Dwight (드웨이트, Deuweiteu) is the character of Denma.

Biography Edit

He lives with his Eve and Esmela on his ship. His work should be done by noon. As revealed in the title, he has marionette Quanx ability. He moves the robot, when it was hit by hit-and-run. And his Eve gives Esmela a makeover. But Esmela's skin tone is strange. In other words, Esmela is dead and seems to she moved by his ability. The one Supervisor's ship approaches his ship.

In (2), he buys a cake, then rides the trailer and approaches to his ship. He only scheduled for morning delivery today. But there's a white container around his ship, and the container smoke on it. At this time, one Supervisor's ship catches his container and climbs high. The Supervisor is Bahel. Bahel calls him. Here it's revealed that his name is Dwight. Bahel says to him that he's hiding in the forest out of his sight and he programmed the delivery ships to autonomous mode while he was out. Bahel tells the thing that's burning on top of his container is the head of his Eve, they sure weren't kidding about the sunburn. Then Bahel tells it's body is sitting at the kitchen table on his ship that is also lifting his container high up as they speak, and there's his creepy wife.

Bahel tells he's doing his job and now, 2 things will happen when he shout "go", first, his ship in the air will drop his container to the ground and at the sametime his ship will slam into his wife, so he has 2 choices: one, control his Eve to manually override his program to save himself, or puppet-walk his wife's body to stop it from getting shattered. And Bahel tells if he tries any other funny business, the bomb on her wrist will immediately go off. He asks to Bahel that why he doing this to him. Bahel answers Mama is disgusted with his sick love and she says she can't take it anymore. Bahel tells he's ungreatful Quanx piece of scum, and time's up. So Bahel shout go.

He saves for Esmela. Bahel steps on him and tells she's already dead and it was disgusting to see him carrying around a dead body. And Bahel finds the cake and the card. Bahel is disgusts and throws the card in front of dying him. He soon dies. Bahel tells he has fulfilled his entire quota so he's free man now thanks to Dwight. After Bahel's departure, Esmela's hand, which was strangely apart, overlaps with his hand.

Quotes Edit

  • 'Esmela, my love! Happy birthday, darling. Dwight♡' - Dwight's card

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