It's the 52th Ch. of Denma.

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In Silverquick HQ, Gaal defeats Adam with booster guns, puppy saw it and he orders a priest to help Denma on rescue supervisor Edrei, and obtain the weapon and bring in its maker. The priest asks puppy if Edrei's maximum ability is catching a roach. The puppy acts like hiding Edrei's powers. And puppy says a priest know someone who would come in handy for this mission.

Arcel keeps on pursuing Golden hair with a crush. But it's rejected. The priest says to Arcel that his name is Edel, and he's here because Dr. Yahwah recommended him so he have to go somewhere with him.

Characters Edit

  1. Gaal
  2. Adam
  3. Gaal's junior Savoy
  4. Edel (debut)
  5. Dr. Yahwah
  6. Weapon maker (mention)
  7. Denma (mention)
  8. Edrei (mention)
  9. Golden hair
  10. Arcel

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Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Priest: Shall I call all priests in charge of the earth?

Puppy: Ah, you don't need to do that.

Priest: Are you sure? Isn't this what you have been worried about?

Puppy: Well... Yes, it is. But what Savoys are interested in are Quanx, not Transcriptomes. Considering that... I think we can deal with this without making a fuss.

Priest: So, my job is to get that weapon and bring the person who made it. Right?

Puppy: Including helping Denma to rescue Edrei. I'm sorry to bother you with this kind of thing.

Priest: It's okay... Ah, can I ask you a thing about Edrei? There's something that priests wonder about him... You know, Edrei catches roaches by clapping. Is that all he got?


Puppy: Of course! It's so amazing, don't you think?


Puppy: Why? You have a problem with...?

Priest: Not at all. Well, then...

Puppy: Right! I have someone to recommend you. He'll be useful. Please, take him with you.

Golden hair: Hey, kid.

Arcel: My name is Arcel...

Golden hair: ...Don't cut me off. Kid, you know... I don't like people getting too close to me. In the training session? Yeah, that can happen... During the break time? Well... Okay. 'Cause you have to bear cigarette smoke. But at the toilet... Standing next to me...? Well... That's no, no. Way too much. Since I got kidnapped and trapped here, my nerves are on edge. I know you have no bad intentions, but let's not do this. I don't want you to be around me. I mean it! Also, don't sit in front of me again without my consent. Okay?

Arcel: I'm sorry...

Golden hair: Uh-oh! Don't cry. It's not good.

Arcel: I'm so scared to be alone here so...

Golden hair: Kid! Hey!

Priest: Arcel?

Arcel: Yes?

Golden hair: 'Now!'


Ithel: H...Hi. I'm Ithel, management staff of Silverquick. Dr. Yahwah recommended you. I know it's too sudden, but you need to go somewhere with me.

Arcel: !