It's the 97th Ch. of Denma.

Summary Edit

One day, Baron Hussadin's sudden appearance wounded dozens of priests, including Edel. They sent the private hospital VIP suites, because Hussadin's insurance will cover the costs. Hussadin says to a priest and Asherah that priest collect his pledge money every month, and if priest keep his Devas in priest's own pocket, so he can't supposed to entertain his guests. A priest says that the Health Bureau is still conducting epidemiological surveys on Hussadin's Devas. Hussadin says that 1 month ago and he doesn't have send him substitutes then. So Hussadin's business is ruined. Then, Hussadin will pick out new Devas from the list and just take them with him. When Hussadin tells them that he might as well convert himself into Nuit (Nut), a priest says her that they'll make a call to the Administrative Bureau of the church body.

Edel suffers a minor concussion. Teacher says that starting tomorrow, Pre-Devas will care after priests while his hospitalization. Edel asks O to hack the Administrative Bureau of the church body's main computer. O refuses Edel's request. But Nell comes. Edel acts like he can't see.

A priest says to Hussadin that Bishop Agnes said that she'll be here to see him in person after 3 days. Hussadin says to a priest that he just need to pick his Devas and be on his way, and he spent the whole night selecting the Devas he want and he's taking them with him no matter what. This list also includes Nell.

Characters Edit

  1. Baron Hussadin (debut)
  2. Asherah
  3. Chief priest
  4. Teacher
  5. Edel
  6. A priest (debut)
  7. O
  8. Nell
  9. Bishop Agnes (mention)

Quanx ability used Edit

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