It's the 56th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Edel explains Planar Constraint. Planar Constraint user trap a target in two-dimensional plane. If user touch it after user free it from the planar constraint, the original values of its mass, volume, and time dimension get restored. Then, it slowy comes back to its original form. The person who trapped in the plane, feels like the space around whom suddenly stretches like an infinite stretch, just as it entering the warphole. Edel's Room is Edel tend to be poetic when naming.

Gaal and Savoys are check their weapon. Boyle says to Gaal that Theo's got his eye on him.

Denma, Edel, Arcel are got in through the city gate 12. Denma thinks he didn't tell Edel, he's really something, so 3 of them are enough to get this job done. Denma thinks Savoys changed the rendezvous location, and their hacking shows that it's one of the safe houses of Carlburn's Savoys, the buliding is built to withstand attacks from ordinary fire weapons. Edel sees the yellow car in the parking lot.

Gaal sees the G-Scanner and he finds out that Arcel's Georg filter is black with a border-broken shape. Then Gaal and his junior Savoys are lose all electric gears, and change into machine. And Gaal thinks he's the only one here who has an experience with Ephraimite Quanx, and the booster gun made by Mirai is free from electromagnetic pulse. Gaal sends Theo a signal.

Characters Edit

  1. Denma
  2. Edel
  3. Cell's Avatar
  4. Arcel
  5. Gaal
  6. Boyle
  7. Savoys
  8. Convex Savoy
  9. Concave Savoy
  10. Theo

Quanx ability used Edit

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