Cell (셀, Sel) is the character of Denma. She is Denma's Eve. Also she has Quai.

Biography Edit

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Color of her Avatar is green.

She looks like a rabbit. And her way of talking is like a cat.

She first mentioned in the A Dog of Pamana (2).

She comes to the planet Pamana on the request of Jinu on the planet Terra. She collects Denma's videos.

In Captain Hardok, she delivers to Hardok on the planet Carlburn. She already promgrammed armed robots to malfunction in prison. Then she finds Hardok and asks him if he knows Hicks. And Denma exchange the gag with the package.

Denma says to her put him through the Avatar and complains about his circumstances. She connected to the Avatar again and she connects him to Hicks. Hicks says that he is one of the refugee children of the Turtle ship No,8956, from 17 years ago.

In Eve (episode), she explains Eve. She have seen, Eve's that serve unemotional and hard-nosed masters tend to look sharper while ones that serve warm-hearted and sentimental masters tend to look more round like her. But Cell's appearance does not match the personality of Denma. And Jet's Eve, Bon's look is round. From this point of view, this theory seems to be wrong. She isn't sure how exactly their size and shapes are reflected by attributes of thier masters, but their looks can vary as widely as their master's personalities. She wonders whether their height determined by their master's bragging.

In Eve Rachel, she is pleased to see Rachel.

Rachel gives Cell to her diary and smiles. And Rachel discarded by Marvic.

Rachel told Cell before herself was destroyed, Eve's masters don't know that they get disposed of once their contract is terminated. And Marvic was a kind and gracious man so she loves him. The discarded her is burn to the incinerator, like the expired deliverer's Eve, which is also discarded, and the deliverers with dice. Cell look at them and smile and look at the diary. Because Yahwah yet didn't separate the Eve's expressive function of sorrow from joy.

In Blackout, When Denma bathing, he says he said he won't leave his room till his next departure. At this point, she points to his dick and says it is cute.

In Yael Road, she gives Denma to Adam Punching bag. Then she looks surprised at the cockroach and tries to catch it with a knife. And she finally catches the cockroach with a frying pan.

And she delivers to Yael on the planet Negev. When Denma lost consciousness while escaping from a collapsed building, she calls Yahwah. But Yahwah says he is sure Denma can survive this on his own. And looks like some valuable data will come out of this. Then, Denma says light up Yael's path and not to light up Denma's power nor his face.

She says to Denma that Silverquick manage Negev channel-3's 30% of the revenue. And when Denma does something crazy, she calls Edrei.

In Mandragora, Denma thinks she and Quai must be watching his every move. And she delivers to Sister Naomi on the planet Even.

When Denma finds out Naomi has disappeared, he says he and she take care of other packages first until they get the GPS tracking permit from Even police department.

In Savoy Gaal, she and Arcel etc. saw Edel's mistake, Gaal's booster gun breaking Adam. Denma finds booster gun that Gaal missed. And he asks her to confirm that there is a craftswoman named Mirai Datsu in Carlburn.

Then, she reports to Yahwah, he surprises all Adams are had to be the ones who were sent off to guard the rescue ship for supervisor Edrei. And he tells her to watch Denma as he sees the Denma mentioned Apple, even though he might be looking for his key to escape while using the Pentagon as an excuse. Denma and hers Avatar are visits Hannah and finds out that she is burned. Denma gives hers Avatar the slip.

Hannah asks her, when she is preparing the cream pasta for dinner, ask if she has any chicken. Then Hannah makes chicken cream pasta. Denma, who is not feeling well, eats chicken cream pasta. She tells Hannah that Denma usually either eats only half of it, or flips the table. By the way, Cell now says that she've never seen Denma finish his plate ever since she started serving him. And she asks Hannah to help her prepare a few more meals.

Denma asks her to she escort Hannah back to the center after breakfast.

When Denma's body is terminates, she laughs after seeing the collapsed Denma. Because Eve didn't separate the expressive function of sorrow from joy.

Appearances in Other Media Edit

Yo! Villains Edit

In Yo! Villains, the mobile game, Cell is NPC.

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit





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In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Cell is playable character.

Quotes Edit

  • "I-I don't want to see such thing!"
  • "Nyah-Hang! So cute!"

Trivia Edit

  • The word Cell refers to the English Cell. Because Bon refers to the English Bone.
  • Denma often calls her "Oi, Cell!"


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