Crying Daddy (크라잉 대디, Keuraing Daedi) is the character of Denma.

Biography Edit

He is very fond of Denma albeit all the smackin' on the back of his head. He presents a little angel statue because Denma resembles his grandson.

He belongs to Apple. But he is murdered by someone.

He is Ephraimite Quanx. So he uses electromagnetic pulse.

He is one of the survivors of Night of Adams.

Actually, Crying Daddy's closest friends are killed Crying daddy. Denma listens to the Crying Daddy's closest friends with Jet. The letter he would receive was because he was a death notice of grandson whom he loved so much. Crying Daddy is a Hyper-Quanx capable person like Matthew, and the second Night of Adams was likely to appear, and he accepted the intentions of his friends to stop him and accepted death.

When 5. A.E. (2), Yahwah refers to the Crying Daddy's closest friends who got a better experimental material called Arcel. Because Silverquick ran a simulation and a results have shown great R&D values for C-Dad's abilities. At this time, it is revealed that the entity of Arcel is a young woman named Edel, the Ephraimite. So useless old sample such as C-Dad needs to be quickly scrapped.

Quanx Abilities Edit

Appearances in Other Media Edit

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit

Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-34-08

Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-34-15

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Crying Daddy is playable character.

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