It's the 25th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Cell gives Denma to Adam punching bag. Then Cell looks surprised at the cockroach and tries to catch it with a knife. Denma thinks this cockroach shape is Apple's spy-bot, and it's collecting data to map out the inside of Silverquick station-7. But Cell finally catches the cockroach with a frying pan. Denma saw it and strikes hard with his Adam punching bag.

In congress, Yael sends a mail to Ms. Anne, who moved another planet. Yael is harassed by his colleagues there, but he still does his job. Colleagues talk to each other why does Mr. chairman always give chances to Pico. Government always give chances to Picos. Because of that equal opportunity employment bs. It's political posturing to not lose Picos' votes. Outside of congress is a mountain resembling Mount Rushmore.

Denma asks what's with this deadly schedule, and Cell replies since Denma got 2 extra Red packages from Jet. Denma strikes with his Adam punching bag. Denma and Cell delivers to Yael, who's the clerk of the house of representatives on the planet Negev. Cell says to Denma that Negev's never-ending class struggle has been getting as extreme as terror attacks lately. Pico arrives there to blow up the congress.

Characters Edit

  1. Quai
  2. Denma
  3. Cell
  4. Yael (debut)
  5. Anne (mention)
  6. Yael's colleagues (debut)
  7. Mr. chairman (mention)
  8. Jet (mention)
  9. Non-Pico (debut)
  10. Terrorists (debut)

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