It's the 58th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

Edel takes out his attacking drones from his pocket and blows it away. Then Edel pulls out the ankh with incense from the pocket and shakes it on the Savoys' dead bodies, attacked by the drones and says, "May you rest in eternal peace in the arms of Mother Madonna, Me-thu'-sa-el."

Boyle interrupts Gaal when he's trying to kill Theo, causing him fail.

Edel has a yellow car that he had previously made a planar constrainted to be decompressed as soon as it gets touched, and then he throws it in the room where Edrei was. Then Edel rescues Edrei with his power.

Denma finds Theo, Boyle, Gaal.

Characters Edit

  1. Edel
  2. Denma
  3. Cell's Avatar
  4. Edrei
  5. Gaal
  6. Savoys
  7. Mother Madonna (mention)
  8. Theo
  9. Boyle

Quanx ability used Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "May you rest in eternal peace in the arms of mother Madonna, Me-thu'-sa-el." -Edel
  • "You may forgive your family's foe, but you never forget the asshole who cheat your money." -Gaal

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