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덴마 with 네이버웹툰

덴마 with 네이버웹툰

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON is a mobile game from South Korea. It's developed by Appcross, published by New.f.o, operated by Qroad.

It's based on Denma and it has released on October 26, 2016.

Players are able to accquire characters and equipment throught the Adventure.

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User growth Edit

  • User levels

The user level can grow up to Lv 50, and experience points can be obtained through scenario adventures.

Every time the user level is increased, you gain additional energy, and the maximum amount of energy increases by 1 for every 5 levels.

Depending on user level, the maximum level of enhancement of Guardian and Mercenary increases.

  • User skills

You can acquire user skill automatically according to user level.

Even if you do not achieve the level condition, you can use Ruby to open user skills.

You can choose to apply one of the two types of skill, and you can replace it at any time.

  • Profile decorations

Profile decorations can be acquired if you achieve each tier in the arena.

Obtained profile decorations are wearable and visible to other users.

Adventure Edit

  • How to proceed

When you select the stage from the adventure of the main screen, adventure can proceed.

After clearing each stage, you can acquire experience points, coins, and Zipnights.

If you join the guild, you can acquire a GP.

  • Clear goals, rewards, quests

You can earn up to three stars per stage depending on your achievement.

There are various clear goals for each stage. (All enemy, tower, boss, survival, rescue)

You can acquire additional rewards (character, equipment) when acquiring 3 stars.

In normal mode, you can acquire a perfect clear compensation by acquiring all the stars (30) of a chapter.

You can perform quests on specific stages for each chapter.

Completed quest rewards will be paid by mail.

  • Difficulty

Scenarios are divided into normal mode and hell mode depending on the difficulty of each chapter.

Normal mode consumes one base stage energy and two boss stage energy. In Hell mode, two basic stage energy and three boss stage energy are consumed.

Hell mode is open when you clear the normal mode of each chapter. In Hell mode, stronger enemies appear than normal, and more rewards can be obtained.

Sad Pigear Farm Edit

Sad Pigear Farm


The Pigear farm is located under the World Map chapter move button.

You can earn coins by hunting the Pigears in the Pigear farm. Everyone can participate in the Pigear farm, and you can participate with the characters set up on the adventure team.

However, in order to enter the Pigear farm, you need a Pigear farm key. The Pigear's properties will change at 00:00. Change order is changed to (Fire> Forest> Water> Light> Dark> Fire ....).

  • Entry condition

You can go into the Pigear farm once a day for free. [Normal] and [Hell] When the energy consumed in difficulty reaches a certain amount, you will receive 1 Pigear key.

  • How to use

In time limit, you can earn coins every time you catch the Pigear or Golden Pigear's for 60 seconds. The amount of coin obtained varies depending on the star. If you take the Golden Pigear, you will gain more coins by increasing the star of Pigear and Golden Pigear.

  • Glossary

PK: Represents a record of hunting the Pigear and the Golden Pigear. At the time of the hunts of one grain of the Pigear: 1PK / At the time of the hunts of two Golden Pigear: 10PK

  • Pigear Farm TOP Ranking 50

It shows the ranking of the users who got the highest score on the Pigear farm from 1 to 50. There is no compensation according to ranking.

Growth Edit

  • Character and equipment

The maximum level of the character and equipment are depends on each class.

1 character or equipment are up to Lv5, each level increases by 5 at the maximum level.

Kills are automatically enhanced when upgrading characters or equipment, and character skills are divided into three categories.

▶ Passive Skill: 1 / same as the character's rating.

▶ Active skill: 1 general skill, 1 special skill / character starts from Lv1 depending on the birth.

  • Reinforce

Strengthening your character or equipment increases your level and stats.

The higher the character or equipment's rating, the greater the number of coins required for reinforcement.

The material character or equipment and coin are required when reinforcing.

Team settings, readers, and locked characters or equipment aren't output as reinforcements.

You can select up to 10 materials yourself or use [AutoPut]. (However, if the level of the character or equipment is higher or stronger than that of the character or equipment you want to enhance, the material will not be selected as an auto-fill material.)

  • Advancement

You can upgrade your character or equipment if you reach the maximum level in the current rank.

Each character or equipment has a maximum grade that can be promoted depending on the birth.

The maximum rating can be seen in the book and the number displayed on the character or equipment. Ex) One star character or equipment can be up to four stars.

When you upgrade, your rating will increase and your ability and skill level will increase.

You need the same level of MAX level material characters or equipment, elements, and coins.

Screenshot 2017-04-04-18-19-35


  • Amplification

You can amplify your character or equipment when you reach the maximum rating, maximum level.

Amplification is possible up to 5 times and the maximum level increases by 2 each time.

Increases maximum level and ability when boosted.

Maximum character or equipment of the same character or equipment (no level), element, coin is required.

Advancement and amplification are team settings, leaders, and locked characters or equipment aren't output as reinforcements. And you can check the amount of elements held.

  • Overclocking

Overclocking is a system that can strengthen 7 stars character's stats.

Overclocking Strengthening targets: 7 stars More than 35 levels Character (including hyper)

Overclocking Reinforcement: Abyssal tear Item (Cost: Coin)

Abyssal tear items can be obtained by additional compensation when you clear the 5th round of Challenge Dungeon.

Overclocking enhancement can be overclocked separately from amplification when a character (including hyper) reaches 7th star and 35 levels. After overclocking the character, it can be amplified or overclocked after amplification. Overclocking can be strengthened up to 7 levels. Strengthening stepwise consumes a certain amount of material (tears of abyss) and coins. Overclocking is 100% successful on hardening.

Strengthening overclocking will increase your character's basic abilities. Overclocking can be enhanced up to a total of 7 levels, and each time the reinforcement is done, the color of one star changes.

Relic is equipment that can be attached to 7 Overclocking characters. It's classified as Object Quanx.

  • Synthesis

You can combine two 7 stars characters to acquire a new 7-character character at random. However, for character composition, the following conditions apply.

Synthesizable target: 7 stars More than 35 levels Character

Synthetic materials are 7 stars, 35 levels or more characters (consumption cost: ruby). Hyper-characters can only be synthesized as hyper-characters. Characters that are joined to the team, locked, or designated as representative characters are excluded from the material.

The result of the synthesis is a 7-stars, 1-level character. The character that is used as a material does not appear. It can be re-synthesized once by consuming ruby after synthesis. (Up to three characters consumed as material will not appear during resynthesis.)

  • Attribute

TIP. Mutual relationship based on character attributes. Fire is strong in forest, forest is strong in water, and water is strong in fire. Attack with favorable damage increases damage by 30%. Defending with advantageous damage reduces damage by 20%. Light and darkness are fatal to each other.

Knowing what attributes are good will help you set up your team!

Headquarters Edit

  • Guardian

Guardians help friendly characters in all battles and summon mercenaries.

Depending on the user level up to Lv50 can be strengthened.

It has 4 skills and can be enhanced up to Lv50 depending on the Guardian level.

You can purchase and replace a new guardian. You can set different guardians for each content.

  • Mercenary

Mercenaries help friendly characters in all battles to kill enemies.

Depending on the user level up to Lv50 can be strengthened.

Mercenaries have 4 skills and can be enhanced up to Lv50 depending on mercenary level.

You can buy and replace new mercenaries. You can set different mercenaries for each content.

Arena Edit

If you choose to fight, the battle status is automatically matched. Matching re-search is possible up to 2 times.

It will be automatic battle and will be decided according to the following conditions.

▶ Victory conditions: opponent character, guardian, mercenary annihilation

▶ Defeat condition: friendly character, guardian, mercenary annihilation

Intersecting Space Edit

The intersecting space is automatically opened when 2-10 stage is cleared. You can proceed by selecting the challenge on the main screen and selecting the intersecting space. A battle with a boss that pops up in a place of intersection takes place.

Bosses have their own specific attributes.

Available after joining the guild, you can only enter the boss time. Entry time may change. (If you do not have a guild, you will get a pop-up window that prompts you to join the guild.)

Start a raid by teaming up to six characters. Each boss has an internal gauge according to its attributes.

The gauges climb when the characters involved in the battle attack.

If the boss's internal gauge is full, the boss stuns for a period of time and increases the critical strike rate of his friendly character by up to 50% for 10 seconds. When a character dies or boss is killed, the battle is completed.

Kwan's refrigerator Edit

Kwan's refrigerator is stronger in stages and can be redeemed upon clearing.

Adventure [General] You can enter after 1-10 stages clearance.

▶ Up to 5 times

▶ Number of chargeable times Charging time: 30 minutes per time

You can choose a friend to proceed with the battle. The friend character uses the character set as [representative character]. Friends who have battle together can choose again after 24 hours.

▶ Compensation for friends: One energy is paid to a friend

You can earn special rewards once for each clearing at the first clearing. You can acquire a certain amount of coins to compensate when you repeatedly clear the same layer.

▶ Special Compensation Type: Coin, Zipnights, Summoning right

▶ Repeat Reward: Coin

Shop Edit

You can enter from the main screen.

▣ Ruby

It's used for purchasing merchandise and purchasing items.

▣ Coin

It's used to strengthen, upgrade, and amplify characters and equipment.




It's used to strengthen the guardian and minion, and strengthen the skill.

▣ Energy

It's used when entering a scenario.

▣ Aorica

It's used when entering the Arena.

▣ Element

There're 5 attributes that are used for character upgrading and amplification.

▣ Repeat battle

It's a periodic item that can automatically repeat the battle of the scenario stage.

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Excludes characters that didn't appear in the English Webtoon version.

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Excludes equipment that didn't appear in the English Webtoon version.

Include Relic.

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