It's the 62th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

In Carlburn, when Hannah saw her pencil is snaps again during her writing, she worries about did something bad happen to Gaal.

Convex and Concave Savoy are hiding in fire ext and caught by other Savoys.

Theo's colleague ordered someone to kill Gaal. And Theo's colleague asks Boyle don't get in the way because Theo cares a great deal about him.

After that, Boyle gets a call from Hannah and tells her stop worrying about Gaal.

Denma tells Cell put Jet on the line, but Cell says his line is out of reach. Denma thinks Cell is a Silverquick's android so that it's natural reaction, and she'll probably hand over Mirai's information to the pup as well. Denma thinks to break through with booster gun.

Characters Edit

  1. Hannah
  2. Convex Savoy
  3. Concave Savoy
  4. Theo
  5. Theo's colleague (debut)
  6. Gaal's junior Savoy
  7. Savoys
  8. Theo's colleague's boy (mention)
  9. Theo's colleague's boys (mention)
  10. Denma
  11. Cell
  12. Jet (mention)
  13. Yahwah
  14. Quai
  15. Mirai

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