It's the 28th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Cell calls Yahwah. But Yahwah says he's sure Denma can survive this on his own. And looks like some valuable data will come out of this.

Chairman is opposes Yael's permission. Then, after hearing the words of a senator, chairman is quickly accepts it. A senator who has seen this situation, he contacts someone. Yael opens the parcel and takes the enclosed memory out of the paper that says "When life gets beyond tough, check this memory card". After that, he attaches it to the bracelet, ties the clothes and connects with the rope and starts with Denma. Denma says light up Yael's path and not to light up his power nor his face.

At this time, Denma is recalls. A TV station staff of channel 3 asks Denma to help Yael's live broadcast in the exclusive. And at this time, a TV station staff of channel 3 also asked to don't let Yael become aware that he's on TV.

Characters Edit

  1. Cell
  2. Puppy
  3. Chairman
  4. Yael
  5. Denma

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Cell: Pardon?

Puppy: What rescue team? That's nothing. I'm sure that my little Denma will be fine. Btw, we can get precious data from this. Cutie, keep the good work.

Cell: ......

Chairman: No! Push through the ruins? That's crazy! You can't do that!

Yael: But sir, we can't just wait here to die. I'm the most suited for this since I'm the shortest here.

Chairman: But you're bigger than roaches!! Just wait for the rescue team! And no talking back! You obeyed me without a whimper! What's wrong with...

A secretary: Sir, actually, the situations is blah-blah-blah...

Chairman: What? Ah, really? I'm counting on you!


A secretary: Sir... Why don't you pretend to agonize for a minute...

Yael's one colleague: Pht! Look at him! He's in his element! Probably, he thinks we'll treat him as a hero if he help us to get out... In fact, he has to do something 'cause usually he's useless and Picos caused this.

Yael's the other colleague: Right, a hero... Then, we must help him as well!

Yael's one colleague:?

Denma: They can't send the rescue team?

Cell: Ah, to be precise, they don't think you need it... Actually, it's a piece of cake, right?

Octopus: 'Cause you're the legendary Quanx who used to rule the lawless world! Aren't you?

Denma: Well...

Cell: I'll send new goggles along with the Nectar tube. So, please bear the burden for...

Denma: ...Cut it out! Damn Silverquick! Is my life nothing to you, huh?

Octopus: Nya-hang!

Yael's the other colleague: Hey, delivery man!

Ms. Anne's message: When things are beyond all bearing, read my message in it.

Yael: 'Ms. Anne...'


Denma: Sir, shall we go now? Guys, make sure you tie them fast.


Yael: Excuse me... Did something good happen to you?

Denma: Just shut up and move please. Cell, shine his way so he don't get lost. You know that you mustn't show my face or my skill, right?

Octopus: Yes... Master. Nya-ha-nyah...

Yael's the other colleague: Hey, delivery man! My friend at the TV station wants to talk to you...

Denma: So... You want me to help you broadcast this live in real time exclusively?

TV Station staff: That's right. It'll alert others to terrorism and...

Denma: How much do I get?

TV Station staff: What?

Denma: Nice talking to you.

TV Station staff: Ah, sir... Wait!! How much do you want?

Denma: 30% of the total sales!

TV Station staff: What? I can't even guarantee you 30% of new profit...

Denma: Nice talking to you again.

TV Station staff: Alright, alright! I'll ask my chief director. But I have a few conditions.

Denma: So get your chief director's approval first.

Denma: 'Make sure that Mr. Yael doesn't notice. That he's on TV? Well, I can do that.'

Denma: Let's go!

Announcer: Now, you're watching the exclusive live broadcast on channel 3...

Yael's the other colleague: Now, the party started. This will give the Picos on this planet the lesson. I can't wait to hear your complaints. Your complaints will make other Picos suffer under disadvantages. So, watch carefully, you filthy Picos! If you overrate yourselves, you'll have consequences for it. And you'll end up dying a horrible death.