It's the 13st Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Denma expresses Silverquick Headquaters as the "evil lair."

Jet wins the bet with Denma. So Denma have to take on two of Jet's deliveries.

With Marvic and the deliverer and his Eve, Rachel is congratulated by the supervisor on their returned safe and sound from final voyage. Jet tells Denma that Marvic was the delivery man of the month for the entire year and he should thank his Eve Rachel. Cell is pleased to see Rachel.

Jet says to Denma that he would be happy with Cell, and he asks how would Denma like to work with Bon.

Then Yahwah appears on the screen, and he announced Marvic's contract was supposed to terminate today, but he've just received a damaged package claim from Marvic's client. Since the damaged item was an infortant historical artifact, Marvic's contract receives an extra 2 years, and his due bonus awards will all be forfeited. Expired deliverer says to Marvic that Eves respond to discipline, not tenderness.

Some of the trainee deliverers are angry that Silverquick is kidnapping and enslaving innocent living beings, so they says bring his boss right now. One of the deliverers fires by stare at a chopstick bucket between Denma and Jet. At this time, there is a ricecake is appears. Yahwah says that using Quanx skills in the headquarters means spankings. When one of the deliverers is spanked by a ricecake, |the other two use a skill of shooting a energy beam with this, but the skill just go through. Denma feels scared when he sees this situation. The deliverers become a cube by ricecake.

Characters Edit

  1. Denma
  2. Cell
  3. Jet
  4. Rachel (debut)
  5. Expired deliverer's Eve (debut)
  6. Marvic (debut)
  7. Expired deliverer (debut)
  8. Edrei (debut)
  9. Quai
  10. Bon (mention)
  11. Yahwah (debut)
  12. Another delivery men (debut)
  13. A delivery man (debut)
  14. Ricecake (debut)

Quanx ability used Edit

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