Devarim (데바림, Debarim / デパリム, Deparimu / Devarim, Devarim) is the race in the Denma.

Summary Edit

Devarim is mentioned for the first time in Yael Road (6).

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Devarims are commonly have a horn shaped like a goat's horn on the heads. And they have color of wine hair and yellow eyes. Their skin may be gray, or they may be light skin, similar to humans.

Devarim is dreaded race of precogs who see the future in their dreams. When one of the Devarim prophecies a good thing to someone, it's called the 'Devarim's blessing'.

Devarims are exist on various planets.

Devarims dream about the death of someone they know, they hold commemorative ritual with tofu to show condolences.

"Panta rhei Devarim" is Devarims' way of saying "Goodbye". This greeting is also given to colleagues who are expected to die.

Characters Edit

  • Aron / Aaron
  • Anne (, Aen / アン, An / 安妮, 安妮, Ānnī): She first mentioned in the Yael Road (1), And she first appeared in the (6). She last appeared in the (9). She was a counsellor of School of planet Negev. And she tells her vision that through her dreams, she saw Yael being the savior of the Negev and being carved his face onto the highest part of the national memorial and being praised as "Lord Yael". She moved planet Terra where she had a big success in her started an academy.
  • Mirai Datsu
  • Bloody old witch: She appeared in the Sixteen (45). In the past, she was prophesied to Balak that he'll be showering in bloodbaths until his end. Balak thinks he tried so hard to live away from the curse.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Devarim is Hebrew דברים (Devarim) origin. It means "words".
  • The word Panta rhei refers to the Greek Πάντα ῥεῖ (panta rhei). It means "everything flows". This is the idea of Heraclitus.
  • In South Korea, people who predicted the story of Denma are called Denvarim (덴바림, Denbarim). Denvarim means Denma + Devarim.