This is a episode. For Quanx ability, see Marionette

Marionette (마리오네트, Marioneteu) is the thirteenth episode of Denma.

It's the first episode to be translated in the new English version since Sixteen.

Summary Edit

Marionette means both Dwight's Quanx ability Marionette and Bahel. Bahel is being controlled by Mama.

The timeline is immediately after the current time of the Sixteen.

Dwight's younger brother, James is the protagonist of The Puppet Show of Web fiction Record the Quanx - Denma S.E.

Characters Edit

  1. Esmela
  2. Dwight
  3. Dwight's Eve
  4. Bahel

Quanx ability used Edit

Quotes Edit

  • 'Esmela, my love! Happy birthday, darling. Dwight♡' - Dwight's card

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