It's the 28th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Cell calls Yahwah. But Yahwah says he's sure Denma can survive this on his own. And looks like some valuable data will come out of this.

Chairman is opposes Yael's permission. Then, after hearing the words of a senator, chairman is quickly accepts it. A senator who has seen this situation, he contacts someone. Yael opens the parcel and takes the enclosed memory out of the paper that says "When life gets beyond tough, check this memory card". After that, he attaches it to the bracelet, ties the clothes and connects with the rope and starts with Denma. Denma says light up Yael's path and not to light up his power nor his face.

At this time, Denma is recalls. A station staff of channel 3 asks Denma to help Yael's live broadcast in the exclusive. And at this time, a station staff of channel 3 also asked to don't let Yael become aware that he's on TV.

Characters Edit

  1. Cell
  2. Yahwah
  3. Chairman
  4. Yael

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