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The people doesn't know what religion Youngsoon Yang believes. But the author has read the Bible. Therefore, the author often puts parodies of the Bible in Denma.

The characters with name and appear 2 or more chs. (chapters) are made into an article.

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Animation of Denma with NAVER WEBTOON

Jet, Denma, Eyebrow hair, Frog skin, Ringed baldhead, Sky blue skin

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A Dog of Pamana

Mclight, Max (dog)

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Yael Road

Yael, Amela's daughter

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  • Mu
  • Mario
  • Poachers: They first appeared in (2). They first mentioned in (3). They last appeared in (33). They're associated with Mario. They poach Pigear.
  • Staffs member at the Animal Protection Lab: They first appeared in (3). They last appeared in 14. A.E. (4). These're called kids to others. They're tries to keep Pigear. But the servants let female Pigear loose in forest behind nobles back. The servants set nobles up with these who helped nobles to adopts female Pigear in first place. They also called the Animal Rights Group. The female Pigears are pretty and beautiful, it's one of the reasons why the research group got formed.
  • Sylvia (실비아, Silbia / シルビア, Shirubia / 雪尔维娅, 雪爾維婭, Xuě ěr wéi yà): She first mentioned in (10). She last appeared in 14. A.E. (4). She's female Pigear and the Pigear queen. Mu and the Mario's butler let Sylvia loose in forest behind Mario's back. She appears in front of Mario's eyes.
  • One noble

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  • Dr. God
  • Colonel Hawk
  • Lieutenant Colonel: He first appeared in (13). He last appeared in (115). in original version, his military rank is revealed in (25) (Korean). But in English version, his military rank is revealed in (107).
  • Owner of the SPAGHETTI ADAGIO: He first appeared in (16). He appeared in (21). He last appeared in (41). In fact, he's a gambling addict.
  • Old man: He first appeared in (17). He appeared in (21). He last appeared in (41). In fact, he's a pedophile.
  • A man: He first appeared in (17). He appeared in (21). He last appeared in (41). In fact, he's a womanizer.
  • Jenny: She appeared in (17). Her name is mentioned in (21). She has the same name as Jenny of Sixteen. She isn't interested in dating a womanizer.
  • Woman: She first appeared in (17). She appeared in (21). She last appeared in (41). In fact, she's a con artist who exploits the confidence of men with sex appeal.
  • Another man: He first appeared in (17). He appeared in (21). He last appeared in (41). In fact, he's a moneylender.
  • A board member of committee: He first appeared in (19). He last appeared in (114) - Ch.309. He's one of the board member of Planet Bella Ruling Committee. He says to his aide that "Ah, shoot..." And he says to another board member of committee that "Hey, that's what my aides do, not me!"

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  • Agnes: At least 7 years ago. If she was involved with Toshka case, she could have been a bishop at least 12 years ago.
  • Mituera / Metuera (미투에라, Mituera / ミトゥエラ, Mito~uera / 米图埃拉, 米圖埃拉, Mǐ tú āi lā): She first appeared in Sixteen (29). She last appeared in (30). The name Metuera refers to the associated with one of the largest and most precipitously built complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece, Meteora. And the word Meteora is Greek Μετέωρα origin. It means "middle of the sky", "suspended in air" or "in heavens above".
  • Ran
  • Kanu
  • Head Bishop

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Blue skin, Bomb guy, Haaken

Quanx Detection

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Rami Record

Denjo, Rami, Thomas

She first appeared in Rami Record (1) (Korean, In Denma, it's (2)). And in Denma, she's first appeared in A Catnap (14).

She has the same name as Yujin of Iron Dog Is No Registration and Denma.

In Yanggun's Miscellaneous Thoughts, the author drew many prototypes of the Rami Record and Church of Madonna.

20121230 111628

(8), it updated June 20, 2008.

She's Rami's friend.

Rami meets her, and she asks she's on duty, and she says she's seeing someone at the Palace. She says she's going there too and let's go together when she's done cleaning, but Rami moves away so fast. While Jay sleeps in classroom, Soy goes to her with holds a chocolate pie. She tries to deliver chocolate pie instead, but takes a look at Soy's face and takes her to the Palace to deliver it directly.

Rami sees her and Soy. Rami welcome to chocolate pie angel and says Jay's ass will be on fire today. At this time, a loud noise is heard, and Soy falls down. At that moment, the ceiling of the building collapses, and Rami see Soy is buried in front of her.

After waking up from bed, Rami cries with the teacher and her, Jay, after heard that Soy is dead.

Here's the fan arts. July 31, 2012, August 1, 2012,

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The servants and slaves who don't have a single article are listed here. The noble characters see each characters article or this article.

  • Baron Hussadin
  • Representatives of Sidgear / Reps of Zedekiah brigade
  • Galrep Brothers / Caleb Brothers
  • Horma / Hormah
  • Mario
    • Mario's butler: He first appeared in Pigear (1). He last appeared in (12). In Mario's mansion, there's a fall down man who was struck by a blunt force. Jet finds out he isn't the one who fell down. Tanza and his men are arrives Mario's mansion, and they see a fall down man is Mario's butler. Mu says to another staff of Animal Protection Lab that she'll goes look for Mario. And Mu says at the scene was only Mario's knocked out butler, and based on her last phone call with the butler, he must have went into the forest to seek for Sylvia. Mario calls to Tanza that the butler let Sylvia loose in forest behind his back. So, Mario got the butler on his back too. Mario says the butler set him up with Mu from the Animal Rights Group who helped him to adopt Sylvia in first place.
  • One noble
  • Earl of Limbour
  • Owner of planet Bella
  • Owner of planet Bella's butler

He first appeared in God's Lover (43). He last appeared in 15. A.E. (1).

He looks like red skin Hitler.

He'll send the surgical team to God. He tells to the director that elder want to keep God using the Artificial neurological cell procedure because his hobby. He says everyone thinks the purpose of the Artificial neurological cell procedure is to preserve someone's consciousness, and at first even the elder thought that too.

When God dies, he says to the researchers in Dummy laboratory that it's more like the sample that has a sense of identify and a strong durability of stress so he orders they pull out the socket.

Paul says if God stay here long enough, he'll lose his mind and the number of biodummies that he'll be implanted is decided by him and the researchers up there.

About a year and a half later, he finds that God has escaped. The researcher says they need to request the A.N.G.E.L. Town, the military, and the police for cooperation. He says the U.C.S. will find us because they're under their radar, so he'll have to ask the Quanx who's always taken care of these things to perfection.

He says to fat killer that he take care of him as soon as possible, but don't leave anything behind. The fat killer uses the Quanx ability to move the both hands away, and he uses red ball-shaped nose for smell to the patient exposed to medication. He says God is exposed to the same medication as the patient. The fat killer hangs the nose to a bird called Jjack and a dog called Zzong. After that, the fat killer takes a gun to blow up the target's head. But the fat killer fails to kill God.

God wanted to finish those who killed and experimented on him off, at first. That dummy lab that was disconnected from the network was no longer there when God went to see it inside an avatar robot. There God somehow found a message from the man who was in charge. Based on the investigation, God transferred all of his data from his sockets to the network. The experts say that there's nothing to worry about because a consciousness will be scattered once it's transferred to the network but they can never trust those "experts". So they're closing down this facility.

The owner of planet Bella normally works as a librarian in library. The owner of planet Bella orders to him that first tell the man to buy all the stocks of the pharmaceutical company, and once a virus is spread and a few dies, the loss will be up made up, and he report the rest when he get home. The owner of planet Bella orders to him that so resume the dummy project now and make sure that the information doesn't leak out.

The owner of planet Bella says that wasn't a malfunctioning of robots and the guy knew exactly who he was and he beat him up every time by manipulating the network from outside. So The owner of planet Bella orders to use the entire A.N.G.E.L. system to find out the guy who's related to the extra-planet wolf that drank coffee. He says the A.N.G.E.L. project team did an investigation on the blackout last night and found out that it wasn't an error, so they should have a lead on the guy soon. The director hears the couple's words and finds out that he's God. He notices that he's using the network as his dummy.

In 15. A.E. (1), the owner of planet Bella reads the novel GOD'S LOVER. He's on the phone and he says the names are different, but the story is same. The owner of planet Bella says who really cares about this crappy novel and maybe more people will protest but there's nothing to worry about it, and he orders leave him alone.

  • Mari (마리, Mari / マリ, Mari / 玛丽, 瑪麗, Mǎlì): She appeared in (43). She's the owner of planet Bella's butler's maid.

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  • Four warriors / Big four (사천왕, Sacheonwang / 四天王, Shitennō / 四天王, 四天王, Sìtiānwáng): They mentioned in Blackout (4). They're El's soidiers. In Urano, Dike fought these, with his colleagues, including Jet. 3 of them has already lost their fight against Dike's colleagues.

20180611 184917

He first appeared in A Catnap (60). He's Equivalent Mass Substitution Quanx. He's Dike's father.

He wears uniform which is like Dike's uniform, and he also wear a wristlet like Dike. This wristlet can substitute something by matches the mass with some metals in this.

Count El and he goes to the Duke. El says he has Joshua's eyes for the Duke. The Duke says Joshua's eye isn't something to be carried around like that. He substitutes Joshua's an eye by matches the mass with some metals on the left wrist's wristlet.

The Duke breaks Joshua's an eye and tries to put El and him in underground prison. El says he's sorry and Hazz told him that the Duke will make a deal with him as soon as he sees it so he just did what him told him to do. El thanks to him and he says if they make it out of underground prison he promise that he'll take care of his entire family and he asks his son's name. He answers that his son's name is Dike Heubing.

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She and Tiptoe figure were released by GNFTOY on 2 February, 2018. The design has been made by Team Imitatros (WindMill).

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  • Yael
  • Chairman
  • Amella / Amela
  • Amela's daughter
  • Noah

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He's corporal of Patrol. There's a yellow T on his face.

Aaron says the Internal Affairs Department agents have come where he's. He says Church of Madonna's Guardian priest bought Roots, and he asks who sold this. Aaron answers that he's Chul, his full name is Bongchul Goo. He says the security law of U.C.S. make it illegal to produce illegal weapons and just make the trade is illegal. Aaron says Balack beat him up, who's one of the 3 crazy dogs of the church. He takes a sneer at crazy dog. And he calls to Lee Kyu and he says he want him to handle Roots. He says to Aaron that when Patrols wake up and look in the mirror in the morning sometimes they feel like they're not looking at themselves, and they get more and more like the monsters that they deal with, and they're the crazy dogs that beat up those crazy dogs. He says especially Lee Kyu is one of these, so the priest that bought the Roots, he's very unlucky.

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It also includes characters that appear in web fiction.


Dwight, Esmela

  • Esmela (이스멜라, Yiseumelra / イスメイラ, Isumeira / 伊斯梅尔拉, 伊斯梅爾拉, Yī sī méi ěr lā): She first appeared in Marionette (1). She last appeared in (3). She's Dwight's wife. She's dead, so she's corpse.
  • Tomoda (토모다, Tomoda / 托莫达, Tuō mò dá): She mentioned in A Catnap (30). A decade ago, she was the top of the actresses because her face, body, expression is best of best. Abigail thinks he want her to be happy. She comes from the Ayaka Tomoda, who's Japanese AV actress.
  • Dr. Faust (파우스트 선생/박사, Pauseuteu seonsaeng/baksa / ファウスト先生, Fausuto sensei): He mentioned in A Catnap (141). He designed causal calculators. The Duke calls him a good doctor. The Duke says under these circumstances, there's a zero percent chance that could've happened, then that means there're only two possible explanations for this, either someone intentionally squeezed through the time axis, and somehow changed the causality, or he simply couldn't build a better calculator than this one. The Duke says he hopes he didn't hear what he just said, but all in all, if the Patrols took Agnes, there's little to worry about because there're quite a few under his sponsorship there.