God's Lover (God's lover) is the fifteenth episode of Denma.

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The title comes from the phrase of Minzy's Twitter profile God's Lover. This phrase isn't uses in 2017. In the fan meeting, on September 17, 2017, Time to meet god Yang, brother Yang, Mr. Yang was opened, the author said that, he was delighted to receive a his Twitter follow from Minzy, and at that time he had to prepare for the next episode after Pigear, so he named the next episode to God's Lover among the phrase in her profile.

In Volume 4, it's revealed that this is a unfolding drama about a self-righteous tyrant Dr. God (Goad), who's raving about love, and a ruthless conspiracy on the scale of an escaped planet.

God's lover 2

In Volume 5, it's contains a process in which a dead God (Goad) loses his physical body and lives in the network. Dr. God, who has become a god-like entity with all networks under his control. The lonely solitude still remains, but the infinite love is once again endlessly naive but a bit bitterly endless.

There's the frame story.

It has Bella, Thesis, Terra as its background.

Usually Silverquick story (Arcel) is come out in A.E. But this time it came out in the formal episode. And the delivery story starts at (13).

우주고양이 Space Cat

우주고양이 Space Cat

Peri Kim, who's former vocalist & guitarist of MAAN, and current singer songwriter & guitarist, he released the digital single album Space Cat on July 23, 2017, inspired by this episode. link (Korean) He released the room version (Korean) on August 30.

143. 집에 가야만 해 (덴마 God's love

143. 집에 가야만 해 (덴마 God's love .episode)

The song Soobin sang was later written the music by someone else. On September 30, 2015, a song written by a singer-songwriter, Kim Baram, influenced the author's lyrics and was uploaded to YouTube. And on November 13, 2017, this song was posted on Naver Music. At the fan meeting, on September 17, 2017, Time to meet god Yang, brother Yang, Mr. Yang, he says when he wrote the song lyrics, he thought that it was only a cartoon even though the author thought this is funny, but when he received the song made by the lyrics, he said he was embarrassed.

In (102), "God: I will... / Soobin: May, I... / God: Protect you! / Soobin: Love you." But original version writes that "God: I will... / Soobin: May you... / God: Protect! / Soobin: Love you." The author would have intended God's line and Soobin's line to be together. But this is translated like this because it doesn't fit the inversion of English.

According to the interview (Korean), the author said that he first thinks about the last scene where God flies over the city, and he serialized the God's Lover.

Here're the fan arts. link, January 26, 2015

Characters Edit

  1. Arcel
  2. Eunguy (Randolph)
  3. Yahwah
  4. Jet (Hank)
  5. Red hair
  6. Gaal
  7. Ballack
  8. Adams
  9. Humpty
  10. Dumpty
  11. Cell
  12. Dark brown mask
  13. Sky blue skin
  14. Director of Silverquick station's 7
  15. Director of Silverquick station's 7's colleague
  16. Denma
  17. Bahel
  18. Camael (Mama)
  19. Sergeant Maggie
  20. Female soldier
  21. Nasty Jade
  22. Edel
  23. Hador
  24. Deputy director of Internal Affairs (debut)
  25. Another inspector
  26. Deputy director of Internal Affairs' secretary (debut)
  27. One inspector
  28. Crying Daddy
  29. Korah
  30. Bon
  31. Yael
  32. Quai
  33. Ringed baldhead
  34. Hoon
  35. Military officer (debut)
  36. Master Sergeant Ford (debut)
  37. God (Goad) (debut)
  38. Colonel Hawk
  39. Owner of the Spaghetti Adagio
  40. Old man
  41. Man
  42. Woman
  43. Other man
  44. A board member of committee
  45. Another board member of committee
  46. Director of A.N.G.E.L.
  47. Actor of TRANS PERM 3
  48. Researcher
  49. May Cherry Blossom
  50. Hair salon boss
  51. A staff of hair salon
  52. Another staff of hair salon
  53. The other staff of hair salon
  54. Lieutenant Jewoo
  55. Earl of Limbour
  56. Owner of planet Bella's butler
  57. Mari
  58. 2 researchers in the Dummy laboratory
  59. Jenny (Izumi)
  60. Paul (Sam)
  61. Tough guy
  62. Director of Pax Industries (debut)
  63. Fat killer
  64. Owner of planet Bella (debut)
  65. Nanny of Hyponne family
  66. Soobin
  67. Butler of Hyponne family
  68. Eldest son of Hyponne family
  69. Second son of Hyponne family
  70. Third son of Hyponne family
  71. Fourth son of Hyponne family
  72. Fifth son of Hyponne family
  73. Mrs. Hyponne
  74. Agent of duke of Gosan (debut)
  75. Eldest son's wife
  76. Second son's wife
  77. Third son's wife
  78. Mr. Gon
  79. Mr. Hitas
  80. Maid of Hyponne family
  81. Duke Gosan (debut)
  82. Doctor Kitten (mention)
  83. Mayhen (mention)
  84. Butler of Duke of Gosan
  85. Daniel (debut)
  86. El (mention)
  87. Assassins
  88. White Police Guards (debut)
  89. Dike

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