It's the 62th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

In Carlburn, when Hannah saw her pencil is snaps again during her writing, she worries about did something bad happen to Gaal.

Convex and Concave Savoy are hiding in fire ext and caught by other Savoys.

Theo's colleague ordered someone to kill Gaal. And Theo's colleague asks Boyle don't get in the way because Theo cares a great deal about him.

After that, Boyle gets a call from Hannah and tells her stop worrying about Gaal.

Denma tells Cell put Jet on the line, but Cell says his line is out of reach. Denma thinks Cell is a Silverquick's android so that it's natural reaction, and she'll probably hand over Mirai's information to the pup as well. Denma thinks to break through with booster gun.

Characters Edit

  1. Hannah
  2. Convex Savoy
  3. Concave Savoy
  4. Theo
  5. Theo's colleague (debut)
  6. Gaal's junior Savoy
  7. Savoys
  8. Theo's colleague's boy (mention)
  9. Theo's colleague's boys (mention)
  10. Denma
  11. Cell
  12. Jet (mention)
  13. Yahwah
  14. Quai
  15. Mirai

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines



Hannah: 'Again? ... So weird. Why does it keep breaking today? ! Wait... did anything bad happen to my brother?'


Convex Savoy: It's all over, right?

Concave Savoy: ! What? I thought it'd be full of dead bodies...

Convex Savoy: So did I... where is Boss?

Concave Savoy: Still... he's not answering.



Theu's colleague's junior Savoy: You guys don't know where that Gaal bastard is?

Theu's colleague: The two of Gaal's henchmen who were hiding in there? Then, what about the others? What happened to the rest of them?

Theu's colleague's junior Savoy: Oh, well... we found a scroll in the incinerator. You should take a look. I'll transmit it. I think those Quanx left this to warn us. I'll show you.


Theu's colleague: Gosh! That's...

Theu's junior Savoy: One of them must have Dimension Switch skill.

Theu's colleague: Damn! It was impossible to catch with the weapons we have here anyway!

Theu: Shoot! My men are all... is Gaal there too?

Theu's colleague: No, he isn't. We double-checked...

Theu's colleague: Wait... Gaal wasn't after Quanx. Theu, we better hunt this crazy dog before Quanx. Don't worry. I'll send my men to take care of it. That rascal... spending a few years with some two-bit hoodrats called "Pentagon"... he became a total heller.

Theu: Make it quiet.

Theu's colleague: Catching a crazy dog that bites its master can't be done quietly. Take care. ! Well done. Theu cares about you a lot. Don't interfere.

Boyle: ...... Tiring

Hannah: Boyle...

Boyle: Yeah, Hannah. No, everything is fine... Listen! Whatever happens, I'll protect you and your brother. So, stop worrying and just study hard for your test. Yeah, see you soon. Sigh...

Denma: Cell! Call Zet.

Cell: ...... Ye... yes! Ah, the... phone isn't working. Nyahang...

Denma: 'Bah! I knew you would do that. 'Cause you belong to Silverquick. Cell knows everything. What I saw last night and what I'm about to do you.'

Cell: Ah, so weird. What's wrong with...

Denma: 'Probably, she will report to that puppy about Mirai. I'm in the palm of their hands. They know everything about what I'll do...

Quai: 恐 (Fear)

Denma: 'Once I leave here, they'll never send me to Calburn again. So... this is my last chance!'


Denma: 'Take the bell by the horns! If I can't get out of their grip... I'll go through their hands!'