Kitten (키튼, Kiteun) is a character in Denma.

Summary Edit

He mentioned in God's Lover (93). He first appeared in A Catnap (121).

He's the Duke's friend.

He's a doctor.

Actually, he's spy sent by the Church of Madonna.


In Yanggun's Miscellaneous Thoughts (15), when it updated July 5, 2008, Youngsoon Yang drew his prototype. His name is Keyton and he says he opens doors of all kinds of reality that can't be opened. Kitten is probably supposed to be spelled Keaton or Keyton.

Biography Edit

20 years ago Edit

In A Catnap (121), the Head Bishop says he just received a message from the archbishops and he's meeting the Duke soon, and they'll kill him all depends on the outcome of their negotiation. He asks at least let the boy live. The Head Bishop answers for the sake of keeping the balance between the Patron alliance, the boy shall live. So when he hears the Duke will die soon, he goes to him and shouts he's crazy bastard. Mayhen kisses the Duke's hand. The Duke is laughing, saying that he made a bet with Mayhen on the first thing he had say when he walk in, and the loser has to kiss the other's hand. He grabs the Duke by the collar and says he shouldn't make any deals with the church because they're gonna bad to do next. The Duke calls him to friend and says he's simply trying to end this long rivalry with other families, once and for all, and he doesn't want Gosan to live in a world of endless war. The Duke hugs and says if something ever happens to him, he want him to take care of Gosan. He cries and recalls. He thinks he's sorry for him, but he'll protect Gosan.

Current time Edit

In God's Lover (93), the maid of Hyponne family asks to Duke Gosan that where's him and Mayhen right now. Gosan answers he doesn't know and maybe they went shopping.

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