It's the 78th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

In Carlburn, while eating tofu and kimchi, Denma recommends Arcel to drinking.

Gaal calls Boyle and asks him to pick him up because he broken his leg by Azio's group.

After surviving the car explosion, Azio decides to keep chasing Gaal after receiving first aid treatment.

After being drunk, Arcel talks himself as hot bombshells. And mentions Mirai Datsu, who was brought yesterday. Edel is surprises and catches Arcel from planar constraint. Denma recognized that Mirai was caught by them.

Characters Edit

  1. Hannah
  2. Cell
  3. Arcel
  4. Edel
  5. Quai
  6. Denma
  7. Gaal
  8. Boyle
  9. Azio
  10. Azio's group

Quanx ability used Edit

Old English version's lines Edit

This is the old English version's lines

Ithel: How is this possible? It's too delicious to stop drinking... Hannah, you're the best cook ever!

Denma: Oi, shut up! We'll stop drinking after another one. Ah, Arcel! Here, drink.

Arcel: Ah, I'm fine...

Denma: Why? Your real body isn't a kid, is it? Try it. Since it's a kid's body, you'll get drunk faster.

Arcel: Ahhaha...

Denma: Ahaha, come on! You should enjoy yourself when you can. We're all in the same oven ...being kidnapped and living an unwanted life... we might get killed at anytime by them. What's so bad about drinking... a$$! Silverquick, you bloody damn thieves!

Ithel: Hyung, come down! We were having a good time.

Denma: Hands off, you bastard! You're one of them...!

Arcel: Um... excuse me, Denma hyung...

Denma: What?

Arcel: Calm dawn. I'll give it a go.

Denma: Whatever!

Gaal: Ugh...! Where are you?

Boyle: You know! On the way to save Hannah... wait, are you still there?

Gaal: How can I trust you? Azio and his gang broke my leg. Come pick me up!

Azio: Phsaw!

Azio's group member: Wow, Boss! You look tough!

Azio: Gosh... shut up! 'Ugh! Damn! Gaal... you bastard!' ! Hey... we can track Boyle's location, right?

Azio's group member: Yes Boss!

Azio: Boyle is the only one whom Gaal can ask for help on Calburn now! Gather everyone! I won't miss him this time!


Azio: I'm going to chase him to hell!

Arcel: Giggle... come here!

Ithel: Uh... well... Arcel?

Denma: What the! What's wrong with him?

Arcel: Not coming? Then, this nuna is coming to you, cuties...

T/N: "Nuna" is a Korean word used by males to address a female older than them.

Ithel: Uh...? Eh?

Denma: Oi! Don't you sit just right ther...


Arcel: Ithel!

Denma: Whoah-! Whoa! Whoa!

Arcel: You have a baby face but your body is fit... you're sweet yet strong. Shall we go out?

Denma: Are you nuts? Oi! Back to your spaceship! Right now!


Arcel: Little Denma, you ill-tempered cutie, come again? My little Denma, what kind of girl do you like? A sexy one like me?

Denma: I'm sorry. Please don't kill me.

Arcel: Or... ah, I see! You like cute girls like the one we brought yesterday? Ithel, what was her name? Mirae? No... Ah, right! Mirai!

Ithel: 'Oops!'

Arcel: But when you grow up, you're gonna like a nuna like me. You little cutie! Come on. I'll kiss...

Ithel: Hahahah... drunken Arcel is cute. We'd better go to bed. Goodnight!

Cell: Alcohol is... scary...

Denma: 'Mirai... Damn, no way! If Mirai falls into their hands...'