Cube (큐브, Kyubeu) is the Quanx ability of Denma.

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Creates or throws a cube (주사위, Jusawi / サイコロ, Saikoro / 骰子, 骰子, Shǎizi) and then compress it as it's.

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Savoy Gaal (2)

Those who become cubes are die.

Not only the ability itself, but also the dead body that is compressed by this ability is called a cube.

In A Catnap (1), Hades' nickname is reveals that Cube. Why do people call Hades to Cube, because he bends and squishes everything and everyone into a cube.

The people presses the wall, and they're become trapped in a cube. The cube isn't punctured by bullets.

This ability can cause the explosion. First, choose a target to use as a bomb and lock it inside a cube and make it shrink. If the user remove the cube it's able to cause the explosion. Hades calls this Hades' Dice.

This ability can block other Quanx abilities. Black hair tries to penetrate the cube with Earth Mimicry ability but fails. Gatsu thinks he'll penetrate anything, and shoots Bang but the cube instantly recovers. Balack also fails to Planar Constraint ability. But the teleporting Quanx can get out of this ability with teleportation ability. And the acceleration ability can also breaks this ability. The Quanx put the user's hand on the cube and vibrate against it and then add the frequency of the vibration using the user's ability until it resonates with the target's frequency and the user just has to maintain that frequency and it's like a singer breaking a wine glass by making the his voice resonate with it.

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