God (고드, Godeu) is the character of Denma.

Biography Edit

He's Denma's client.


God's Lover (17)

He's first appeared in human shape on God's Lover (13).

And second appeared in black cat shape on God's Lover (15). The cat shape has black skin, And his neck has a small bell.

He's similar to Yahwah. He and Yahwah share names of God, and their character is/was the devil. Also they have a common cute looks, and these aren't the actual body, but the avatar.

Cell tells to Denma that client is him and it's read Goad and according to the Bellarian pronounciation. And Cell tells before he died, his memory and consciousness were copied onto a device through the Artificial neurological cell procedure. Denma says how can Cell prove that the copied one is 100% same as the real one. He's doing is ordering some outdated fuel cell. Cell says Denma doesn't need to go through the border patrol, because he's in a satellite. New Catfish 13, an observer satellite, planet Bella, and Bellarian Space Defense, They discover a satellite. The Colonel commands for a moment to think about it, and he orders it fire away. A soldier farewell to his ghost and use Catfish 13 to blow up the satellite.

Cell says to him that they've increased their power output so his location doesn't get exposed while they approach.

In the shape of a black cat on the monitor inside the another satellite, he gets angry that Denma arrived right before the estimated delivery time. Denma installs fuel cell, and grumbles. He says he'll be a good time for him to share his story. He asked Silverquick to told the publisher that he'll record his story and have they take it to them. He tells he was the head of A.N.G.E.L., a federal network integration program for planet Bella. In the meantime, his story is begins.

Few years ago, a small town called Angel Town formed around the main server of A.N.G.E.L. And he naturally became the leader of the town as he was also the head of the program. He was the law. Absolute control was the first term on the contract he signed with the committee. He was the king of Angel Town. He rantes to the owner of the SPAGHETTI ADAGIO that the food doesn't taste good.

He was ranted to the old man, and he was ridiculed the man who's date a woman, and he sexual harassed another woman, and finally he breaks the other man's car. No one could defy him. As people became more hopeful, he became even more powerful. But those bozos couldn't figure out the real reason behind why the committee would let him hold on to such power. It was because Angel Town was actually only an intermediary, experimental part of the entire A.N.G.E.L. program.

He explains the owner of the planet. If Denma ask the residents who's the owner of planet Bella, they usually answers that's us citizens. And there're people who welcome this idea, the people who're often brought up in conspiracy theories as the true rulers in shadows. The actual owners of Bella, the apex predator of the capatilistic food chain. The best way for a busy house owner to protect his house is to give the house to his slave. Then the slave will protect the house as if it was his own. He'll even put his life to keep it safe. So, in case of a planet-wide threat, this delusional notion can't be more appreciated by the planet's true owners. The early owners of the planets, who figured out that money made money, understood that bond and debt were more efficient than physical shackles. Slaves thought they became free when they broke free from the shackles and started living in houses. But the owners still owned them by financial means. Even the majority of committee leaders, except for a few, don't realize that they're also merely slaves. To them, the owners are just faceless sponsors. They only identify sponsors as some big investor in the underground finance market. It's simple how the owners control these leaders. If money doesn't work, they go plan B. It means the owners kill leaders. The owners had always dreamed of a totalitarian control without a single glitch. And the A.N.G.E.L. program was going to make their dream come true. If the planet network was integrated into one, the owners would have complete control of an individual's life, and every citizen will be under full surveillance even before they're born. Also, when the data simulation map gets completed not only that natural disasters can be accurately predicted, but the owners can actually start controlling the weather, people's mood, and organizational behavior. In other words the owners become god. But while he's eagerly explaining it, Denma doesn't listening to it. Cell says every word is being recorded. He says there's no resist to the project until he met her, because he wouldn't be able to upset the established hierarchy and most civilians were content as long as they didn't stay hungry.

He was known to be weird and weirder when he was nervous. But he couldn't help it. It was the audit day, by the ruling committee. A leader of committee says he's always asking for money when he can't even deliver on time, he's so fired if he doesn't deliver the next time. He's done today, and he says to the woman researchers that they're done for today, and the lunch is on him for anyone who watches a movie with him and dinner and drinks as well. But he's rejected by everyone. He was under the heavy pressure from the committee on the completion of the A.N.G.E.L. project. He goes to BURGER BANG, the hamburger fast food restaurant.

He eats a garlic burger meal alone. When he goes to the hair salon and see the door closed, because it's a shop-closing day, he get angry at the hair salon boss. An A.N.G.E.L. project official and one committee leader talk that Dr. God is the only person who can actually endure such unrealistic timeline, and he's increasing his own workload to keep up, then he came up with an innovative method that actually saves money, so he only would have been able to implement such innovation, while straying not too far from the original concept. A.N.G.E.L. project official says just trust him and tell the master to be patient because they're getting the best bang for the bucks. And A.N.G.E.L. project official says once project is done, it'll be classified as top secret by the planetary technology committee, the sad thing is that once the project is delivered, the doctor will be killed in the name of planet security. In the meantime, God plays a game of killing zombies in the arcade.

He passes by the film ZUNNY poster after watched the film TRANS PERM 3 alone. After that, he sits on a bench in the park, then he goes to the BBQ restaurant and eats meat. After watching the movie again, he buys can of beer Wax and potato snack at a convenience store BY the WAY 24. And he searches for people who mentioned his name in angel town through A.N.G.E.L. Then he falls asleep, when owner of the SPAGHETTI ADAGIO, old man, a man, woman, another man are blaming him.

The Colonel wakes him up and talks about his niece whom he talked about last time, but soon the A.N.G.E.L. officials are also call him. After he felt the cold, he blames heater and kicks it. After that, he says to the researcher that, he can't focus to check researcher's work, so he'll come back in the afternoon. And he goes the hair salon that he went to yesterday. Once again, the door to the hair salon has closed, he blames the hair salon boss, at this time, a woman recognizes him. She had a name tag 'MAY C. B.' on her apron and she says they had a team dinner until late last night, so everyone is coming in a little late. And She says she just started working one week ago and she says her name is May and her uncle told her a lot about him. At this time, the hair salon boss is arrives. May shampoos his hair then gives him a scalp massage. Once a week, the hair salon was the only place of comfort for him in Angel Town. He would often wake up from the cold mask sheet that was put on right before the scalp massage. He still remember that moment clearly, when May was kind enough to warm up the mask, so he wouldn't wake up.

He falls asleep when he looking at the badge with 'MAY C. B.' in May's apron. When he arrives at home, he connects to the A.N.G.E.L., and searches for the last week's conversations about May of hair salon. On the screen, there's a scene where the hair salon boss that where May was introduced by someone, and the scene of the team dinner that former May went to. He smiles as he looks at May, who keeps a bright look, at the team dinner.

After spending a busy day, he sees May by eating cup noodles on his chair. In the screen, May prepares for the certification exam in 3 months by the virtual model. The senior staff says that once May stands in front of a real human to perform 10 different assignments, she'll black out. But May says she really want to take the exam, because regardless of her level of experience, her salary instantly doubles up, there's no other place that would pay her so much. The next day, he goes to the hair salon and receives the head scalp and hair manicure, then he tells May at the front desk, he wants to go to the movie. May accepts his appointment.

Return to the present of timeline, Bellarian Space Defense, it's been 13 hours since they shot the satellite down, but the amount of water emission from the power plants haven't decreased at all. One soldier makes a report to the soldier that the control commands still get jammed, and according to the director of Angel team, they can only confirm Dr. God's existence 24 hours from now when the system maintenance is finished, and the director was certain that the doctor is still alive. The soldier is worried about what to report to Colonel Hawk. The chauffeur talk to himself that how is it so warm when it should be snowing, and he says to Hawk that the ETA is 7 am. Hawk sees a saved message from someone. The message is 'Don't find me until December 24th! You Bald Eagle!' Hawk raise doubts what is this idiot ghost trying to pull off now. He tells Denma that he can't help himself asking for a movie, whenever he see a pretty girl, so he wasn't expecting a yes, he just asked May out compulsively but she has accepted to go to the movie. So he says he was embarrassed.

He's embarrassed with his face blushes and shouts, "Don't be ridiculous!" And suddenly he rushes out, and collides with a passing truck. Then he rises again with blood on his face. He says to the driver who cares, he's fine, and he rushes to somewhere. He catches his breath and remembers what May had to said.

The next day, he goes to the hair salon again this time. May's senior staffs say that he's a jerk in Angel Town that May should never acquaint herself with. After he calls May, he gets angry that May say yes to a movie with a stranger. May says uncle Hawk told her to be nice to him. He's shocks to known that Colonel Hawk, the Bald Eagle is May's uncle.

He calls to Hawk and disputes to him, how he thinks he want his stupid pity. After the call, he thinks how to get along with May. The next day, he says to May that he deals with a movie whenever he model for her 10 times, because he need to prove that he isn't to be pitied by his friend's niece.

20110609 154718

And he becomes a model for May's practice for the certification exam.

He orders the researcher, who's wearing a eyeglass that, to pack his stuff and leave the Angel Town, but he says there's a way. May tells Hawk about what happened before. The researcher comes to May as a guest. Hawk thinks that God think he actually has a shot at May, at this time, a soldier comes and greets. Hawk thinks God won't stand a chance.

The hair salon boss says it's just he being himself. And the senior staff says May is an assistant, and they can't let the customer do whatever he wants like that. But The hair salon boss says let's make him an exception, and they all know how influential he's in this town, and they aren't doing it for free neither, so just consider it as a part of business, plus May now has a model that she can practice on at her leisure, and they're also getting paid for it as well, and they should take this opportunity and turn their shop into town's favorite, so looks like she'll start playing a bigger role. The researchers hair shape has changed.

He overlooked one thing from the deal. He sees a book called How To Win Women's Heart, and thinks this is more complicated than the Angel project. Watching a movie together wasn't an easy task. For example, if he sat on an aisle seat, May would have trouble going to the restroom. If May sat on the aisle seat, she might get distracted from the movie. Once he started simulating, the outcomes were infinite, and chaotic. He thinks he should probably walk on the outer side in case of vehicle hazard. But an objects are able to falls from a building on the inner side. If he sit facing the door, May has only him to focus on, and he isn't much of a talker. But if he sit facing the wall, May won't be able to focus on their conversation because of all the distractions. That's no good either. He pulled himself together telling himself that there's always first time. He had to spend all night calculating the risks and the optimal path before the date night. Finally the day came. But taxi wasn't a part of the simulation. When he let May in first, then she needs to crawl her way in. Also, May will be stuck in taxi until he pay for the fare. It isn't good. But if May sits on the right, there's a risk of bodily collision and also the risk of her needing to wait until he get off. Eventually he gets in the passenger seat.

He doesn't even remember how his first date went. It was very complicated, and he got tired. Then, suddenly it was already night time. The few things that he remember were the smile on May's face, the steak that they had for dinner, and the remnants of her scent in the backseat. He was so tired that everything went blank. Except his feelings for May. Finally he goes to May to hold a bouquet and makes a confession. May accepts his words very easily.

But it was his imagination. He goes to May to hold a bouquet to make a real confession, but she's already a girlfriend of a soldier who greeted Hawk. May's boyfriend is the Lieutenant Jewoo of the Space Defense Command. He eats the flowers and goes to somewhere. Jewoo says he's just as weird as the rumors say. Seriously, that was the worst timing. He lie down in the streets, and look jealous at the relationship between the two. He thinks he'll harass Jewoo.

He sees Jewoo's profile, who's young, tall, and handsome, used to be in the special forces, now in a doctoral program. He was so eager to steal May from Jewoo. So he came up with the idea to deploy May's boyfriend to the deskworks of United Universe Keeper Army so that he'd be serving on another planet. All he had to do was register Jewoo's name on a list on the military network. He mean, it was easy enough for him because he was the head of Angel program. Plus the army of planet Bella was busy enough not to care about personnel transfers. Hawk can't do anything because the brigadier general of the Space Defense Command is above his rank. Hawk said to Jewoo that he'll put him on the list of returners in 5 months. He comforts May and asks her to trim his hair down a little. In his lodging, he blocks all of their communication.

20110624 202146

He thinks he'll shave.

After shaving, he sends the eyesore to model for May. He says to the hair salon boss that, if miss May passes the designer certificate exam his hair salon will be the most popular destination of Angel Town. The senior staffs are uncomfortable with this appearance. It was empowering to be able to take control. He observed May's taste, lifestyle, habits, and even her thinking process. The relationship opened up as soon as he took the fatherly figure approach. He was no longer nervous. He was relaxed. And the conversations weren't awkward anymore. Things got a whole lot simpler. And on his second date, he was finally confident that he could do it. But May sighs because she can't reach Jewoo.

May calls Hawk. Hawk says Jewoo's personal line still not working because it seems like there's a network problem at the mission site. And Hawk says the bulletin board of the Space Defense Command says every troop is safe. Then Hawk asks God still bothering May. May answers God is actually helping her get settled. Hawk says God is the kind of guy who would do anything to get what he wants. When he heard this, he angry and says how's a douche like Hawk May's uncle. May misses Jewoo while watching the cat in the key chain. The cat is just like God's appearance in current time. And 3 months had gone by. The hair salon boss, they said he was pretty famous in the industry. And he think it was true. There was no one who ever got a designer certificate only 3 months after graduating designer school. The hair salon boss really made it happen, but more importantly, it was May who made it for herself despite all the hardships. He saw May's smile after a long time. Of course, that marked the end of their deal.

He asks the 2 researchers whose have a girlfriend how do they get to do kiss, and they advise him that to drink and kiss is the way of all of them nerdy researchers. He has a sense of dislike, but he decides to run it. He goes to the bar for a kiss with May. After that, both are drunk and go to the park. But May cries and misses Jewoo. After taking May back to her place, he couldn't stop thinking about her tears. He again connects to the network and curiouses how he do get Jewoo away from May.

Jewoo, who was dispatched to planet Thesis, hang up his phone with May, because he didn't love her. God says, it's good for him but it's strange. Little did he know what was going on around May then.

May suddenly became an outcast. May was the first one who didn't go through the 2-3 experience prior to being a professional designer. And the boss' clear favoritism and unfair management really pushed May out. But the more he got involved in May's life, she was gradually becoming isolated. Of course, the more isolated May was, the more she relied on him. But May never told him about what was happening behind. Behind May's smile, he could see the dark shadow. And what shouldn't have happened happened.

It's been 5 months since he deployed Jewoo to the peacekeeping forces, May's boyfriend, who May thought would come back soon, died.

He thinks he didn't know things would end up like this and he just wanted to make May his, that's why he dispatched Jewoo to an office department, not a combat forces and he died. The director reports the committee told them they decided not to let him be in charge of the project. After staying up all night thinking about it he realized what he had been doing to May. May was the only one who was kind to him who was an outsider. And look what he did to May he'll just kill himself, it wasn't that much, but he became disillusioned at himself. And then he became doubtful of the Angel project. Honestly he didn't care about other people. He have a great self control and ended up like this, and he meant that. When he had the power to control every situation, it was really difficult for him not to get involved in those who were doing evil things. In fact, the actions that he did to them in the past were his own punishment for the bad people. The old man is a pedophile, the man is a womanizer, the woman is a con artist who exploits the confidence of men with sex appeal, and the 2 men is a gambling addicts, and one man who was catched the neck is owner of the SPAGHETTI ADAGIO. He thinks, so if the owners of planet Bella, who don't share the values with others, get to have and use this power, and if May becomes one of their victims. The director who was watching him secretly, he says the fell in love with a girl is so pathetic and he slowdown and now absent from work, so he's disappointed, so he can't take this anymore and he says he's done.

After a few days, May is back to her life. He thinks he can't just tell May that he feel sorry. May asks buy her a drink instead of to go watch a movie or dinner. At the bar, May shows him the cat key chain that Jewoo bought her as a gift, and if try pressing it, it makes cute cat sounds "I love you, May! May Cherry Blossom!" And May says her full name is May Cherry Blossom and her mom named her like that because the cherry blossom was in full bloom when she was born, she didn't even think thoroughly, but because of her name, one of things that she has dreamed of since she was a kid is to has an outdoor wedding where there's cherry blossom everywhere, and a lot of people celebrating and blessing her marriage, but Jewoo went far away.

The director reports to elder's butler that God has the girl problem and the successor was decided this morning, and God's part where he uses his creativity is done. The elder's butler says he'll send the surgical team by tomorrow. Then the director asks why does the elder want to keep God using Artificial neurological cell procedure. The elder's butler says his curiosity is beyond his authority, but he says that he'll answer that it's elder's hobby. After the call, the elder's butler orders the maid Mari that she bring him one of the new sockets for the Artificial neurological cells. When Mari brings the socket, he asks her what's God's number. Mari answers he's the 42nd. The elder's butler says everyone thinks the purpose of the Artificial neurological cell procedure is to preserve someone's consciousness, and at first even the elder thought that too.

At the park, May says she doesn't cause any trouble either but her senior staffs are hate her. And May asks how were him at her age. He answers just he stayed lab and library because if he wasn't the top of his class he had to pay for the tuition. At this time, May sleeps. He says that day instead of taking May back to her place, he took her his place. He regrets why he did do that at this time.

He felt complicated. He felt sorry and wanted to protect May. And he found the notice of dismissal in his mailbox that he didn't see during the day. The reason was that he was absent without notice and his team was over. As he logged on to the server to delete everything related to his dismissal, he noticed someone in May's room. A staff of hair salon and another staff of hair salon are says that May went out for a drink with him today, but she isn't coming back tonight, and she was going out after her boyfriend died. At this time, they says it's not May's fault and it's the boss' fault, because he keeps on favoring May. Their conversation went on for a while. And he was a little too drink, so he sleeps. The next morning, when he woke up from the sound of glass shattering, everything was over. May realized through the Angel server that it was him who sent Jewoo.

He says May probably woke up early and had breakfast ready for him. When May accidently saw the files and images in her room, she found out what he did. May is angry with him and tells he's a murderer, then runs out of his place. The director calls to a person that he's alone now, so have the surgical team ready. He's all of the sudden the whole thing felt so familiar. As he looked back at his previous relationships, he noticed that they all ended like this. He's curious that since when he was so messed up like this. His life was full of competition. Which would smack him down of the ground if he lost. So to reach his goals, he always had to come up with the fastest way. And after a while there was nobody around him. But he didn't care. Because he thought he could win someone's heart as the way he had been doing with his work. But it wasn't the same. It didn't work the way he thought it would. He doesn't know. He's curious that what he does has to do. And he feels cold, something is spews out of the vent. That was the last time he was on his body.

He says he saw a Neuro-Scanning device in the back of Denma's head in a back of helmet and it was used during his Artificial neurological cell procedure. Cell looks at this conversation and notices something. He starts talking again. When he woke up he was in a tub filled with liquid nano mixture. He looked at himself from the reflection. It was monstrous. The 2 bald head researchers made up some excuses about his situation. They says they told them that he died from ventillation problem, and the committee decided to do this special procedure for him because they care deeply for him. It was a scanning test to replicate his consciousness. He asks to Denma that he did wake up in a tub as well. Denma replies that it's not. He says the Neuro-Scanning socket can be used for different purposes. He says in his case, it was used for Artificial neurological cell procedure. As he recollected his memories, the body transformed. When he recollect a memory of smell, the olfactory organ is then formed. So in turn he become more like his old self. Of course, he couldn't take it in. The elder's butler says them that's more like the sample that has a sense of identify and a strong durability of stress so he orders they pull out the socket.

'How does him define himself calling himself, himself?', 'How does him define Dr. God who's made of entirely different substances?', 'Who's him to consider himself Dr. God after having his consciousness replicated?', 'Is he really him?' Or 'Is he someone else who has the memory of God?' If the 2 bald head researchers are right, he and Denma are just complicated biotechnical machines. A lot of questions came to mind while he was in the tub. And there was one thing that was clear which is the name 'God' and the memories related to the name. God's barren memories of always pushing himself to move forward for life are questioning artificial memory of extremely high capacity about the meaning of existence. The socket was pulled out and tested on a variety of test robots with different forms that are called 'dummies'. And that was also a very bizarre experience. When it was a human-type robot, it felt less awkward. But when he was trapped in other dummies such as dog or cat, bird etc. robot, he didn't know what to does. As he got used to those dummies, he could recognize more body forms inside the liquid nano mixture. That influenced his consciousness and thinking spectrum as well. 'Why on earth?' 'What gives them the right to perform these idiotic experiments on him?' He had a sense of defiance in mind but couldn't really does anything against them. Now that he think of it he think that was because of the drug that they called 'nutritional supplement.' The drug gave him extreme pleasure and got rid of the sense of incompatibility with those dummies. And as his consciousness got used to every form of dummies, they started an entirely different kind of dummy experiments. On living things instead of biotechnical machines, just like the ones like Denma.

He thinks it's different and nothing like biotechnical dummies, and it feels like he's jammed in this body, and it's a prohibited technology on planet Bella, then he's curious that it's the committee trying to monopolize this technology to make more money, and he's a guinea pig for them. Then he meets a woman named Jenny and a dog named Paul. Paul says he's guessing Jenny's socket is of a pervert who's probably about 50 years old. Jenny says Paul said her to call him Mac. Paul says they've been implanted into too many dummies, and the pressure of biodummy is powerful. And Paul says after having been implanted into different biodummies, the people memories are so mixed up that they forget who them once were at first it becomes unclear, so they change their names all the time. Paul says if him stay here long enough, he'll lose his mind and the number of biodummies that he'll be implanted is decided by elder's butler and the researchers up there. He later found out that there's another phase of this experiment after the biodummy course, called Mating. Dummies are implanting a consciousness into a body whereas Mating is combining a consciousness with one another. Even on the planets that permit Artificial neurological cell procedure strictly prohibit Mating with absolute regulation. And that was because the result of a successful Mating is beyond expectation. It's a classfied top secret of the U.C.S.

He want to talk about the unexpected result of Mating, but he's puzzled that he can't remember. Cell thinks like a part of his memory is sliced off, it's a Memory cutting that can't be recovered, and that was also applied to Denma, she thinks she need to report this to Yahwah. He tells anyways it was shocking to know that he would lose his own identity as he was implanted to more dummies. The fear that his life would end after being treated like an imcompetent guinea pig, he made up excuses to avoid the nutritional supplement that they tried to inject on him. He found a lot of information. He found out that the A.N.G.E.L. project was completed. He thought whoever built this sloppy firewall. No one would have noticed what he was doing through the overlapping screens. This inside is much simpler than he thought. He was fully aware of the blind spots of the security system. He can get out of here if he can get the right timing. The problem was that it's limited to have the security agents leave their spots even with a fire accident. He has to put down a few himself.

2 weeks later, he was implanted into the second biodummy, it's the body of a fighter who once had a promising career. The researcher says he's adapting pretty quickly without the nutritional supplement, and he orders put the gloves and the head gear on. The researcher made to fights him with a boxing robot. The subconscious reaction of his new body. Realizing how much influence a body can have from the experience inside a robust biodummy, muscle memory was beyond his expectation. And as he understood the change of his power he made a bold decision. The researcher says the rate of synchronization is high, so just 6 more dummies can implant. At this time, he tries to escape after dropping the researcher.

He thinks he's so lucky to have this dummy. He orders to A.N.G.E.L. that disconnect all internal networks, and power down. Now he just need to find the right way. And there was an unexpected room that blocked his way. This room is independent from other areas, so the power won't go down here. The 2 bald head researchers says Mating samples are ready, so they'll watch what happens. They says they can handle the classified top secrets of the U.C.S. at will, and the purpose of dummy experimment is to increase the flexibility of consciousness and decrease the self consciousness and identity. They're using that to minimize the collision during the fusion process of 2 different consciousnesses. When the sockets of 2 consciousness are directly connected without dummy adaptation process, almost all of them synchronize and collapse. They sees 2 consciousnesses and says it's to get this result which comes out once every 100 Mating experiments. As a curiosity, one of the first developers of Neuro-Scanning wanted to see the result of Mating. "What if 2 very different consciousnesses are connected from one socket to another?" And with the 1/100 chance, they got the result on their first try. They put the glasses and take a look at the tubs. On the left is black, on the right is white. That's a Quanx seen throught Georg filter and the other one's the corresponding Transcription of the Quanx. It isn't naturally born, and it's artificially created through Mating.

He's found and caught by security agents. So he suddenly he failed to escape. The researcher says to another researcher that since his socket is connected so he can show him a technique called Memory cutting, that is irrecoverable even the mnemonics won't recover the memories, so he only cut out the about Mating part of his memory. And he was implanted into different dummies from the next day. Starting with a female body, the experiment didn't stop. He was only implanted into weak bodies because they're afraid that he might try to escape again. He was not only implanted into human bodies but also land animals and marine animals. He was a dog, a cat, a shark, a dolphin and a eagle. Like that time with the biotechnical dummies, he was implanted into every single dummies. And after that phase, he was implanted into humans for half a day and animals for the other half. They said that it was unprecedented. He was implanted in a kid dummy.

Woman and dog are now named Izumi and Sam. A man dummy who met with them is a tough guy. They go to his dummy. Sam says pull it together, and he know his consciousness is fading out, but he has to stay focused. Izumi says try to think of someone who he remember the most. He remembers May, but soon forgets. Izumi says try to think of something bad that has happened. He asks where's he.

Yahwah reports the president of Pax Industries that God is talking about Mating. Yahwah says he's assuming that the leakage of the Neuro-Scanning technology led to the abuse, and this was years ago, so he thought it's time for him to step up, and they should pressure the U.C.S. to disband the Quanx forces at the planet Carlburn, because they putting an exception as such allowed these nobodies to hide and do these experiments. After the call was over, Yahwah contacted Cell and tells her that, this is the good work so he'll forgive her next time when she makes a fatal mistake. And after the call was over, Yahwah thinks this will definitely help with the modified plan, and the Night of Adams was nothing but a peanut compared to his new plan. God says to Denma that he was very close to consciousness breakdown.

The researchers say to him that he's still reacting to the external stimulus, and his consciousness is fine and it's just got really soft right now, so the Mating next week shouldn't be a problem, so they get him another nutritional supplement. He stopped questioning where he was. And just like that he was nothing but everything in shape. He turns into a sensory homunculus. The researchers says it's because of the nutritional supplement, by activating the entire cerebral cortex at the same level, each portion of the brain that are responsible for different body parts are momentarily reflected into shape. The researcher asks to another researcher that where they does keep getting dummy supplies. The researcher answers they're donors, brain-dead patients, death-row convicts like terrorists, felons, murderers, there're plenty. At this time he hears 'murderer', and he remembers May. Ironically what dragged him out of the deepest abyss was the memory that he didn't want to recall.

He thinks there're some changes to the security areas, but it's possible, and the problem is he can't fight against the guards in this dummy, so he need to find out another way. At this point, the tough guy appears and he says he's been feeling bad lately so he decided to beat someone up. So he went through that which was crazy. He just got himself beat up without a reason. And he recalled the image of a dummy. He could recall it because his consciousness was fully recovered. And his memories of the dummies that he's been through became clear. The more he was hit, the more he missed the martial artist dummy. But then as the image of that dummy got clearer in mind. He felt a change on his body. It felt as if that dummy came inside his body. He knock down the tough guy. The memory of the dummy behind his consciousness as the body recalled the body's image. The consciousness reflected the memory back to his body. Of course, his body doesn't transform like the martial artist. But his reflection, pulse, blood flow, and the muscle tension, his body imitates the image of the body in his memory. He defeats security agents and attempts to escape again.

He recalled the flying cat dummy. Unlike other cats a flying cat can land safely from a 49 ft. The confidence that he got as he started to understand his body and the fear that he would never be able to leave the place once caught pushed him from the wall. He recalled the dolphin dummy so he swim the water. He takes a car, which is with a license plate labeled AW3579, then headed to the Kenbell's keepsake storage. Normally, each socket has a tracing device inside. So he had to remove it to not get caught. And to do that, he needed another socket to connect to the socket. He had plenty of things to work it out at his place. And as the death procedure, all of his belongings were kept inside the keepsake storage. The elder's butler finds that he has escaped. The researcher says they need to request the A.N.G.E.L. Town, the military, and the police for cooperation. The elder's butler says the U.C.S. will find us because they're under their radar, so he'll have to ask the Quanx who's always taken care of these things to perfection.

The keepsake storage is a place where the belongings of the deceased are kept temporarily until the relatives take it. But, there he found something that reminded him that they really do keep every one of his belongings. May's bag that she left when she ran out and there was a cat key chain inside. The elder's butler says to fat killer that he take care of him as soon as possible, but don't leave anything behind. After removing the location tracing device, he made an identity of the dummy on the network. And for safety, he got on another vehicle. He felt relieved and extremely exhausted at the same time so he had to stop at an outskirt junkyard to get some rest. The fat killer uses the Quanx ability to move the both hands away, and he uses red ball-shaped nose for smell to the patient exposed to medication. The elder's butler says he's exposed to the same medication as the patient. The fat killer hangs the nose to a bird called Jjack and a dog called Zzong. After that, The fat killer takes a gun to blow up the target's head.

The sun was already on the rise. He woke up from a severe pain. Every muscle, bones, and joints, hurt like he was beat to death. And he had fever. That was a reaction from the dummy itself. The dummy's body went over its limit because he tried to imitate other dummies. It was possible that some of the muscles and the joints or bones could have been ruptured or broken. The pain was insufferable so he couldn't even more. At this point, Jjack arrives at the his position and fat killer get to knows about this. He tried to move his swollen fingers first. He looks at the cat key chain and plans to get a plastic surgery for this dummy's face with new identify, and it shouldn't be a problem accessing the underground clinic. And for a second he thought what it would be a good face to transform into Jewoo. He thinks he must move because he should take a painkiller or something. At this time, fat killer shoots at him.

He still can't believe how he dodged it. Maybe the reflex may be that of the body. After that, he grabbed fat killer's partial transported hand and ran away after the break his arm. But he's cornered high place. The fat killer pierces him with a knife holding the other hand, and pushes. He thinks this is too high for him to land. He recalled the eagle. He survived it but there was a problem on the landing. He couldn't feel anything below waist.

The fat killer calls for Zzong, and at that moment he fires a flame that he shoots using nearby objects. However, Zzong is actually a robot, so she only her hair gets burnt. The fat killer says Zzong likes to eat just like him but the difference is she chews up and eats everything, even the bones, so normally, she eats up dead bodies but in his case, she'll eat him into a dead body. He uses a crane to drop the scrapped car, attacking the fat killer's remaining arm, and Zzong, and Jjack, who was riding on her. He finds bleeding and thinks he'll die from hemorrhagic shock, so he tries to call 911. He thought about what would happen after getting rescued from 911. But he didn't think it would work out well for him. He remembers May, and then he felt drained. So he tried to recall all things that he remembered in life. And started to recite them, hoping to feel relieved. And the memory reached the present quickly. He recalls the single room, alone, the library, the science high school. the science and technology institute, doctorate, the science and technology department, the network, the A.N.G.E.L. Town, May, dummies. As he was reciting those words something came to mind. So he calls A.N.G.E.L. and orders open up the server. A new kind of dummy, a network dummy. He started to transfer all the data from the socket. The cat key chain was the last memory from an organic creature.

Using the network as a dummy means, in a way, a Mating on another dimension, because his consciousness is being integrated with people whose consciousness are connected to the network. He thinks it's the result of the Mating that he doesn't remember. He was 'scattered all over the network' should be the proper way to describe what happened. Only very small traces of his personality was left and he was turned into a completely different being. But again, the trauma brought him back again. The words that are related to murder are used on the network was used every second, every single day by the residents on the planet Bella. That's why his consciousness didn't fade away on the network. Those keywords allowed him to goes back to himself every moment. In other words, a different form of life that has a continuity is living. He had a sense of omnipresence and omniabsence at the same time. Now that he thinks of it, since the beginning of history, fatal diseases, uncontrollable natural disasters, or unavoidable fate. They've been worshiping those unpredictable causes of murders as gods. And so in a sense he was qualified to be on of them. He was a god. He was given absolute freedom. The freedom without stress. But there was one thing that he couldn't stand. Because of that, he, who reigned the network as god, started to be self-aware of god's personality, and went crazy trying to get a hold of it. That unbearable holiness was absolute solitariness. He could proudly say that he's one of the best to bear it. But it wasn't something that a mere human being like him could handle. It was more than the solitariness of the entire 4 billion residents of the planet Bella combined. The god that he experienced was more lonely than humans.

He wanted to finish those who killed and experimented on him off, at first. That dummy lab that was disconnected from the network was no longer there when he went to see it inside an avatar robot. There he somehow found a message from the man who was in charge. Based on the investigation, he transferred all of his data from his sockets to the network. The experts say that there is nothing to worry about because a consciousness will be scattered once it's transferred to the network but they can never trust those "experts". So they're closing down this facility. Until they receive a new set of orders from the top. But they he realized that there was a reason not to mess with them. Which is the answer to the question. "What am I going to do on this network from now on?" As a god with a personality he should try to bring back the smile that he took away from May. If he collide with them, they'll trace his signals and find May. Then May will be in danger. So it was the best to disguise as a virus or a technical glitch to avoid getting noticed. He was furious but he had to does it to keep May safe. But nevertheless he wanted to see the man with his own eyes and tell him about his intentions. The man who's behind all this, the man who's above all laws and orders of planet Bella. That arrogant man who thinks of himself as the living god of planet Bella. The owner of planet Bella. In the end he found him.

He first met the owner of planet Bella at a library. The owner of planet Bella normally works as a librarian in the library. He didn't want the owner of planet Bella to realize that it was him. So his avatar librarian robot started slapping the owner of planet Bella. He got more angry the more he thought about it. He says to the owner of planet Bella that he's someone stronger than him.


And he met May a year and a half later.

He faced May as an abandoned digital pet. At that moment he noticed May's tattered shoes. The record of May's life for the past year and a half on the network, showed that she left the A.N.G.E.L. Town because she was so shocked for what he did and went to other cities and never stopped working. He guess May was afraid that she would be overwhelmed by her emotions if she had time to think about it. And most importantly, May was financially poor. It was because of the interest of the loan that May spent on housing, as she was having a hard time inside, she lost focus on her jobs. And started to get exhausted without anyone comforting May. May was so worn out that she didn't even recognize her mascot that she left behind. The fastest way to solve the problem. He takes May to the lottery ticket sales machine. When May won the lottery, she can build a few buildings with the much money.

He's a god, so that's the least he can do to a girl he love. But he was worried about one thing. He was worried that May's life might be shaken by such unexpectedness. He got more worried as May kept on rechecking her lottery ticket. May's uncle, and his only friend, he told that bald eagle what had happened. Of course, without telling Hawk about the network dummy and other crucial information. When Hawk gets angry at him, he shows his penis in front of his face. He says he need Hawk to guide May so that she stays on the right track. Hawk angry and says if he were alive in front of him he would shoot him dead right now.

Hawk suggested May to go on a year-long trip around the world on a cruise. It was meant for May to rethink about her life. And have a broader perspective. May started to change after participating in different programs about life, culture, and geography from different countries. The people that May went on a cruise with were mostly socially successful, retired millionaires, or travelers from other planets and it didn't take long for them to pay attention to a young and kind lady like her. As they got to know each other, they all wanted to become May's mentor. At this time, an old woman talks to May. He doesn't like the old woman.

The old woman asks May to help her. Before May fell asleep, she called him a black cat and says she have a different dream now, after meeting new people here. Then he realized that the hair designer that May decided to be was a realistic dream she bore from the environment she was in. Now that May was in another environment, she started dreaming something else. He naked and he thinks, he want to touch and feel May. He touches May, and at this moment, she wakes up. He says that old woman pisses him off.

At first, May wanted to reject the old woman's request because of her rudeness. But after having a few talks the 2 became like a grandma and a granddaughter. The old woman set up an interview of Saint Tetra university for May on October 15th. He had no idea what that old lady was up to. The cruise tour was over. And May was back to her life. May immediately started to do research on colleges. May had a new vision and focused on it after the trip around the world. He says he never saw that coming that silly hag, out of nowhere.

A month later, the old woman calls May and she says the interview is only a month away now, so pack her stuff and get over her house. At first, May just wanted to go there and say hi. He would stopped May if he had known what that hag was up to. The old woman introduces May to Soobin, the last son of the Hyponne family. The old woman was the nanny of the Hyponne family, a noble family of the planet Terra. The nanny was on the planet Bella to take care of Soobin who was studying here. And took a sabbatical year to take a trip around the world. That's just the way things are. Guys are about money and background. When they have them, everything works out for them. And a tall and handsome guy like Soobin is a god. Soobin can get all the girls he wants on the planet Bella. It makes him angry just saying it. He died a few times and could never get anythings worked out as the granny planned. Stayed there for a month, passed the interview, and registered for a 2-year course that prepares May for classes. And May and Soobin are kiss each other. He's depressed.

He sits in a hologram shape, sitting on a park bench and thinks. The couple is surprise to see him seeing the figure con in this place. A woman sees his penis and says it's nice and very detailed. A man hears it and irritated. He says the owner of planet Bella is the only one he got. He uses a maid robot to beat the owner of planet Bella again. The nanny of Hyponne family wasn't a regular nanny. The nanny of Hyponne family was basically to planet Bella as a representative for the Hyponne family. And even made Hyponne family's business decisions. That's not something Denma sees very often. And setting up a college was one of Hyponne family businesses. Soobin asks May that he can get a coffee before he goes. He angry and uses a librarian robot to beat the owner of planet Bella and says that wasn't the only thing damn extra-planet wolf wanted.

He appears in a hologram shape to the couple, when they sit on a park bench and see night view. He angry and says the crook went inside to get a coffee and suddenly does this and that. He felt so sad that and caused a blackout. He made a huge mistake. He wasn't thinking clearly. And didn't know what would happen to him. He was an idiot. The owner of planet Bella says to his butler that that wasn't a malfunctioning of robots and the guy knew exactly who he was and he beat him up every time by manipulating the network from outside. So the owner of planet Bella orders his butler to use the entire A.N.G.E.L. system to find out the guy who's related to the extra-planet wolf that drank coffee. The owner of planet Bella's butler says the A.N.G.E.L. project team did an investigation on the blackout last night and found out that it wasn't an error, so they should have a lead on the guy soon. The director hears the couple's words and finds out that he's God. The owner of planet Bella's butler notices that he's using the network as his dummy.

The director says to A.N.G.E.L. team that they need a vaccine for a virus because the ghost of doctor God against them. The director says the vaccine that will delete virus God is Lucifer. The director is naming Lucifer, the name of the vaccine that will delete virus God. In the car, Soobin says to May that he has something to tell her but he didn't want to tell her at home, so he demands they may go for a drive outside the city. In the Live Galand, Soobin sings and proposes to May. He's shocked.

Soobin gives May a ring and hugs each other. He's outside in figure con form. The director, after seeing his appearance disguised as digipet, sets the image of Lucifer. May try to give him a fish con. But when he disappeared, she tells Soobin that black cat is been acting strange lately. When he's outside, he meets the finished vaccine Lucifer.

He's chased by Lucifers. Lucifer says in a few hours, the test of the Lucifers will be over and they'll be spread out onto all kinds of servers on planet Bella, and it means there'll be no place for him on planet Bella. He ran away from Lucifers and thinks the vaccine of such high level is must be the A.N.G.E.L. team, and it's all because of the blackout and they tracked him down from this. At this time, he recalls the satellite, the off-the-ground server that was created before the A.N.G.E.L. project.

He says that's how the A.N.G.E.L. team's vaccines work. When there's a collision they can find out everything about what he has done in the network. He was fine about that, but he was worried that they might target someone else. Then the gift that he gave to May will become useless. And most importantly, if they start questioning May and she finds out about his presence in the process. He was afraid of how May would react. Denma is evaluates he's so pathetic and no one would show any sympathy. He says after a while, he ended up thinking about removing his personality that he was holding onto. But before that he wanted to finish his job. He really didn't like the things the nobles were doing.

He feels cold because of loneliness. He thinks his job is done now, but he feel like he's about to explode soon. At this time, he thinks he felt fear facing the loneliness because there's a bit of personality left inside him. So he thinks he'll tries to erase the personality. He thinks it's nirvana and if that happens he won't feel lonely anymore. He decides loving and being loved won't happen to him so there's no need to hesitate, but May let him just go and see her face for the last time.

He sends a mail to the researcher. He says he need a transparent cloak that helps him to avoid colliding with the vaccine and fly through the network, and if the researcher gives this he'll make sure that this doesn't does him any harm. And he proposes if the researcher doesn't believe him, sends him a one-minute transparent cloak and he'll show him what he can does. When the researcher won the lottery, he says when he send him the cloak he'll make him win it again. Wearing a transparent cloak, he connects to the A.N.G.E.L. server and searches for May. He sees May on the screens. At this time, he hears the fifth son explains to the butler that he plans to harass May.

He thinks the Saint Tetra college should have the information of Hyponne family, so he connects to the A.N.G.E.L. server. Soobin holds flowers and cake and alone in front of May's room. When he sees Soobin and thinks that he was a very humble man and he only thought that the Hyponne family were one of those rich families, but a noble family like this is no average rich family so winning a lottery is nothing for them.

20111021 204225

He changes the shape of the cloak and thinks he'll become May's puss in boots for their successful marriage.

The cloak effect is the Lucifers are still don't know he's here. He calls May. May hangs up the phone with the nanny. He says he was being upgraded. May says he's talking to her now.

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Yo! Villains Edit

God (Spoiler)

God's death (Spoiler)

In Yo! Villains, God is playable character.

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit


God's default skin (Lv 1, 4 stars ~ Lv 30, 6 stars)

Screenshot 2017-10-04-21-50-09

God's growth skin (Lv 1, 7 stars ~ Lv 45, 7 stars)

Light attribute

Vitality 30352
Damage 481
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 45, 7 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Taking over 7 Taking over Passive A random kind of minion is created at the character's death location.
Dummy explosion 4 Dummy explosion 6' It inflicts damage to nearby enemies and floats them in the air.
God's advent 4 God's advent 13' The character is advents to the enemy with the lowest remaining vitality, causing damage to nearby enemies and stunning them. In addition, it reduces the amount of damage the character receive.
Hidden Characteristic - (Hidden Characteristic) Force shield Passive Energy is charged every cooldown and if there's enemy within range it automatically damages.
  • Character Description

The god on the planet Bella. When he was alive, he was the head of the A.N.G.E.L. project.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, God is playable character.

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Denma the Quanx 5

  • In Volume 5, God put its face on the cover.

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