Jet (제트, Jeteu) is the character of Denma. He's one of Apple's leaders.

His real name is Hank (행크, Haengkeu / ハンク, Hanku / 亨克, 亨克, Hēng kè).

Zet is old English version's name.

Biography Edit

10 months ago Edit

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In Blackout (4) - Ch.19, just 6 months earlier, at the end of war with Big Four who are El's soldiers, in Urano, he goes to meet Aaron with his colleagues. Dike went to frequent bars after he's hearing that. After a while, Jet has a contract with Uriel. And he was forced to get a job Silverquick, which is intergalactic courier service.

4 months ago Edit

In Eve Rachel (13) - Ch.13, He wins the bet with Denma. And he and Denma teaches Arcel, Ballack, other trainee Quanx deliverer about Adam. His Eve is Bon.

In Blackout, he listens to the Crying Daddy's closest friends with Denma.

He hates Yahwah. So he belongs to Apple.

He gives Denma to two Reds. Red is highly sensitive package, class one.

1 month ago Edit

In Mandragora, he has a videoconference with Denma.

Edrei is his supervisor of D-3 in Silverquick. So he revealed For Supervisor Edrei.

In Savoy Gaal, Denma asks Yahwah to send Jet and a defender. But in (5) - Ch.53 and Pigear (8) - Ch.165, Edel and Arcel come. Arcel reveals to Denma that he's Ephraimite Quanx. Then Denma calls Jet when he's running. Denma tells Cell put Jet on the line, but Cell says his line is out of reach.

In Pigear, Jet's story is begins. In (1), in the spaceship, Bon gives cooking for him. But Bon can't cook well. He tells Bon to throw the plate straight into the trash can. Bon ignores him and put the food into the freezer. He wonders how much Silverquick know about Apple. He contacts his girlfriend. The girlfriend tells she isn't interested in dating a womanizer and hangs up the call. He opens up a list of other women deliverers and contacts to June, who's one of them. In the meantime, the spaceship arrives Mr. Mario's planet, who's associated with the Tanza's party. Jet, and Bon who controls a Avatar are try to deliver the Pigear's pheromone. But he meets Mu, a staff member at the Animal Protection Lab. Mu steals the package.

He manipulates gravity by his own Quanx ability and suppresses Mu. And this scene is caught by the surveillance cameras outside and later Tanza, his men, and Hoon are finds out this. Hoon says to Tanza that this red astro boy is a Quanx with a different ability from his. He sprays the items inside the package. No wonder people call him the Sexy Jet. He takes blows well. And he always wonder, how is he understanding Bon's words. He can easily handles 17 thugs.

Because of Mario's package, he's caused by the mishmash of Mu and staffs of Animal Protection Lab and poachers. He suffers from Hoon's ability to distorts space. He tells it's merely a by-product of gravity. But Hoon is instantly relocating the space affected by his gravity as soon as he set his coordinates. It's a space distortion that doesn't require gravity. Hoon's skill is seems to a class above his skill. Hoon beats him so blows him away, and he manipulates space into a slide, and he continues to beats him. He tells to Hoon that he grew up enduring heavy gravity since young age. Then Hoon punches harder. At this time the poachers come. He thinks there's a limit to the size of gravity field he can place, so he can't attack more than 17 all at once, plus they have a Quanx. So he thinks on three, he'll godspeed himself out of here. At this time, the male Pigears come.

In (8), he looks at the Pigears and thinks this is a self-deprecating joke from god. Tanza says he doesn't knows delivery guy to steal back the delivered package. And Tanza wonders why are they surrounded by Pigears all of a sudden, so he guesses one of the pheromone ampoules break during the fight. Hoon takes the package. He stuns Hoon with his fist and he says a sucker punch for a sucker. Tanza orders to poachers that he just took down Hoon, and they'll lose the pheromones if they get swept by the herd of Pigears, so shoot him now. Denma calls him when he's running.

Denma says to him that he found a friend who can hang out with him. He keeps running and hangs up, then looks at the cliffs and uses zero gravity to floats in the air. Beneath the cliff is filled with Pigears' dead bodies that fall from the air as they chased him. He says to Bon that Pigears are threw themselves off the cliff over female pheromone. Then he hears Bon's answer, he angry and tells he isn't like Pigears. He orders Bon to pick him up with his ship. Tanza orders to poachers that he'll send Hoon as he wakes up, so make sure to get it back. After returning to the spaceship, Bon takes out the food in the freezer and defrosts it. And Bon is punishes herself. He sees the sign language in the recording video that he spoke with Denma and notices that Denma has found Ephraimite Quanx.

He's delighted to find that they have found a clue to escape from Silverquick. At this point, Bon sees Mu calls to him. He angry and says Bon that why is he eating food. He asks to Mu that where is Mario. Mu says if he help them out, she'll make sure to find Mario. He tells no favors until Mu takes him to Mr. Mario and he hangs up. Hoon is angry that Jet isn't a gentleman because Jet stuns his face with Jet doesn't uses Quanx ability. When Hoon is angry, he tells other poacher that Jet is a dirty player. Hoon goes looking for him. He says to Bon that ampoules will mess up his delivery schedule, so he'll just mark it "recipient unavail". Mu put Mario to sleep, and calls to him. He orders Bon to go look for Mario because Mu probably hid him somewhere nearby. He meets Mu and rides her on the bike. He says he helps Mu for 1 hour and then he gives the package to Mario, and if this takes longer than an hour, that's the end of their relationship.

As he rides the bike with Mu, he sees the dead bodies of the male Pigears on the road. Where poachers are, Mu says he and she need to neutralize poachers' equipment so they can give up on this hunt. A poacher finds he and Mu through a drone. The other poacher says he tell Hoon because a Quanx for a Quanx. When Hoon received the poacher's call, he says he'll see Jet sooner than he expected. He sees the female Pigears and says they closer to human, and more pretty and beautiful.

Hoon arrives and beats and stuns him. The poachers put he and Mu to sleep with the concentrate and put them on auto-pilot to middle of a farmer's market in a small city until Jet's hoverbike's battery ran out. He says that bobcat-like Quanx sneaked up on him from behind. Mu says Hoon is the one who saved them. But he promises revenge to Hoon. He says Mu to make sure her explain to Mario for him, because this is the concentrate she stole from him. Mu says it shouldn't be a problem since Mario was going to hand it to the poachers anyway.

He says to the poachers that he just need to hand the package over to Mario, at this time, Hoon says he isn't supposed to be here and if Tanza finds out about this he will kill him. He doesn't use his Quanx ability and they fights to grab each other by the hair. While they're fighting, they hear the cries of the Pigears and stop to fight.

Mario refuses to sign to him that he didn't hold onto the package, and also he didn't prove that he isn't one of the with Mu. Hoon takes Mario and heads to the poachers. Mu says it's dangerous because male Pigears will start swarming in, and they will attack anything that could be a threat to their babies, until the female and baby Pigears stop crying.

He and Mu are just get the signature by Mario and they'll leave, so they chase poachers. He tells Mu that he isn't convinced that the cute creatures are supposed to turn into giant nostrils. Hoon tells Tanza that they're here. He threatens Mario and receives a completed signature. Hoon shots this scene with a video, and makes a customer complaint for Silverquick headquarters.

When Yahwah, who saw Hoon sent to customer complaint so gave Jet a punishment, Jet attacks him. So Hoon is very angry and says thugs like Jet perpetuate the negative stereotypes of them Quanx, and that's what killed his innocent friends.

Hoon uses the space converges into an single point, and makes his hand pointed and penetrates him. Hoon only broke Jet's arms, so he can't even keep his guards up right now. Hoon tells to follow his word, while he beating Jet. "I will become more polite, for the sake of other Quanx." At this time, he creates gravity converges into a singular point.

He saves Hoon after stopping his ability and he says he's going to make sure Hoon's feel his wrath in every bit, every step on the way. Yahwah says Jet has just exceeded the Quanx power limit they permit for self-defense, and the damage on the reputation of Silverquick isn't something he can pay with his time or money, so he orders Adam to terminate unit Jet. Adam is tries to decapitates his neck.

Fortunately, he saves his neck because Yahwah is catched by the directors of Silverquick's station 7. Bon controls a Avatar and flies to him. He notices that he has peed himself. Hoon looks at Jet and turns his head and blushes his face.

He smiles after seeing Hoon and heads to the ship with Bon's Avatar. After that, he receives first aids treatment from Mu because she's vet student. He blames Mario when Mu smells.

In 14. A.E. (3) - Ch.194, Edrei moves the package with Bon, who wears protective clothing. Edrei says to him that Dr. Yahwah withdrew his punishments, so go back to the HQ and get himself treated. And Edrei tells Denma got Yahwah's permission to take revenge on some Savoys, and he said that they sold Denma's girlfriend to a slave market or something so they happened to catch one of them this time and Denma said he'll use him as a bait to get the other 4. Then Edrei tells the name of their group is Pentagon and 3 of them are Quanx. At this point, Jet makes a meaningful look.

In God's Lover (1), Yahwah says Jet and Golden hair can be quite useful because Savoy Quanx that capture Quanx Pentagon.

In (2) - Ch.197, he thinks the 2 members of Pentagon that aren't Quanx, it seems like the guy who Dike captured is Gaal, the cool guy of Carlburn. Then he thinks this is exactly why he told that old man they keep every member strictly Quanx, and he wonder how much that big-mouth blabbered on to Dike. He angry so he breaks the cup. And he thinks even the Quanx mambers don't know each other, so Gaal can't say anything about them. He thinks they could temporarily work as a team because they all had that one thing in common, the secret that they all had to keep from anyone around them, for their own protection, all 3 of them are Hyper-Quanx, with 2 or more powers. He uses restoration Quanx ability to restores the cup.

Yahwah says to Eunguy that one of those 2,500 Quanx also used to be one of him Pentagons, Yahwah takes it he 2 aren't friends anymore.

Before he visits Denma, Bon tells him that Denma is here. He worries that Dike (Denma) arrived at the Silverquick headquarters earlier than expected, so he might have noticed that he was a member of the Pentagon. After that, he goes to Denma and asks about Ephraimite Quanx which he finds, but Denma answers with he doesn't know. because his memory after Yael Road was deleted. He says to Denma that he'll call him, and he pats Cell's head.

Eunguy remembers what Yahwah said. Yahwah said that he's sure he would be happy to learn that his old friend is in here.

In (10) - Ch.205, he says to Ringed baldhead that Denma found another Ephraimite Quanx, except he doesn't remember a thing due to his concussion. Then he says if the recent blackouts were caused by Quanx, their ability which is the same as that of Crying Daddy, will help them complete their plan. Ringed baldhead says he'll tell Apple members to keep their eyes on it. Then he enters his room, but there's Yahwah with a muscular body that sprays HANK on the window. He's surprises to see his Pentagon codename on the window. Yahwah says in his case, his real name suits him better, and for his old Pentagon buddy in here, his code name suits him better. And Yahwah asks how he did Quanx end up as enemies from being friends, and they'll kill each other if he ever identify himself. At this time, a blackout occurs. He thinks how deep does Silverquick know about Pentagon, and he doubts whether the person in here is Eldgon or Randolph. Then, when the electricity came back, Yahwah laughs that Randolph has doing well, and he's surprises.

In (12) - Ch.207, he thinks Randolph doesn't have that sort of ability, and if he had one, he didn't need to go head against those cyborgs in the desert. He wonders who's the Ephraimite Quanx that Dike mentioned. At this point, he recalls what Yahwah said. Yahwah said that he gave him all the hints there're, he has all the pieces of the puzzle, and he might just spill the beans to his friend first before he get to him. Also Yahwah said that he'll decide when and to whom to expose the secret based on his attitude, same goes for his buddy. And Yahwah said Apple guys be more proactive, because he doesn't likes lukewarm stuff, so he either be cold or be hot, and he could be helpful to him one day. Afterwards, he thinks why Yahwah did bring up Apple, and what does he want to do. He feels stuffy so he orders Bon to get ready to go out, and he leaves the room. He walks through the corridor and thinks why Yahwah did bring up Apple, and he resolves Randolph will kill him if he doesn't kill him first so he need to find him first.

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At the same time, he runs through Randolph (Eunguy), who walks in the hallway. He wonders what would Randolph actually look like.

In 16. A.E. (1-1), Ringed baldhead says to him that he called him back in because he got a report right before departure when he told the Apple members to find Ephraimite Quanx, it said that there was a witness by chance and their schedule is confirmed, and he doesn't looks well. He says his both arms are broken. Ringed baldhead says now he's really leaving. He recalls Yahwah's word. Yahwah said, when he reveal it depends on how obedient he's to him, like Randolph did. He thinks he has to capture Randolph before anyone else does, and he's tight up with Ephraimite. He sighs and thinks what's really on Yahwah's mind.

When he's washing his hand in the toilet, he sees the temporarily blackout and he's curious. Ivory hair says Silverquick is always add beans to rice, and says the Ringed baldhead told him to tell him this first that he thinks he has found the Ephraimite Quanx and he heard someone screaming so he went ahead to see what was going on and he confirmed it from the video. Ivory hair shows the video. In the video, Eunguy pinching Arcel everywhere. He wonders this guy is really Randolph and asks is pinching the only thing he's doing. Ivory hair answers this guy's strength is inhuman so this couldn't get any more brutal. He asks how does the Ivory hair know the guy is got inhuman strength. Ivory hair answers the guy who pulled the heads of the guys who got into a fight with him a few days ago, and it seems like he can't stand anyone standing behind him. He's surprised to hear this.

Yahwah sees he and Ivory hair's conversation, and says he's finds out already but he can't let he does that because he likes Randolph. Yahwah calls Eunguy and says he was going to thank Randolph anyway and gives him a small gift for what he has done. He thinks if the clue is real he has to be Randolph and how could dog does such a thing and what's the dog up to, and he has to take care what's urgent first, before he reveals everything, he has to find a way. He goes to his room, but in it, Eunguy was in advance and sees the word HANK on the window. He says he came to the wrong room. Randolph angry and says Junk·Hank is a terrible liar. He also angry and says let's get straight into business, and he calls Randolph to little rat.

Denma sees the coding and surprises that Ringed baldhead found the Ephraimite Quanx that he mentioned, and wonders this is what he told him at the nurse's office. Denma thinks the redhead assistant kid called Arcel and he doesn't remember so maybe Silverquick really deleted his memory. Denma taps the screen when it shows Edrei and sees the record that the Supervisor saved him at the collapse site, and thinks when he return from this journey he'll question this Silverquick's dog. Denma thinks he has to take care of his business first if he want to meet the timeline, and maybe he can just sit around for a couple hours again.

7 months later Edit

In 15. A.E. (3-2), Gosan sees himself coming to the emergency call and wears a bread bag on his head, and says if it's not an emergency, he'll do something. At this time, the bodyguards are gathered and the Director of Pax Industries is on the screen. Gosan asks why did the Director of Pax Industries summon his White Centum Guards. The Director of Pax Industries answers it's for his own safety and there's been a riot at Silverquick's station 7 and Quanxs are escaping. When Gosan taps on a calculator, the Director of Pax Industries says this is no time for that and this could be a real threat to him because the leader group of rebels called the Apple made an encrypted document and he found his name on it, and it looks like they're trying to use him to protect them after they escape. Gosan laugh and says now everyone's trying to, so those filthy Quanxs are trying to make a deal with him, so let them. Then Dike and Ringed baldhead come to Gosan. Dike asks he's the Duke of Gosan, and he introduces himself as the Invincible Death from Urano. Gosan says Dike doesn't look like the Invincible Death though, and he doesn't know how skillful he's but the intruder is exaggerating himself because his 100 White Centum Guards that are standing in front of him right now, and they're all Hyper-Quanxs. Dike says he just killed one of Hyper-Quanx on the way. Here, it's likely that the Hyper-Quanx is one of he or Eunguy (Randolph) or Yahwah.

The fifth son of Hyponne family calls and says to Soobin that a strike from courier service employees turned into a violent protest and he doesn't know exactly what's going on though, all he knows is that it also stopped the logistics business at other Silverquick's stations, and it's also affecting their schedules indirectly.

Quanx abilities Edit

Appearances in Other Media Edit

Yo! Villains Edit


In Yo! Villains, A Magician of Gravity Jet is playable character.

Denma with NAVER WEBTOON Edit





Screenshot 2017-04-13-15-34-37

Default skin (Lv 1, 2 stars ~ Lv 20, 4 stars)


Screenshot 2017-06-09-13-49-10

Growth skin (Lv 1, 5 stars ~ Lv 35, 5 stars)

Forest attribute

Vitality 17415
Damage 347
Critical Damage 130%

Lv 35, 5 stars

Icon Level Name Cooldown Description
Reduced damage 5 Reduced damage Passive The amount of damage character receives from enemies decreases.
Gravity reverse 4 Gravity reverse 11' Controls the gravity of character's surroundings, floats enemies into the air, then drops them and inflicts damage.
Extreme gravity plus 4 Extreme gravity plus 26' Creates a black hole towards the nearest enemy and draws enemies within range to inflict damage.
  • Character Description

Deliverer of Silverquick. He has a Quanx ability to deal with gravity. He knows Denma of Silverquick from the past.

In Denma with NAVER WEBTOON, Jet is playable character.

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Denma the Quanx 3

  • In Volume 3, Jet put its face on the cover.

20180312 172333

  • In 16. A.E. (1-2), while the Ivory hair is records the video when Eunguy pinching Arcel and he's using EMP. If his forehead has a flash, the video being recorded should also be turned off. It can be considered that the principles of a general electromagnetic device and a videophone device are different. The author acknowledged the suspicion that the video that was clearly presented during the blackout. So author is modified to appear as noise in the volume.
  • His hair shape comes from the Astro Boy. Also Hoon's name comes from the Kim Hoon of Robot Taekwon V.