This is a episode. For Mimicry-species, see Mandragora

Mandragora (만드라고라, Mandeuragora) is the nineth episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

Mandragora means extraterrestrial life Mandragora.

In this episode, the planet Winnova and Even are revealed.

Note Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros

Ep. 41's name is Note: Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros, A Mimicry-species(Tips : 모태종, 브엘라해로이 이미테이트로스, Tips : Motaejong, Beuellahaeroi imiteiteuroseu). Tips: Mimicry-species, Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros is old English version's name.

Here is the fan art. link

Characters Edit

  1. Hicks
  2. Red eyeglass Savoy
  3. Gaal's junior Savoy
  4. Edrei's Eve
  5. Edrei
  6. Jet
  7. Bon
  8. Quai
  9. Cell
  10. Denma
  11. Sister Naomi
  12. Mother superior
  13. Bubble gum boy
  14. Evenessel's Mayor
  15. Director of Silverquick station-7
  16. Director of Silverquick station-7's colleague
  17. Gordon
  18. Ms. Yoon
  19. Sister Maria
  20. Bahel

Quotes Edit

  • "Don't worry, I'll use my ultimate cuteness to..." -Edrei
  • It seems there exists a universal order of beauty -Director of Silverquick station-7's memo
  • It seems that it is still in shock from being captured -Director of Silverquick station-7's colleague's memo
  • "Run... Run... before it's too late... for... more comforting... And more satisfying life... Run... before it's too late." -Mother superior
  • "Let us pray." -Sister Naomi
  • "You hit a sister? What in the world...? I'll just kill you right now." -Gordon
  • "No! Please, don't! Just give him good smackin'!" -Sister Naomi
  • "Run before it is too late... for more comforting... And more satisfying life.", "Well... I already did." -Sister Naomi
  • "When I look back on my day's on Even, every day was filled with joy. You know, life if the most joyful form of energy that flows about everywhere in this universe. And I think that's what makes Mandragoras react, Joy!" -Sister Naomi
  • "The secret is to enjoy things from deep within your heart. I truly enjoyed taking care of Mandragoras, just as I enjoy my days, right now." -Sister Naomi
  • "The harder you pull, the harder it sticks. And you can't spit it out. It's glued onto your tongue and skin. Everybody wants to try it because of its stimulationg scent." -Bahel
  • Supervisor Bahel's How to Kill -Narrator


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