It's the 56th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Edel explains Planar Constraint. Planar Constraint user trap a target in two-dimensional plane. If user touch it after user free it from the planar constraint, the original values of its mass, volume, and time dimension get restored. Then, it slowy comes back to its original form. The person who trapped in the plane, feels like the space around whom suddenly stretches like an infinite stretch, just as it entering the warphole. Edel's Room is Edel tend to be poetic when naming.

Gaal and Savoys are check their weapon. Boyle says to Gaal that Theo's got his eye on him.

Denma, Edel, Arcel are got in through the city gate 12. Denma thinks he didn't tell Edel, he's really something, so 3 of them are enough to get this job done. Denma thinks Savoys changed the rendezvous location, and their hacking shows that it's one of the safe houses of Carlburn's Savoys, the buliding is built to withstand attacks from ordinary fire weapons. Edel sees the yellow car in the parking lot.

Gaal sees the G-Scanner and he finds out that Arcel's Georg filter is black with a border-broken shape. Then Gaal and his junior Savoys are lose all electric gears, and change into machine. And Gaal thinks he's the only one here who has an experience with Ephraimite Quanx, and the booster gun made by Mirai is free from electromagnetic pulse. Gaal sends Theo a signal.

Characters Edit

  1. Denma
  2. Edel
  3. Cell's Avatar
  4. Arcel
  5. Gaal
  6. Boyle
  7. Savoys
  8. Convex Savoy
  9. Concave Savoy
  10. Theo

Quanx ability used Edit

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Denma: Ithel's room?

Ithel: It's... A skill that traps things in the two-dimensional space. I named poetically...

Tap Tap

Denma: Cell! Do you hear me?

Ithel: No, she can't hear you. But if you touch her after I release her from the plane restriction,

Zzzing Tap

Ithel: With its original mass and weight return as they were.


Ithel: And she's gradually back to her original form.

Octopus: ! Whoa! Master! The space around me expanded infinitely and then... It was like when we enter the warp hole...

Denma: Bah! You avoid bullets with that petty tricks? You know you couldn't dodge a stone?

Ithel: Wait, that was...

Denma: Okay! You take care of the basement! Before we go, I'll remind you! What is our goal? Our goal is to save Edrei and catch a Savoy called Gaal alive! Got it?

Boyle: Everyone, check your weapon. Theu is keeping an eye on you. Did you put Marutas at the gate and in the lift?

Gaal: Oi! still no call from the boy at the city gate yet?

Concave Savoy: Not yet...

Denma: 'We just entered the city through the gate. Now, it's like we're on the palm of their hand. But it doesn't matter if they know I'm here with them. I didn't say anything but this guy, Ithel, is much better then I thought. Three of us is enough to get him! They changed where we meet and it was found out that this is a safe house of Calburn Savoys! The building is built to defend itself against ordinary weapon attack.'

Ithel: !

Boy at the city gate: This is Gate 12. Just got three people who fall into the G-Filter. I'll send their picture..

Gaal: Okay! I knew it... This is Gaal!


Gaal: There might be additional backups. Don't lower guard. Uh?

Gaal: 'Wait! That's...'

Denma: Here we are! It looks like an ordinary building, but it must be full of armed Savoys! Okay! Let's take the bull by the horns! We go in by the main gate!

Ithel: Wait, Denma! It's too...

Denma: Don't worry! They want to capture me alive! So, I'll never get hurt or killed!

Ithel: What about us...?

Denma: Hehe...

Ithel: W...What does it mean?

Concave Savoy: Boss! What are you doing?


Gaal: Throw out electronic weapons and get machi... !

Gaal: 'Wait! In here, I'm the only one who have met Ephraimite Quanx... And this Booster gun that Mirai made doesn't get influenced by electromagnetic pulse. Year, this is a heaven-sent chance... I have no reason to waste!'