It's the 65th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

After Cell reported to Yahwah, he surprises all Adams are had to be the ones who were sent off to guard the rescue ship for supervisor Edrei. And Yahwah tells Cell to watch Denma as he sees the Denma mentioned Apple, even though he might be looking for his key to escape while using the Pentagon as an excuse. And Yahwah wonders who has made the priest get drunk so much.

Edrei promises he will take care of all their deliveries for the next 5 days. And Edrei leaves Carlburn, but he leaving two of the Reds given by Denma.

Gaal receives a new booster gun sent by the Mirai. Boyle tells him shockingly that Hannah saved Gaal

Characters Edit

  1. Yahwah
  2. Cell
  3. Quai
  4. Edrei
  5. Edel
  6. Arcel
  7. Denma
  8. Edrei's Eve
  9. Some of the group
  10. Boyle
  11. Some of the group's leader
  12. Gaal
  13. Hannah (mention)

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