It's the 27th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Denma sees Guyrin in dream when the building collapses. But Guyrin's face is divided and the mask of someone is revealed.

Yael appears in the wreck with blood on his face, Denma looks at him and surprises. After seeing the chairman on a column, Denma uses his powers to break it. Yael asks on a senate he and Denma to way through the fragments.

Characters Edit

  1. Guyrin
  2. Denma
  3. Mask of someone (debut)
  4. Cell
  5. Quai
  6. Yael
  7. Chairman

Quanx ability used Edit

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Denma: Guyrin... !


Denma: Argh!


Denma: Ouch! Damn! What happened?

Octopus: Master, are you okay?

Cell: The building has collapsed!

Anchor 1: We have breaking news.

Anchor 2: The parliament building has collapsed...

Negebian 1: What...?

Anchor 3: The member of parliament including the chairman were...

Negebian 2: What is it?

Anchor 4: The police said the possibility of terrorism in this...

Negebian 3: How come...

Yael: Hey, are you okay?

Denma: ! Ugh-arghhh...

Yael: I don't think I'm that hideous...

Denma: That's what you think!

Octopus: Blood! Blood!

Yael: Anyways, it's dangerous to be here. Let's move to the hall!

Denma: 'Jeez...It looks more serious than I thought. They say that there were about 200 people were in the building, but only 70 survived...'

Yael: Sir, try to take a deep breath... Inhale... And exhale...

Denma: 'I really have to say this but... Thanks to Silverquick, Cell is helping them communicate with the Negeb rescue team through Silverquick's system.'

Negebian 4: There's no way we can get Nectar?

Denma: 'At the moment, their biggest issue is Nectar dehydration.'

Old Negebian: Ha-ahhh...

Secretary: It was the last drop we had.

Denma: 'The salinity change in their bodies will cause death from shock.'

Old Negebian: Grrr...

Secretary: S...Sir!

Denma: 'It's been 18 hours most of survivors took in Nectar. Now, they only have 6 hours left...'

Yael: This will work as a splint...

Denma: '...It's already been 2 hours since we've been trapped in here. So, they have only 4 hours at most. But it will take about 8 hours till the rescue robot will Nectar supply tubes arrives here... To make things worse, my goggles are broken, so I can't use my power to check the coordinates.'

Yael: If it's too tight, just tell me.

Denma: '...My client seems very busy.'


Yael's the other colleague: Cut it out! Stop pretending to help us! We know who did this!!

A secretary: Stop!

Pow Pow

Yael's the other colleague: You lazy and incompetent rats have been blaming everything on us, and look what you've done to us! You filthy rats!!

Denma: Oi!

Yael's the other colleague: Outsider, don't butt in!

Denma: Are you okay?

Yael: I'm good at getting beaten up.

Denma: So, shall I?

Cough Cough

Another secretary: Mr. Chairman!

The other secretary: What? Is he alive?

Another secretary: Too heavy... We can't move it away...

Chairman: Ugh...

Denma: Let me through! Let me!

Tap Tap

Another secretary: What's he doing?

Denma: '...... Okay, even if I cut it out, it won't collapse. Continuous Substitution!'

Psshook Psshook

Psshook Psshook


Another secretary: Awe... How come...?

Denma: I'm Quanx.

Denma: 'When I use my power in front of others, there's always... Someone who looks at me with interest. Then, they're either of these two! Either a Savoy, A Quanx hunter...'

Denma: What...?

Yael: Help me! I'll take the lead!

Denma: Help what?

A secretary: Did you say... You'll push yourself through the ruins?

Yael: Yes, sir! We can't afford to wait 8 hours. But if we go find them, it'll shorten the time. Then, we can get Nectar in time.

A secretary: You're crazy. If there's aftershock, you'll die!

Denma: 'Or...'

Yael: I'm sure... We'll make it.

Denma: 'A crazy barnacle!'

Yael: 'Cause he'll help us!

Denma: Who says I'll help you? Hands off!