Arcel (아셀, Asel) is the character of Denma.

His real identity is Edel (에델, Edel). Edel is pronounced 'edel' as we known it. Edel, who is priest of pseudo-religious organization dispatched at Silverquick is pronounced 'idel'.

Biography Edit

When he first appeared, he was a trainee Quanx deliverer. Jet and Denma teaches him, Ballack, other trainee Quanx deliverer about Adam.

In 5. A.E., He goes to the toilet alone while he's taking classes with Edrei. By the way, Ballack comes and tries to rape him. At this time, his feelings explode and Ballack stops for a moment because of the flash of his forehead. He takes the lid of the toilet water tank and beats Ballack and flees. Yahwah refers to the Crying Daddy's closest friends who got a better experimental material called Arcel. At this time, it's revealed that the entity of Arcel is a young woman named Edel, the Ephraimite. Yahwah commands Ballack to harass Arcel.

In 11. A.E. link, Ballack is harass Arcel again this time, broken his leg to Golden hair, a trainee Quanx deliverer who has just smoke a cigarette.

In Savoy Gaal, he keeps on pursuing Golden hair with a crush on him. But it's rejected. At this time, the priest comes to him and introduces himself as Edel, management staff of Silverquick, and says that there is a place to go with him by recommendation of Dr. Yahwah.

In (5) and Pigear (8), he and Edel arrives at the Carlburn where Denma is. He reveals to Denma that he's Ephraimite Quanx. Denma calls Jet when he's running. In Pigear (9), Denma says to Jet that he found a friend who can hang out with him. Jet keeps running and hangs up. In the spaceship, Jet sees the sign language in the recording video that he spoke with Denma and notices that Denma has found Ephraimite Quanx.

He's participate in the Savoy punitive action, he plays stopped all the systems in the building where the Savoys are located. Then Edel says to him that it's dangerous, and planar constrainted him and keep it folded.

Edel rescues Edrei and catches Gaal. At night, Edel takes out a meal table with food in his pocket and makes a party to Edrei's safe return. All the rest except Arcel sing together while drunk together. Because Arcel wants to go home. Edel pulls out the caught Gaal by mistake and takes it off to the side. Adam who is playing together touched it and then he's hit by the booster gun that Gaal shot. Except for Edrei, they are witnesses Gaal when he defeating Adam. Edel catches the decompressed Gaal when he takes his ability again.

Edel takes Arcel and finds Mirai Datsu, and Denma goes with Cell and Quai to find Gaal's sister. Denma thinks that it's difficult to find Aaron's apprentices as a personal information address, so he has to find another place to meet her. Denma gives Cell's Avatar the slip. Edel and Arcel go to the address where Mirai is located before Denma. Edel finds out that Mirai Datsu is a hologram, and reports to Yahwah that she does not meet with the customer directly to protect her.

Cell tells Edel to Denma's moving line. he says Mirai Datsu will be in a nearby farmer's market where there are still a lot of cash businesses. Vendors are sold tofu and kimchi to Edel and Arcel and teach them the location of Mirai. Mirai is meet with Edel and Arcel, and after a short time, she's quietly dragged to them.

Edel and he show tofu and kimchi to Denma. Hannah uses tofu and kimchi to cook mapo-tofu. Edel praises her for the taste of mapo-tofu made with tofu and kimchi, when he and Arcel brought.

While eating tofu and kimchi, Denma recommends him to drinking. After being drunk, he talks himself as hot bombshells. And mentions Mirai Datsu, who was brought yesterday. Edel is surprises and catches him to planar constraint. Denma recognized that Mirai was caught by them. Denma uses spy-bots and his Quanx ability to rescue Mirai. At this time, he sees Arcel sleeping. Arcel sleeps with his eyes open. Arcel has breakfast. And he waits for Gaal with Denma and Edel.

In Sixteen (1), he finishes his mission with Edel and returns to Silverquick station-7. After that, Edel calls him to sister and stay sober if he can.

Quanx Ability Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The name Arcel refers to the biblical character Asher. And the word Asher is Hebrew אָשֵׁר origin. It means "blessed", "happy", "lucky".

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