It's the 26th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Colleagues who heard the chairman coming here are throwing trashes on Yael's desk. After a while, chairman looks at Yael's desk and rebukes him. Yael looks at the mountain resembling Mount Rushmore.

Cell explains Denma to Negevians. Negevians are hatched from eggs and grow from Nectar, a form of seawater. They can grow from 2ft(50cm) to 8ft(250cm) tall during the 5 year development period depending on the size of their growth environment and the level of Nectar concentration. After the growth period, Negevians need to take a daily Nectar shower and maintain a proper bodily salinity level to avoid getting shocks. During the modernization, the Negevian governing council decided to push for Unified Height Campaign for the sake of Negev's economic growth and environmental concerns. It had to be suggested because about 90% of natural Nectars because polluted from rapid industrialization. They also started imposing tax on Nectar for the very same reason. The federal government accepted proposals from industrial magnates who produced artificial Nectars, and started providing Pico, a standardized bathtub incubator, to each home. When a Negevian is incubated inside Pico for 5 years, that Negevian will grow to 3.6ft(110cm) tall, which was the council's recommeded height. But with the growing economy appeared wealthy Negevians desired to give their children a head start in life by raising them bigger and stronger. This tub game that started amongst the upper class soon spread like virus, and eventually one's stature became the measure of one's socioeconomic status. Now, the word Pico means not only the tub but also refers to the lowest class of Negevians.

Yael attends a luncheon on the B6. At this time, Denma arrives at him and handed over the parcel, asking for a signature, but at that moment congress is collapsed.

Characters Edit

  1. Yael
  2. Chairman
  3. Cell
  4. Denma
  5. Terrorists

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