Captain Hardok (해적선장 하독, Haejeokseonjang hadok) is the second episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

In this episode, the planet Carlburn, Recca, Kadesh, Barnea and Terra are revealed.

First A.E. is revealed. It's 2. A.E. A.E. is mean Additional Edition.

In (4), Hardok says, "But our life-saving efforts were soon mocked... by the Carlburn congressmen who returned with bargained booties...And booties." But original version (include old English version) writes that "But as if they were laughing at us... Calburn (Carlburn) congressmen brought all spoils of war they got for a bargain which included even women..."

Here is the fan art. link

Characters Edit

  1. Bos'n
  2. Hardok → Edom (Hitcher Greg)
  3. Nasty Jade
  4. Denma
  5. Cell
  6. Quai
  7. Weygun
  8. Staff Captain
  9. Min-G
  10. Gauss
  11. Sean, Pate, Hagen, Kuitch, Gerber, Hachi
  12. May
  13. Mirael
  14. Gore
  15. Drake
  16. Karl
  17. Hicks
  18. Eric, Little Tommy, Judelaw, Cajun, Miru, Nail, Jewoo, Jiwon, Woods
  19. Sergeant Maggie
  20. Red eyeglass savoy

Quanx abilities used Edit

Quotes Edit

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