It's the 70th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

In Carlburn, Cell tells Edel to Denma's moving line. Edel says Mirai Datsu will be in a nearby farmer's market where there're still a lot of cash businesses.

Gaal suffers a headache. At this time, the call comes to Denma. Danma connects Gaal to Hannah. After that, Gaal tells Boyle that those Quanx kidnapped Hannah and take him to the camping site in Elline Forest. And Gaal requests Boyle to save Hannah.

Characters Edit

  1. Edel
  2. Arcel
  3. Cell
  4. Quai
  5. Gaal
  6. Boyle
  7. Denma
  8. Hannah

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Cell: That's the place where master Denma stayed most of his time.

Ithel: Then, did he call the weapon maker out here not to expose her address?

Cell: I think you're right, priest Ithel. I checked master's spending and he bought a disposable phone after he abandoned my avatar. He must've bought it, after he got off the train... the CVS is here...

Ithel: If they met in the area where a spaceship is not allowed to enter for a short time. Mirai Datsu must live near the station.

Cell: There's no credit card details... I think she only uses cash to avoid exposing her location.

Ithel: Then, we can search for her by asking around the market where credit card is not necessary... if she drove or biked, we have to consider up to this diameter. Okay! There's only one market in this area!


Gaal: Ugh...

Boyle: !

Gaal: Ugh...

Boyle: Gaal, are you okay? You kept tossing and turning the whole night...

Gaal: Azio gang might have beaten me up in wrong ways. Get me... migraine pills.

Boyle: Okay. I'll buy something to eat as well...


Gaal: !

Denma: Hello, sir! Miss Hannah wants to talk to you. Please make the call as short as possible.

Hannah: Brother, it's me, Hannah! This boy said... you sent him to bring me to you. Is that true?



Gaal: Y...yes! Just... do as he says.

Hannah: Brother, are you okay? Your face...

Gaal: Hey, you idiot! You worry about yourself, not me!

Denma: Then, sir. I'll be waiting for you at the place... with your sister, Hannah.

Boyle: ! Where are you?

Gaal: ...In a cab!

Boyle: Where are you going?

Gaal: You think I'd tell you everything! Damn... you know Hannah... that Quanx kidnapped Hannah!

Boyle: What? When? Where?

Gaal: He's taking her to the Elline forest. Make sure you rescue Hannah!

Boyle: What?

Gaal: What? Is not what you should be saying! Prove me that what you've been telling me is true! You said it's you who set the fire that day! You're to blame for making her like that! Ugh! Damn! My head hurts like hell... I'll call you back!

Boyle: Gaal!


Gaal: Driver, drop by the pharmacy for a sec! 'Ugh... what's wrong with me? I've been having a terrible headache since last night. I have no choice. I feel sorry for Hannah, but... There's no way to defeat that Quanx with the dimension switch in Calburn. I must think realistically! Since I can't bring Pentagon members... both of us will die in the end. So... It's better to save my life at least! And who knows? Boyle might succeed in saving Hannah. So... this is the best choice I can make!'