Blackout (블랙아웃, Beullaek aut) is the fifth episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

It has Silverquick as its setting.

Apple is mention for the first time in this episode.

In (4) - Ch.19, there's various settings are mentioned a lot.

Yahwah's line "You're useful, so I'll make you an offer you can't refuse." comes from a famous line "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse..." of the film The Godfather.

Here's the fan art. 2014 - Source (Spoiler)

Characters Edit

  1. Crying Daddy's closest friends (debut)
  2. Denma
  3. Cell
  4. Jet
  5. Crying Daddy
  6. Arcel
  7. Crying Daddy's grandson
  8. Ballack
  9. Captain
  10. Puppy
  11. Adam
  12. Head-Eye (debut)
  13. Amethystine eyes (debut)
  14. Ringed baldhead (debut)
  15. Frog skin (debut)
  16. Eyebrow hair (debut)
  17. Sky blue skin (debut)
  18. Guyrin (debut)
  19. Dike
  20. Big four (mention)
  21. Bald with a pattern on the forehead (debut)
  22. Yellow hair (debut)
  23. Some woman
  24. Matthew
  25. Edel (Arcel's real identity)

Quanx abilities used Edit

Quotes Edit

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: Daddy! Hey, Daddy! Are you here? I've got a letter for...

Denma: Ugh-phew...


Denma: Oi! I asked for the ice! Can't you hear me? What's wrong with you? Don't be in a daze! If you're tired, just go sleep!

Cell: Nyah-hang...

Denma: What time do we meet?

Deliverer: 12AM!

Denma: Are there any new...

Denma: '...Damn!'

Crying Daddy: Hey, my kid! You're here early!


Denma: Bloody old man! Am I a punching bag or something?

Crying Daddy: Hehehe...

Denma: Geez! Too tacky... What's this?

Deliverer: Where's mine?

Crying Daddy: Sit down!

Deliverer: So jealous of you. He gave you a gift simply because you look like his grandson.

Denma: No way!

Crying Daddy: Hehe... I knew you'd be here. By the way, don't we have a team play later on?

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: Hey, you're back a bit late.

Another Crying Daddy's closest friend: We've still got plenty of time.

The other Crying Daddy's closest friend: Hey, where is my money?

Crying Daddy: What money? You bastard!

The other Crying Daddy's closest friend: Huh? Beat it...

Another Crying Daddy's closest friend: Oh, shut up! Take a seat!

Crying Daddy: Give me that too!

The other Crying Daddy's closest friend: Jeez, what is this?

Crying Daddy: Well... Let's see...

Denma: 'The meeting of the Apple starts in 20 mins. 'The Apple' is the order of Quanx looking for a way to escape here.'

Denma: ! Hey!

Deliverer: Daddy... Crying Daddy is dead.

A deliverer: Oh, my!

Another deliverer: Did they kill him?

The other deliverer: Probably not. It's not the way they do things.

One deliverer: Hey! Daddy! Daddy!

Denma: 'Who is it...? Who the heck killed him? Crying Daddy, he was affectionate towards me smacking on the back of my head... 'Cause my current body resembles his grandson left in his hometown. He missed his grandson so much...'


A person: !

Denma: 'And he caused a power failure and blacked out here time to time... He was an Ephraimite Quanx whose body releases electromagnetic pulse when he is extremely angry or sad.'


Denma: 'Although he expressed his emotion in a tough, unsophisticated way, he, who is lying on the cold floor now, was a beloved co-worker of everybody's.'

Deliverer: Why do bad things always happen to good people?

Denma: Don't worry. You'll live long.

Deliverer: Funny you said that, immortal!

Denma: Shut up, you charmed life.

Puppy: Silent tribute to the deceased! The autopsy result said he was poisoned to death. Considering his whereabouts, the suspects are... These three, Crying Daddy's close friends. It must be one of them... But strangely, we couldn't find anything poisonous in their room. Well, we don't want to be bothered to investigate... So, trrr!

Denma: 'Darn! There they go again! It's always like this. When a murderer happens, they choose one of us to solve the case. And if the person doesn't find out the killer in time... They get a lifetime contract! To avoid that, they must spot anyone as the culprit. If you're fingered as the killer, you get executed in the public...'

Puppy: Okay! Our little Denma!

Denma: Why? Why me?! Of all 2,500 people! Why me? What do you want from me! What have I done wrong? I have nothing to do with this!

Puppy: You must not say like that! We're all closely connected! Everybody, see? Our little Denma is bearing a heavy burden for all of you! Listen, the killer! Turn yourself in right now for the sake of him! Go, Denma!

Denma: 'Krr-ugh...!!'


Denma: '! Wait... Crying Daddy, the victim... And his friends, who are spotted as suspects... And me... All of us are members of the 'Apple.' The secret organization of Quanx! No... Way...'

Scribble Scribble Scribble

Deliverer: 'I'm sure! They must have noticed about the Apple.'

Denma: 'Then, they wouldn't leave us like this.'

Deliverer: 'You fool! can't you see what they;re doing? They're trying to eliminate the entire Apple using some of us!

Denma: 'No! You can't be sure. And if we act rashly, it will put all of us in danger.'

Deliverer: 'Darn! It's all your faults!'

Denma: 'What?'

Deliverer: 'I was looking for a way to escape on my own. And you forced me to join the Apple! You're to blame.'

Denma: 'Are you crazy...?'

Deliverer: Always! You think you're still Dyke? Don't get smart with me. You little...

Denma: Huh? Get off me! Wanna die?

Head-Eye: Hehehe... You're still laid back. Shouldn't you hurry? Unless you want to end up like me, a lifelong slave. Actually, it won't make any difference, tough. After all, all of us will die here, no matter what. Tut!

Denma: What are you talking about?

Head-Eye: Do you know the story of a decoyed prisoner?

Denma: First, mind my fist.

Head-Eye: There was an untractable death-row convict. One day, he had a visit from a priest and became obedient. He even smiled on his execution. After he died, people asked the priest if it was the power of faith. But the answer was unexpected. The priest said he left a note in the Bible every time he visited the convict.

Note: Behave yourself boss said he'll save you.

Head-Eye: With those notes, he got convinced that he'd be saved.

Note: Plan succeeded! The injection is a sleep aid ..Lol

Head-Eye: And the execution was conducted without any trouble.

Priest: I gave him hope.

Head-Eye: Paying off debts, prize money, old age security... They're giving us hope that we'll be freed when the contract expires. Those are only baits to prevent our riots. Once our contracts expire. We'll be discarded like Eves!

Deliverer: If that's true, you should be being crumpled by Garaetteok by now. Remember? we saw one off a few days ago.

Head-Eye: You think he's still alive? Well... Everybody thinks that the control system of Silverquick is perfect. Not at all! It's full of holes. They created "Adam" so-called Garaetteok to control the holes. Crying Daddy's death proves that this place has lax control. When his emotion gets extreme, the entire system of this place crushes.

Deliverer: Possible...

Head-Eye: They're using us cause they can't control us even with Adams. Cause some idiots believe that they can get out of here if they sell or betray their co-workers. We get spanked for using skills anywhere in here? That's bullshit.


Head-Eye: They can't control our every movements. We're scared of them for no reasons!

Denma: I want to meet the suspects first. ! Ah...

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: Denma, sorry. You must be heavy-hearted.

Scribble Scribble

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'Meet me at midnight at the game. I'll tell you who killed Crying Daddy.'

Old English version's lines

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'It's us...'

Another Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'Who killed...'

The other Crying Daddy's closest friend: '...Crying Daddy.'

Denma: 'What...?'

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'Have you heard of 'The Adam's night'?'

Denma: 'The Adam's night...? Ah, that's...'

Deliverer: 'Silverquick top defense emergency action!'

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'The most recent Adam's night occurred 5 years ago. There was a probationer called Matae. He was a Ephraimite Quanx, like Crying Daddy...'

Crying Daddy: Probationers must sit in corner seats.


Matae: You should've hit harder to kill me.

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'He was a so gentle and considerate that he never gave a nasty look to others. One day, when he was about to finish his job training...'

Probationer: A letter for you Matae!

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'It was the notice of death.'


A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'His mother passed away... Then his sadness of losing his mother and the anger of being captured exploded at the same time. Since he was a Hyper-Quanx like Crying Daddy, the whole system shut down and complete darkness fell upon the earth. Even the strange noise stopped and everybody realized that it wasn't an ordinary power failure. Then, someone broke the rule.'


A deliverer: Oi, then...

Deliverer that was 5 years ago: Damn! So what? It's too dark and I can't see anything!

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'And...'

A deliverer: Uh?

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'They thought nothing can control them anymore.'

Deliverers: Arghhh...

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'As their pent-up rage turned into madness, it was uncontrollable. It was like hell! But the generator of Silverquick wasn't something affected by electromagnetic pulse. After 30 minutes, the whole system recovered and the top defense emergency action against the riot of 2,000 Quanx was issued. The Adam's night... Then, the massacre started. Among 2,000 Quanx, only a dozen including three of us and Crying Daddy survived. Do you see how brutal it was?'

The other Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'What happened that night is top secret in Silverquick. If you tell anyone about this, you'll become a dice right away.'

Another Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'For the past 5 years, either the generator or the power system hasn't changed one bit. The letter for Crying Daddy was also the notice of death. Although we got rid of the letter, he would find out his grandson's death as the meeting started... Once a revolt breaks out, there's no way to calm down 2,500 Quanx. We had to find a way to prevent a massacre without huge loss of lives. We used three different kinds of liquor to kill him. Each of them are harmless, but it's fatal, once they're mixed that's why Silverquick couldn't find any evidence. But...'

Crying Daddy: Hehehe... Hey... Today, you guys filled my glass full. Is this about my grandson?

Another Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'He knew what we were going to do.'

Another Crying Daddy's closest friend: Yeah! You know you're ill-tempered, don't you?

Crying Daddy: Hehehe... Little Denma... Take care of him. I'll miss that kid.


Crying Daddy: Damn! I have to run to the toilet! Hehehe... It was fun, guys!

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'He just took it without asking why.'

The other Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'We'll never turn ourselves in. We don't want to kneel in front of those bastards. But nothing will be different since they pointed to us as suspects, we think we already died 5 years ago.'

Another Crying Daddy's closest friend: Crying Daddy didn't blame us at all. So, we won't blame you even if you see us as the culprits.


Another Crying Daddy's closest friend: We're sorry for putting such a load on your mind. We...

The other Crying Daddy's closest friend: Already...

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: ...Miss him.

Deliverer: What will you do?

Denma: Well, I can't help but telling the truth. You know it won't make that difference.

Bustle Bustle

Denma: 'Since my mind is in this body, there are some changes. I can't use some advanced skills of my psychic power that I used before.'

Denma: Eh... What? I can't use Double Replacement?

Denma: 'And the whole body even reacts to nothing. Damn! It shivers.'

Puppy: Little Denma! Come forward! So, who killed Crying Daddy? Huh?

Denma: 'But...'

Denma: It was... just.. An accident!

Denma: 'Today, it trembles a lot.'

Deliverer: !

Puppy: What? My friend, what did you say?

Denma: He mixed up drinks. Which he must not! That's... All!

Puppy: Denma! If you tell a lie, you'll be executed too, you know that?

Denma: Shriek! I said... It was... An accident! Why...

Denma: 'Jeez, darn!!'

Denma: Why...Don't you trust me? What do you want from me? It was only an accident!!

Deliverer: ......

Denma: 'This reaction is something I can't control. Now, my body is only a 12-year-old frightened boy.'

Puppy: Hoot! Mwah-ha-ha...

Denma: 'Stop! Stop laughing!!'

Cell: Pardon?

Denma: I said I won't leave my room till the next departure!!

Cell: Nyah-hang! So cute!

Denma: So...Bring my meal to here till then!


Denma: 'Damn! This boy makes me feel ashamed of myself.'

Captain: Our spaceships have an autopilot control system and Eves will help you...

A trainee deliverer: 'May I go to the toilet...?'

Captain: 'You should've gone at break time...'

Captain: But you must be fully aware of how to use your spaceship...

Another trainee deliverer: 'May I...?'

Denma: Pshaw!


Deliverer: Oh my... Invincible Dyke! Thank you. That was the funniest scene I've ever seen!

Denma: It wasn't me who cried that day, but this little boy called Denma! You bloody... Zet!


A trainee deliverer: 'Jeez, why am I in...'

Ballack: Hey. You're Arcel, right? I'm Ballack. Nice to meet you. I like cute boys, like you.

Denma: No way! Why Red?

Zet: Well...It's too late. We're already in the departure waiting room. If you don't like it, we can make bet another four boxes.

Red: Handle with care-class 1.

Denma: Hold on... 2 year-extension per box.... If I lost both of them, you'll spend another 4 years at Silver...

Zet: Sir! Sir Dyke!!

Ballack: Be nice! I'm going to make you feel good.

Arcel: Ugh!!

Zet: 'Anyways, after what happened to Crying Daddy... I think we found the lead that helps us escape from here. What do you think?'

Denma: 'I agree, but... Is there an Ephraimite Quanx like Daddy at Silverquick?'

Zet: 'Yeah, that's a pro...'

Zet, Denma: !

Ballack: Ugh!

K-Ching Huff Fuff

Ballack: Damn! My eyes are...


Bam Bam Bam

Ballack: Ugh...!

Huff Huff


A Crying Daddy's closest friend: !


A Crying Daddy's closest friend: 'An ordinary power failure? Or... Is there an Ephraimite Quanx here like Crying Daddy?'


Puppy: Hello, old boy! Thanks for your help. You fulfilled my expectations.

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: ...... What are you talking about?

Puppy: It's sad that he's not a Quanx like his grandpa, but Daddy's grandson is safe and sound.

A Crying Daddy's closest friend: What...?

Puppy: But it wasn't good that you guys used the alcohol trick. 'Cause I need proof to execute you in front of the others. A few years ago, the simulation results showed that Daddy's ESP is worth it to develop. It took me some time and effort to find the best subject for research. This is Edel, she'll be the best sample. She is an Ephraimite Quanx and recently joined Silverquick in this boy's body called Arcel. Thanks to the Brain Scanning, we can control the power failure of zone 7 caused by an Ephraimite Quanx. It's better to get rid of useless and hard-to-control samples asap, like Daddy.

Clap Clap

Puppy: Including you guys. Come on! Say goodbye to each other! Heheh... It was nice talking to you guys. Giggle... Apple? What a cute name! Huh? Well, then. So long, my friends!

Ballack: 'Damn, that litte...'


Ballack: What... What?

Puppy: Ballack, how dare you to satisfy your dirty desires... Such rubbish! But fortunately, I'm not going to punish you. Your disgusting taste will help me to get useful data from Arcel. You're useful to me. I'll give you an offer you can't refuse. I want you to torture Arcel regularly like you did today. Make him use his supernatural power. If you do that for me, I'll reduce your contract to 2 years. And you'll be given a 5-years payment. But, you must keep it a secret. If you tell anyone, I'll tear you in pieces. I'm not forgiving you, but delaying your punishment.