Carlburn (칼번, Kalbeon) is the planet of Denma.

Calburn is old English Version's name.

Summary Edit

Carlburn uses the Integrated Planetary System. And so all intra-planetary administrative works get its staff arranged by the bureau of personnel on a case-by-case basis.

17 years ago, a turtle ship accident happened. the refugee children of Barnea lived here, but the congressmen of Carlburn, who went to Kadesh on the mission, died. At this time, Hitcher Greg was a policeman at Carlburn.

Carlburn is cleary class based society.

17 years later, the baby who was the refugee children of the turtleship, grew and became a singer named Min-G.

The prison's warden is Weygun.

There are Carlburn Quanx Military here. 3 months later, Sergeant Maggie, who picked up a video of Denma from Carlburn prison, sells it to the Savoys for 20 percent of the price.

In 9. A.E. link, Hicks is forced to lure Denma into the threat of the Savoys. By the way, Edrei and his Eve's Avatar are arrive. The Savoys are trying to catch them because Edrei is Quanx.

In Savoy Gaal, Edrei is abducted by the Savoys. After that, the story of Denma and Cell and Quai, Edel and Arcel's Edrei rescue operations, Gaal, and Mirai Datsu, Boyle, Azio, Hannah's story are comes out, and Carlburn becomes the main stage. Micro-organisms call Gora (고라, Gora), whose are lives in forest air on Carlburn and they reflect UV lights. Gora has the same name as Korah (고라, Gora), it's name is changed to Umora.

Gallery Edit

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