It's the 53th Ch. of Denma.

It's the same timeline as Pigear (8) - Ch.165.

Summary Edit

Hannah is rejected from school because of burns, and remains in the HWAJEONGWON, which is the youth welface center, unlike the girls who went to school. Boyle wraps up sweets instead of Gaal and visits Hannah every time. Boyle is characterized by a bad breath, and he smokes.

Edel and Arcel arrives at the Carlburn where Denma is. Denma calls Yahwah and he says he asked Jet and a defender. Yahwah says it's a tactical unit placement. When call is over, Denma calls Edel to "White", and Arcel to "Red", and him to "Captain". Edel says if Denma pass him a stone, but Denma throws it and he stuns Edel. Arcel reveals to Denma that he's Ephraimite Quanx. Then Denma calls Jet when he's running.

Characters Edit

  1. Boyle
  2. Hannah
  3. Gaal (mention)
  4. Cell's Avatar
  5. Denma
  6. Edel
  7. Arcel
  8. Yahwah
  9. Jet
  10. Bon's Avatar (debut)

Quote Edit

  • "It's a tactical unit placement!" -Yahwah
  • 'Is he rehearsing a script?' -Edel, Arcel
  • "Okay! So, his specialty is bluffing." -Denma

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