Ephraimite (에브라임 족, Ebeuraim jok) is the race in the Denma.

Summary Edit

Ephraimite is first mentioned in Blackout (2).

Ephraimite are commonly have a spot on the foreheads. And they have dark skin and yellow eyes. They have gray tear-shaped tattoos on around their eyes.

Ephraimite Quanx's body can release an enormous wave of electromagnetic energy when in extreme anger or sadness.

These aren't all Quanx.

Unlike the other Quanx, they're black with a border-broken shape which is measured by the Georg filter.

Yahwah is included Ephraimite Quanx in the missions even though the Academy of Science were done with their study.

Jet says to Ring bald that Denma found another Ephraimite Quanx, except he doesn't remember a thing due to his concussion. Then Jet says if the recent blackouts were caused by Quanx, their ability which is the same as that of Crying Daddy, will help them complete their plan. Ring bald says he'll tell Apple |members to keep their eyes on it.

The word Ephraimite comes from Tribe of Ephraim.

Characters Edit

  • Crying Daddy
  • Crying Daddy's grandson: He first mentioned in the Blackout (1). And he first appeared in the (2). He last appeared in the 5. A.E. (2). Crying Daddy presents a little angel statue because Denma resembles his grandson. The letter Crying Daddy would receive was because he was a death notice of grandson whom he loved so much. But his death notice is false. That is what Yahwah has sent. He isn't a Quanx like his grandpa, but he's alive and well. Here is the fan art. 2014 - Source (Spoiler)
  • Matthew: He appeared in the Blackout (5). 5 years ago, he was a trainee of Silverquick. He had a gentle and understanding nature, and never failed to keep smile on his face. One day, near the end of his training period, he recieve the death notice from Edrei. His mother has passed away. The agony of losing his mother and the anger from being shackled broke loose all at once. Since he has a Hyper-level Quanx like Crying Daddy, the entire system shut down, and the station fell under complete darkness. Then Night of Adams falls. Matae is old English version's name.
  • Edel: She appeared in the 5. A.E. (2). She's Arcel's real identity. She's pronounced 'edel' as we known it. But Ithel / Edel is pronounced 'idel'. She'll make an excellent sample. She just arrived to Silverquick in the body of a boy named Arcel. Thanks to the Neuro-Scanner, Silverquick's now able to control the black out phenomenon in station-7. Originally, she hasn't irises, but in the volume, her purple irises are appeared. Here are the fan arts. July 3, 2012, August 1, 2012, 2014 - Source (Spoiler)

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