balack says he'll tear him up into pieces to makes it an example for church body. He lowers his eyes, and Mole face is taunts to Balack that the job of the Security Department is to beat up crazy dogs that cause trouble like him in church body. The Internal Affairs members are disappeared through the Teleporting Quanx. All Security Department members are high-five to Mole face. Max says if the Internal Affairs guys bother the Mole face, beat them up, and Monkey face says he can look up now. Max thinks maybe he should beat him up first. At this time, he gets a call from Agnes. He's alone, and Max is deep in thought. Agnes says an order from the top wants him to not only get rid of Hades the escapee, but also protect Max from all harms, and when everything is settled down big changes will be made to church body's system, and Max is expected to be assigned to a very important role.

The Internal Affairs search team have meeting at a fast-food restaurant. The Internal Affairs got the Security team's profile, so they sharing it. Gray marks says that his ability is Acceleration, and Yellow green says that's how he earned the nickname One-against-hundred.

The Internal Affairs and the Security Department are detects Hades' position. Monkey guy reports to Max that Hades' last target was the chemical complex, and this time it's church's biochemical lab.



The Internal Affairs and the Security Department try teleport to Hades.

Hades explodes a cube, and makes a person to it, and he meets Security Department. Monkey guy takes away Hades' energy and transmits it to the Mole face, and he's called Hammer Crush, and blows his fist and knocks him down. He comes to Hades and says those guys are here to arrest him but he's not.

He says he came to put Hades to rest in the name of Madonna and in the name of Joshua, rest in peace, and he uses Passionate Banging. Max says it's so frivolous. Ten punches per second when he uses this tremendous skill he get super tired so he falls down. Monkey guy transmits energy to him and he continues to use Passionate Banging to Hades. At the same time, Gatsu fires Bang, and he stops Passionate Banging. Gatsu says to Max that the Security Department did them a favor, and this is the Internal Affairs' business. Max says the Security Department are just doing their job so mind Gatsu's business, and he thought they agreed not to interfere in each other's business so they'll have to go by their rules. When Gatsu says it's same, Max uses Partial Teleport to him.

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Gatsu tries to fire to Max, but he uses a dropkick to Max and eventually, he isn't attacked by Bang. While the Internal Affairs and the Security Department are fighting against each other, Hades escape safely and move on to the next target.

While the Security Department is eating, Monkey guy takes away the energy of the people who're exercising and transfers them. He points Max to employee and eat food, then he covers the dishes with the top of the suit. At this time, the Security Department and Internal Affairs are hear that Hades is at the Palace now. When Black hair takes pictures of dead Gray marks, Max says to stop, and pushes him hard to his hand. Gatsu points his fingers and shamelessly says that, when Quanxs collide one another and self-defend they can die any time, but the Security Department caught the Internal Affairs off guard and pinned them down and pulled the trigger in the back twice, so this was clearly a premeditated murder therefore he should ask him again about what Yellow hair saw. At this time, he's prepared for a drop kick, but he's sad because it's fail. Then Hades appears and says the Internal Affairs should takes care of their dead friend, and Yellow green was cubed by him. Hades puts all search teams of the Security Department and Internal Affairs in the cube.

He beats cube and thinks it's unbreakable. Yellow hair says he just hold onto his shoulder, and he teleports the Security Department. When the Internal Affairs escape the cube, this is compressed. Max angry, so he punches Gatsu and stuns him.

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Black hair puts into a hand to earth and mimicries a big hand to earth. The big earth hand beat to the Security Department, but it's blocked on the cube. He says to Max that the cube seems like he can get rid of it, but he blushes his checks and says he's a little sensitive. And he explains he puts his hand on the cube and vibrate against it and then add the frequency of the vibration using his acceleration ability until it resonates with the target's frequency and he just has to maintain that frequency and it's like a singer breaking a wine glass by making his voice resonate with it. Then the cube is breaks. He says it's simple physics that he learn when he's a teenager, and he used to does this vibrating a lot. Hades looks flustered. Balack thinks they're just trying to capture an escaped prisoner and they're losing to a perverted Guardian priest like that. But he thinks back then Tomoda was the top of the actresses because her face, body, expression is best of best, and he want her to be happy. Hades thinks his cube, the strongest thing in the universe is humiliated by that fishball so he'll get rid of this dirty feeling first, so he tries to explode by pressing the cube. Gatsu is embarrassed and thinks Hades could blow them all up, so he shouts it's explosion.

When Hades tries to hit the Cube and Teleportation, Black hair uses earth mimicry to wrap the cube, and Balack and Mole face use their abilities to block the aftermath of the explosion. But the shock is so serious that all of them are stunned for a while. Max feels soothing summer breeze and thinks he wonder where it's coming from, and he hears someone's call. At this time, he blows in Max's ear. Max takes away the witness from Gatsu, and thinks that was disgusting but he got to wake up first and found their team member. He also blows in Mole face's ear.

Gatsu goes with the Internal Affairs to the Security Department. Gatsu says Max must give him back the witness that he stole, but he refuses, and the Transcriptomes are arrives. Max says to Command Center that the Internal Affairs are interfering with the Security Department's mission so please keep them out of the Intersecting Space. At this time, an explosion takes place in the downtown. Max, Mole face, and he moving by hover board with the firefighting team. Max orders Mole face to help the firefighting team. And Max orders he also help the firefighting team, so stop protecting him because he can take care of himself, but he suddenly picking his nose and looking at him with the suspicious eyes. At this time, Balack makes a wall to paper and raids Max.

He pulls on Max's legs. Balack beats Max and robs witness. He breaks the wall and rescues Max. Max wakes up dreaming again while he's stunned, and in the dream he's baby so he thinks it's so comfy and he finds mom's breasts. He says with a serious face that there're some fine lines that Max shouldn't cross so get off of him and he'll Passionate Banging. At this time, Max is sucking his decoration. He calls to June that Max was taken to the medical room now he'll move on to the next mission and he doesn't think the Security Department will be much help to him so he'll goes here and tell Agnes about this and bring him a gun on the way. Hades finds out the Transcriptome shield is already reactivated so he avoids it. He and June arrives at behind Hades and he aims a gun at him. He shot Hades from the back to kill him, but he missed him because the gun was a plastic BB gun. He says it doesn't work because when he used Passionate Banging, he implanted a tracer in Hades's head. He calls June by a monk from Western Church who's against killing. Max calls and says he should bring Yellow hair from Balack to the Security Department and he's already asked Agnes because he can't control them right now.




He and June are appears and he says to Gatsu that he want the witness. Gatsu aims his finger to him. June tackles to Balack, and he aims BB gun to Gatsu and he says he's in Acceleration Mode and he's faster than him so he should give the witness. At this time, Purple hair appears and attacks June. Black hair also tries to attack him. Gatsu's an arm is broken by him and aimed by BB gun in his mouth, and he threatens to Balack. After all, Balack hands him a person and his limbs which were confined into planes. June says to Purple hair that he finally finds someone strong, and he tears his outer suit. He says they're done here. June says he should have told him before he tore it. He shoots June to BB gun, and others are astonished at the sight. He and June are disappear. Gatsu heals his arm and orders to Purple hair that he take the Yellow hair to the locker in the transport now, and he says to Balack that they've the witness from the Security Department and those priests will be back with real guns next time, and before things get any more complicated so they'll get Hades and head back. Max sees Tear and asks to him that this is the only guy that he got from the Internal Affairs, and he thinks he has a feeling that they were a step behind.

Since Hades was arrested

The doctor says to Black hair that as long as the controller inside Hades' head is on, he'll be unconscious, and he found something, which is banned from the Holy See since the Revolution of Gram. The doctor explains the left one is the prisoner identification chip from the Internal Affairs Department and this thing on the right is a rooted signal generator and they're often used as a tracing device so in order to prevent it from being removed it firmly roots down into human organs once implanted so if they want to take this out, they'll need to dig up Hades' brain, and if the guy who did this is from the Church of Madonna, he'll be banned regardless of the reasons. He asks if June can't teleport from planet to planet. June answers that very few people in the universe can do that.

The woman asks to Agnes that her dog isn't enough for Hades. Agnes answers there's been an order that they should follow the Internal Affairs Department regarding eliminating Hades. The woman says let's just do that this time because everyone must be flustered by Holy Madonna's return to Palace so let him do his job, and it's impossible to jump into the Internal Affairs Department to take out Hades alone, but by trying that they could be sending a warning to those old punks, and she's sorry for Agnes' baby dog. He isn't going to see Agnes before him go because his work isn't done yet, and Hades was transported to the Internal Affairs Department so he needed to prepare himself, such as equipment, uniform, and disguise, his new ID card inside the See, so he did get here. June finds out he's taking the suicide bomb capsule. He says he can't let See know that Agnes has anything to do with this so if the Internal Affairs guys captures him, he's using it. June is surprised, and he says he has to get rid of Hades because it's Agnes' order, and he shouldn't tell anyone about this because it's a personal mission. He says if he doesn't come back June can use his locker. June angry and says he can't go to a place like that by himself, and he'll be using his locker if he go there.

June thinks if he didn't take toy gun here he wouldn't be infiltrating into the Internal Affairs Department by himself, and he didn't know it was gonna be this serious because he joked around too much while he was around him and things have never been this serious with him like this. In the call, Agnes says complete his mission and return safety. He answers he'll make sure that he'll complete his mission.

He hides himself in the waste disposal ship, in order to assassinate Hades who's in the Internal Affairs. He disguised as a newbie employee so he should just follow superior's assistant. Black hair comes across him and says his eyes look familiar so he asks to take off that suit for a second.

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He shows off his distorted face by takes off his suit. The superior says he has a tonic facial disorder, and he shows his ID. Black hair cheated by him and he asks something to Balack. Black hair detects that guy with a tonic facial disorder that wasn't natural at all also he used a muscle controller.

He hides to between waste disposal workers and finds Hades' room, through the spider bots which're sent to the wiring of the Internal Affairs. During a 10 minute break, a worker says they got two more days left. He sees a webtoon and raider and thinks the wiring of the Internal Affairs Department is more complicated than he expected so maybe it'll take longer at this speed.

He finds to Hades with spider robots sent. At the same time, the Internal Affairs member says to the Boss of the waste management company that there was an ventilation system malfunctioned when changing fuel rods so two guys died from suffocation, so they'll do a quick interrogation of workers. Before open the personal network and go inside the interrogation room, he again used a muscle controller for the Internal Affairs member to show that the distorted facial muscles. The Internal Affairs member sees his network but phone keeps coming, so he hangs off this. Agnes sends a text to prevent him from takes out Hades before the retreat starts. The message says it's urgent so stop cleaning and return. The Internal Affairs member sees the message and thinks the waste management of the Internal Affairs Department isn't like cleaning it's room so this company's out of its mind so he replies something, and he thinks if they won't take this place again next year. Agnes sees a message. The message says understood it'll take him a while to return, so Agnes gives a sigh of relief. The Internal Affairs member thinks they'll slow down the interrogation and he'll screw the waste management guys over so he delete the message.

Hades' second escape Edit

Volume 6

In front of a mirror, he sees wrinkled face and thinks he really could suffer from facial paralysis. At this time, suddenly a loud noise is heard and the surroundings shake for a while.

He finds out Hades has disappeared from the Internal Affairs Department through Teleportation. At this time, the Internal Affairs tells the prisoners that were in special cells escaped. He calls June to come take him before the defense system recovers, because he knows he's feeling sorry for him and still staying around here.

He arrives in the ship through June because Hades escaped again and with other guys this time. June asks he'll call for more help. Abigail answers this is his personal mission and the safety at Deva's retreat comes first they should stay there. He sees the data when he got from the Internal Affairs, and he says one of them are moving with Hades, uses the same skill as he does. He says he thinks he has heard of the name "Haaken" before. June brings him to a gun with actual bullets. He says June is coming with him and aims a gun to him.

He calls Max and says he can call him when he find Hades. Max answers that it isn't without an official order, and he says this is a real gun, he thinks 'So what'.

The prisoners come to an illegal underground clinic run by Devarim. A Devarim says he doesn't anesthetize, because he tried it a few times but they never woke up. Hades says his cube was broken, and Aaron says there's no such thing as an unbreakable tech. Hades asks how do he fight against guys with Accelerating abilities, and Aaron answers his cube got broken so get them some sleeping pills and shoot them bang.

Jungkyu finds something in Hades' head and calls to Aaron. Aaron says there're the Roots, a rooted signal device and it's fully grown, and it's all over his brain so he asks when did this get implanted. Hades answers that he doesn't know and he started headache since they escaped. Aaron sees the manufactured serial number and calls to Chul and asks who bought him Roots, and he told him not to sell it to everyone. Chul answers that one of the Holy Madonna's Guardian priests bought the Roots. Hades says that guy who can accelerate. Aaron is weird that if the Guardian priest caught using something like the Roots even the Deva in charge will be penalized, so he wonders why would he do this, and he asks Chul did recommend this. Chul answers that the Guardian priest bought a few other illegal things like it. Aaron says he want Chul to wipe out his place clean and hide somewhere for a while because he need to put out all uncertainties before they make big deals this year, so he report this Roots thing to the Space Patrols so that they can crack down on the illegal weapons trades, and this way they'll be so tired by the end of this year, and should loosen up more by then so the trades will be safer, and they can do this by sacrificing a Guardian priest and a Deva.

He says to June that Max will call him because of Hades 'cause what can break his cube. He finds a lead bullet, which is prohibited. June says he brought lead bullets from their armory because the ammo storage was full of it, and he thought he kept them there. They're go to armory, and he finds Roots and says this place is full of prohibited items so June can show him the surveillance footage of the latest shipment. He says if they find out about this during the monthly inspection Deva will be held accountable for this, and if someone from the outside finds out about this the security team and the patrols of U.C.S. will try to handle the issue themselves. At this time, he's surprised to see that the person carried the prohibited item was himself.

He says this is the day when Deva's Retreat schedule started, so they were outside the planet, but it's definitely him because he can't explain this, but it's and this isn't some disguise or something, and he's looking at the camera intentionally and it's looks like he's sending some kind of message. June says that's really not like him and they could get rid of these things now. He says the third camera zoom in, and he sees a scar behind his head. June says he doesn't have this scar and he's sure someone is trying to screw him and Deva. He still dazing out and June is angry and he says these're heavy so they need to move these away quickly. He thinks another him.

June says he really didn't do anything. He says he need to take care of what happened here first so he need to clean up all the items. June is angry and says he already did like he told him. At this time, Roots, the signal from the tracer informs Hades is in the Palace. He and June appear in front of Hades. Max says the Security Department have prepared all this just to get them, and he says to him that he should focus on what's going on and look ahead. Haaken faces him. Hades says he's used the same acceleration ability as Haaken's to break his cube, and Haaken tells him to throw his cube at him, but Honma reflects this.

Honma overlaps Hades' one hand with his one hand through Penetration ability, and says he'll be teleporting with him now. He shoots a bullet which isn't a lead bullet, but Honma reflects this, causing him to have the same wound as another him. He says he wasn't aiming Honma. He tries to fight against Haaken, who has the same ability as himself, but he, Max, June are assaulted by him. He thinks Haaken is faster than him. Haaken beats him. He says Haaken is win so he can calm down, and he take this gun too. Haaken says if he see him again, he's dead so he should stay where he's. A Patrol calls to corporal of Patrol that it's Roots. Corporal of Patrol says Church of Madonna's Guardian priest bought Roots, and he asks who sold this. Aaron answers that he's Chul, his full name is Bongchul Goo. Corporal of Patrol says the security law of U.C.S. make it illegal to produce illegal weapons and just make the trade is illegal. Corporal of Patrol calls to Lee Kyu and he says he want him to handle Roots. Corporal of Patrol says to Aaron that especially Lee Kyu is one of these, so the priest that bought the Roots, he's very unlucky.

People fight each other. June puts blue skin's both hands on the wall with his Teleportation ability, and he says he'll get bomb guy he can talk to, but he's struck by Haaken.

Haaken trying to pull out blue skin's both hands with his ability, but he's blocked by Max. Haaken tries to aim by gun, at this time, he applies a pain relief spray to his eyes, and he says he can't use Acceleration ability while trying to aim a gun, and he need fingerprints to use that gun so he'll give him back what he owes him.

He says he knew he heard of Haaken's name because he should have been the Guardian priest for Agnes Deva instead of him, but for some reason, he declined the offer the position so he took that position now. Haaken says so Agnes really wanted a guy with an Acceleration ability, and he asks so how is that evil girl doing these days. He angry so he beats Haaken. Haaken uses Acceleration ability, and he also beats him and says he's a very passionate priest because he really is bewitched by Agnes. Haaken beats him, and says he use the Acceleration ability he can use the body to see things. Haaken says he had a high expectation when he heard that he broke Hades' Cube but that's disappointing so he's just going to be Agnes' side without much thought anyway, and on top of that, he's doing all kinds of dirty work for that ambitious homicidal maniac.

Haaken beats him. He thinks Haaken's way stronger than he's and more than twice as fast, so the punches are about four times stronger, and if he take any more punches, his bones will break. June thumbs up and says he's getting beat up and he has never seen he get beat up like that. He also thumbs up. He and June are disappear.

He and June are arrive. He thinks the prisoners (or another him) can go through the Intersecting Space. He and June are eat bread and see the Internal Affairs says the Transcriptome controller is destroyed. June says it looks like the Internal Affairs opened up the network deliberately trying to tell everyone that the defense is disabled.

He says he want Honma to deal with Haaken because he can't do anything 'cause of him. At this time, Hades with Rami arrive.

Lee Kyu meets Agnes and he shows a surveillance camera footage that the Patrols tried so hard to obtain. In the footage, he says to Bongchul Goo that he charge it to Agnes and he asks it's cheaper if they pay it in a single payment. Lee Kyu says all the things that he bought are prohibited by the eight universe law, and the Roots that was used was an item that the Church of Madonna requested the law committee to prohibit its use, so they must step in, so she can call him in so they can continue this seamlessly and if not, they'll have to do it on their own. Agnes asks it's everything they saw on this screen correct, and Lee Kyu answers that the location, the date, the time are all correct because Bongchul Goo connected the surveillance camera on the public channel to take advantage of the surveillance network. Agnes says during the time in the screen, they were all inside the ship because they were going on a Retreat, and they also use the public channel so they can't manipulate the time either. Lee Kyu thinks it's strange and he says they'll be back after doing more investigation. Agnes says he's out right now so they'll let him know when he comes back. A Patrol asks what if he used a time warp. Lee Kyu asks back that he experienced the error of the Intersecting Space.

Agnes sees the footage. Scar face says he and June are both offline right now, and if he's the same person maybe a time warp. Red hair and Scar face say that in that case, he'll be killed instantly in a Patrol finds him and the items were paid with the Deva's name, so apart from the church rules, if the Patrols arrest the Deva, the church won't be able to help her, because the eight universe law is applied and he knows very well of it.

People are avoid explosion by Teleportation. Agnes's other Guardian priests are contact to June. After confirming that the eavesdrop device is now connected to the church channel, Lee Kyu orders his junior to trace the line and find out the location. Lee Kyu finds that they're getting the signal from the Palace, and due to the continued terrorism, it's crowded with the Internal Affairs guy, he says it was only an assumption but it might be true.

June says another his look, tone, gesture is same so he's not just similar, and it's him and now that he looks at this scar, it matches the scar with the one in the surveillance footage and this healed scar is him in the future, and when it's time warp, he'll be executed by the Patrols instantly and he already know that. Lee Kyu orders he should call reinforcements because they're going back to Agnes, 'cause they know where he's now, and the transaction is made by her name so they've to arrest her and interrogate her. June says regardless of the truth he's being chased already.

Volume 7

Lee Kyu and a Patrol go somewhere. Another him hides it and sends a video to someone. At this point, another him is shot by something to someone. Someone else approaches another him, and takes a gun, and says his body will completely melt down in five minutes and there'll be nothing left, so he can ease his pain. Another him shakes his hand. Someone else says another him know too well his Quanx ability is gone right now. Another him says he has thought about this a million times but now that he's dying, he's just shaking is all. Someone else shoots his gun so he kills another him, and someone says he's never seen him in the field before to personally handle a job, and fortunately the perp didn't go over the causality barrier just yet. Someone else is Lee Kyu of another him's timeline, so he says they should head back to their timeline.

The Director of Internal Affairs is been sitting on the top of the Intersecting Space lid and casting a spell. He says the Director of Internal Affairs seems to have a Quanx ability to make his butt heavier. Then he sees the hallucination that when he was a child, his younger sister falls down so he says she may come across. At that moment the subway appears and strikes his younger sister. He cries and thinks, if he was just a little bit faster he could save his younger sister. The Director of Internal Affairs thinks the hallucinations that they're seeing now and the memories that they don't want to remember, because they're Quanxs, most of them are about how they got their abilities or terrible incidents that they couldn't handle even with their abilities, so overwhelmed by regret or sorrow, they'll get trapped inside the prison of themselves.

The explosion occurs and the hallucination ability breaks. At this time, a Transcriptome appears. The Transcriptomes surrounding them. The Intersecting Space lid is broken by explosion, and they're fall in to the Intersecting Space. The Transcriptomes can't come inside. Blue skin slams to core of the Intersecting Space. He choking Hades' neck and June comes at Blue skin. He says he couldn't finish Hades off last time because he had to protect Max first. Honma beats June and choking his neck. Rami is wakes up and Hades catches her when Honma is choking his neck. At this time, Blue skin's a stone is broken, together core of the Intersecting Space is cracked.

Blue skin says to Hades that he thinks they're almost done here and just one more swing will breaks the core. While Honma and Hades are confront each other, Rami bites Hades' arm and he rushes and beats to him. After confirming that Rami is released, Honma overpowers him and he gives Hades to an opportunity to break the core. Hades breaks the core and he says it's nothing happened. Gatsu says the space is dividing up now, and it's not what he imagined and it's very subtle. Gatsu explains that once they're in the Intersecting Space, they exist in multiple parallel universes at the same time, and simply put, this is the multiple dimension intersecting space of numerous spaces, and what he just destroyed what the tie that held the spaces together, as it's now destroyed, an individual "A" now exists in a multiple universes, as many as they're divided. Gatsu says Hades, in the universe eight will stay in universe eight as he's. Hades yells this isn't what he had in mind, and he wanted to spread his existence all over the universe and leave the universe eight for good. Gatsu says Hades will get his wish come true, and despite all that's happened and he's actually grateful, because they'll all get to live in those many universes, and if it's not universe eight, there's no reason for them to fight and they can make a fraternity in a completely new world while they're at it. At this time, the division has stopped. Gatsu says they're surrounded by the Transcriptomes so they're probably at universe eight. Hades angry and catches Rami, and he says he'll survive. Honma beats Hades and Rami lower her body. At this time, in the core, the glowing ball is appears.

The glowing ball is getting bigger all of a sudden and Honma, Hades, Rami are get sucked inside. The glowing ball is snowball and other people are run away. He says maybe he poke it with his finger, see what happens. June says then he can't pick his nose later. The glowing ball is stopped and shrink. Gatsu thinks the glowing ball is seems to some sort of a counter-reaction from the emission waste still left on the tie. The glowing ball is getting really small and disappearing, and he says he knew he should've just poked it. In the glowing ball, Hades' voice says he'll survive. Honma's voice says Hades should leave Rami alone. That voices sound in people's heads. Rami's voice says Jay is in danger. The glowing ball is rising and growing, and Hades' voice is says. The glowing ball becomes Hades' shape.

At first, the three merged body become Hades form, and his face is cracked open and Honma comes out of him. The Transcriptomes are come inside and the Intersecting Space barrier is lifted too. June realizes that their Quanx abilities are back too, and he teleports with him.

He and June arrive outside of Palace. He says they've to get back inside because they still have a job to do. June asks why he's so obsessed on this mission in particular, and he was never known for his professionalism. He gets his own head screwed on, then he realizes he got a message. In the video message, another him says he's him from the universe seven, and he has something to tell him and it's about the series of events that he has witnessed so far.

June says he from the universe seven can't seriously expect them to believe this, and he says he doesn't think he was lying because he had that look he has when he's serious. June says even he has hard time keeping track of his emotion or mental state, and it's just like what the other brothers said the chemicals must've mixed up his emotional reaction circuit inside his brain. Abigail says let's go find Agnes.

The ship the Church of Madonna sent arrives and the robot comes down, but it can't escort Agnes because of Space Patrols. Lee Kyu and a Patrol fight to Agnes' priests, and it looks like the other priests haven't arrived yet. He and June see this. He says June can take those two outside for a moment. June says they're Guardian priest but they'll be handling Deva to the Patrols themselves. He says they're only doing their job. June takes priests outside. He appears and says Agnes can follow Patrols and he'll inform the Duke of what happened here and he'll explain everything in email. Lee Kyu is surprised and he orders they must cease him. He runs away and thinks he wonders how things will turn out. Lee Kyu takes Agnes.

The Head Bishop hears something through Kanu that one of the Guardian priests was involved in illegal arms trade in Deva's name so Agnes was arrested at the scene by the Patrols. The Head Bishop angry and says Kanu giving excuses to the outsiders to intervene in church matters, and he warned her never does anything to draw attention from the U.C.S. The Head Bishop flips the table. Kanu says it all happened too quickly before the priests could do anything about it. The Head Bishop asks who was let the Patrols find out about something like that. Kanu answers that he's named Abigail with baptismal Church of Madonna's name. The Head Bishop is very upset so he breaks hologram and orders that he'll set an example out of this incident to discipline the church Guardian priests so he'll set them straight, so he'll cut the arms off of that Abigail who's caused all this mess, and let him rot in Gaia and he'll live like a stray iron dog until the day he dies, and as for the Guardian priests who let Deva get taken away 100 lashes and one month in solitary confinements, all of them. Kanu thinks she has never seen the Head Bishop this angry and she guess it's only natural because after all those efforts to keep the church at bay from all those meddlesome outsiders. The Head Bishop says since it's come to this, he has no other choice so they'll strike the Duke now.

The Duke wears a leather clothes and holds a paddle, and he does BDSM Private worships again. Mayhen reports to Duke that according to the message from Agnes' Guardian priests, she was accused of illegal arms dealing so she arrested by Patrol. The Duke is wearing a gown and taps on a calculator, and he says under these circumstances, there's a zero percent chance that could've happened, then that means there're only two possible explanations for this, either someone intentionally squeezed through the time axis, and somehow changed the causality, or Dr. Faust simply couldn't build a better calculator than this one. The Duke says he hopes the good doctor didn't hear what he just said, but all in all, if the Patrols took Agnes, there's little to worry about because there're quite a few under his sponsorship there. The Duke is happy because it seems that this event will extend his life a little. Mayhen says it's her humble opinion that he share the information with the Patron alliance and sever his ties with the church for his own safety. The Duke says this is the biggest deal that a single human being can get so no way he's missing this opportunity, and he asks who's really behind this arms deal. Mayhen answers that he's a priest called Abigail, the Duke says he's that white haired guy with a girl's name and he was the one in charge of Hades so that means there's a chance they actually went through the time axis, so this is driving him crazy. The Duke says if the Patrols are after him, the church will try to get their hands on him first, and it's time the White Police Guards' to step in and he'll get him first.

Red hair says the old fools at the church aren't happy, and 100 lashes and a month of solitary confinement for all the Guardian priests at the Retreat, and he'll become an iron dog in Gaia, and if they look at it with nothing but facts, he should be grateful that he's only getting the iron dog punishment. June says they can ask the Duke for help. Red hair says an outsider can't know of what's going on inside the church, and besides, there's no reason for the Duke to help them. At this time, a message is sent. The message's content is the Duke sent out his White Police Guards to capture him and hold him responsible. Red hair says it should the White Police Guards catch him and find out the whole story, the conflict between the church and the Patrons will be grow big, so he orders June should inform him of what kind of mess he's into right now. He sees Agnes' message late, and he also sees June's message. He sees the letter from Y.J., seen last time. He thinks he's dead either way, and might as well see Y.J.'s face one last time.

The Head Bishop and the Duke are meet. The Head Bishop says he'll let them now but he can't guarantee anything. And the Head Bishop apologies that Agnes' event and he says he'll be sentenced the iron dog punishment and will be locked up in Gaia for good. The Duke says he want to see him as well because he just has a couple of personal questions. After the meeting, the Head Bishop calls Kanu and she reports the Internal Affairs just started his search. The Head Bishop thinks what could the Duke possibly want with his personally. He runs to Y.J.

On some planet, the space shuttle for line number 3 just arrived and he appears. A White Police Guard comes to Eugene and says he's here to see her, so she can come with her. Eugene thinks she has a bad feeling about this. Yoon appears and gives Eugene a toad that has been transformed into 2 dimension, and he says if he liked her, he wouldn't give her something like this every single time. Eugene thinks what's going to pop out this time and sees this, and she says she doesn't feel comfortable following a stranger. A White Police Guard says Eugene can look outside the window. Eugene looks outside the window, and she sees him who wears Guardian priest suit, and she smiles and runs to him. At this time, He who wears different outfit, he suddenly hits Eugene.

The reason he hits to Eugene was because she was shape-shifted by a White Police Guard, and she's too tall to be her. He says a White Police Guard did really have to kidnap Eugene just to get one guy and he's one of a combat Quanxs so he can ashamed of himself. A White Police Guard says it's not just about capturing him and they've to make him confess, because the Duke is dying to know so if he see him in person, he suggest him tell him the truth, only then will they let Eugene walk out in one piece. He accepts and he asks if he can meet Eugene because he has a gift for her. A White Police Guard thinks something and accepts it. He meets Eugene and says they're his friends, and he gives the kitty music box which is she said she wanted on of these before. The kitty music box is in the form of a girl similar to Rami, is sleeping in a cat's breast. The catnap in the title of this episode was expressed as cat + nap. He says he has to go somewhere so far that he can't reply back, away with those fellas for a while. Eugene says but she'll keep writing to him still, and she also gives him a toad that has been transformed into a 2 dimension, and says it's supposed to startle him when he open it, and she know they're not his friends so when they pick on him, throw this at them and run away. Eugene hugs and says please don't die.

The Half-Headed Quanx seems to sees the outer by the Partial Teleportation, and he immediately detects the Interplanetary Teleportation and says the three White Police Guards are caught him at least. Wine hair, Gatsu, Balack see him and they think that what's going on here and what's he doing here. Red hair says they're not hiding anything from the Internal Affairs, and they just lost his contact as well. The Internal Affairs decide that send out an emergency message to all agents right now, and pass along the Bishop's order. Wine hair, Gatsu, Balack see the message. It says they should arrest him on sight. Gatsu says may the Bishop's order not go against the Duke's will.

He's hit by the White Police Guards. He says he told nothing but the truth to the Duke. The Duke sees him from the universe seven's message. He angry and grabs one White Police Guard's leg and he says he's a mad dog and he can take a hundred guys by himself, so he'll show them why they call him a dog.

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In Iron Dog Is No Registration (Iron Dog Isn't Registered or Dog Made of Iron has No Trace), the main character is him.

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The background is a planet Gaia. Iron dogs are belong to the warriors (gladiators, Original text: Ssaurabi). All of warriors have been converted into cyborg arms. They compete with each other and battle. He has a scar behind his head.

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Eugene types a letter to him. The contents of the letter are as follows. 'Abigail! I leave your 100th last message today. I need your help. If you hear my voice somewhere, please...' Eugene stops typing a letter and falls helplessly on the desk. Eugene thinks she's so helpless.

20120212 132907

Eugene doubts about what she's doing to a person who doesn't know if he's alive or dead. In the 25th year of the Gwangmu, Cadet General Government, Enoch.

20120212 143550

Eugene sees him. He hugs a girl and asks someone that if here's 3-dong office.

20130329 143551

Eugene orders Taesaja (Chinese: Taishi Ci) to leave for a while. Taesaja is teleports and disappears. Eugene hugs him and cries and says that he's alive.

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In Sixteen (13), Bishop Agnes meets Baron Hussadin. Behind Agnes, there're Red long hair and him, 2 of her Guardian priests.

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Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-40-21

Default skin (Lv 1, 3 stars ~ Lv 25, 5 stars)


Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-40-26

Growth skin (Lv 1, 6 stars ~ Lv 40, 6 stars)

Light attribute

Vitality 20381
Damage 410
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 40, 6 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Resurrection 6 Resurrection Passive Character will be resurrected once in death.
Acceleration 4 Acceleration 8' Increases the character's movement speed and attack speed by activating in-place Acceleration ability.
Passionate Banging 4 Passionate Banging 15' Fists against enemies with a lot of vitality and pushes enemies within range to inflict damage.
  • Character Description

Church of Madonna's 3 crazy dogs. He's a Guardian priest of Deva Agnes and has Acceleration ability. He has a peculiar way of thinking.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Abigail is playable character.

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  • The name Abigail comes to the biblical character Abigail. And the word Abigail is Hebrew אֲבִיגַיִל‎ / אֲבִיגָיִל origin. It means "my father's joy". It's a female given name. But Abigail is male. Abigail is named with baptismal Church of Madonna's name. It seems that he uses the name of his dead sister as his baptismal Church of Madonna's name.

Denma the Quanx 7

  • In Volume 7, Abigail put its face on the cover.