It's the 66th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

In Carlburn, Edel takes Arcel and finds Mirai Datsu, and Denma goes with Cell and Quai to find Gaal's sister. Denma thinks that it's difficult to find Aaron's apprentices as a personal information address, so he has to find another place to meet her.

Gaal tries to wash his identity while disguised, but he's caught by group members wearing masks. One of those who used the star-shaped booster guns unmasked his mask to reveal himself as Gaal's comrade. Gaal reminds him of his name, Azio.

Characters Edit

  1. Mirai Datsu
  2. Edel
  3. Denma
  4. Arcel
  5. Cell
  6. Quai
  7. Boyle
  8. Gaal
  9. Azio's group
  10. Azio (debut)

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