Hoon (훈, Hun) is the character of Denma.

Biography Edit

His scleras are orange. Tanza and his men are arrives Mario's mansion, and they see a fall down man is Mr. Mario's butler and there isn't any sign of him. Then Tanza, his men are finds the surveillance cameras outside. There were little wench and red astro boy on it. He bends the water stream from the sculpture of the boy who's peeing. At this time, Tanza says him to come and have a look at the camera. He says to Tanza that this red astro boy is a Quanx with a different ability from his.

Tanza orders poachers to go find Mario and the package, and he commands to him that he's stay by him. He takes advantage of his space distortion Quanx ability to controls the staff of Animal Protection Lab. Bon says to Jet that some men in hats took the kids and the package and one of them is a Quanx and her Avatar is currently chasing them. At this time, Bon's line is composed of "Ang!" and "Ah!".

Jet regains the package and then attempts back to the roof, but he suffers Hoon's ability of distorts space. Jet says it's merely a by-product of gravity. But he's instantly relocating the space affected by Jet's gravity as soon as he set his coordinates. It's a space distortion that doesn't require gravity. His skill is seems to a class above Jet's skill. He beats Jet so blows him away, and he manipulates space into a slide, and he continues to beats Jet. Jet says to him that he grew up enduring heavy gravity since young age. Then he punches harder. At this time the poachers come. Jet thinks there's a limit to the size of gravity field he can place, so he can't attack more than 17 all at once, plus they have a Quanx. At this time, the male Pigears come.

Tanza orders to poachers that doesn't shoot because they'll hunt them when the equipment arrives. And Tanza wonders why're they surrounded by Pigears all of a sudden, so he guesses one of the pheromone ampoules break during the fight. Hoon takes the package. Jet stuns him with his fist and he says a sucker punch for a sucker. Tanza orders to poachers that Jet just took down Hoon, and they'll lose the pheromones if they get swept by the herd of Pigears, so shoot Jet now. Jet goes away.

He's angry that Jet isn't a gentleman because Jet stuns his face with Jet doesn't uses Quanx ability. When he's angry, he tells other poacher that Jet is a dirty player. He hits the wall with his fist, but it's stuck on the wall and he can't pull it off. Tanza orders the poachers to bring the female Pigears that they've captured so their blood to lure male Pigears until they retrieve the ampoule box so it's time to hunt some 'ears. Because the equipment arrived 2 days ahead of schedule and the rental fees will get charged starting today.

Quanx abilities Edit

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Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit


Screenshot 2017-08-03-15-08-43

Default skin (Lv 1, 3 stars ~ Lv 25, 5 stars)


Screenshot 2017-08-03-15-08-50

Growth skin (Lv 1, 6 stars ~ Lv 40, 6 stars)

Forest attribute

Vitality 20482
Damage 407
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 40, 6 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Affinity defense 6 Affinity defense Passive Damage to affinity is reduced.
Space distortion 4 Space distortion 6' Reduces damage to distort the space, around character's body.
Distortion piercing 4 Distortion piercing 10' Pierces through the ground and floats enemies around character and inflict damage.
  • Character Description

The Quanx who wanders for survival. He's a polite, timid personality, and he's innocent and believes others easily. He has space distortion ability.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Hoon is playable character.

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