Mating (메이팅, Meiting / メイティング, Meitingu / 配对, Pèiduì, 相配, Xiāngpèi) is first mentioned in the God's Lover (49).

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This means a combination of consciousness and consciousness.

This means mating in English.

No one on planet Bella can explain the how can this create Quanxs. The researchers are only assuming that it's the survival instinct of the 2 consciousnesses. As the 2 different consciousnesses are forced to combine with each other. Each comes up with a way to protect itself. Here're some examples.

First, competition. This is a case when each has a very strong survival instinct. Each will strengthen its diminishing consciousness to overpower the other with its own wavelength. But then resonance occurs. It makes their wavelengths identical, synchronizes their consciousnesses, and makes them reach a natural frequency. This is how a Mating normally fails.

The next one is infiltration. For some unknown reason, one consciousness infiltrates and hides inside another. In this case, B takes over A so it seems like B's making all decisions and judgements, but A becomes B's subconsciousness and influences B in every way. In a sense, the people could consider this as the definition of a successful fusion.

And the third one that creates artificial Quanx, denial. So like it says, it's about a consciousness denying the existence of the other, which separates the 2 into 2 dimensions. Therefore, although they're in the same place and location they're existing in 2 different dimensions so that they can't influence each other. And it's due to the multi-dimensional property of consciousness. They're together. but they're not. In other to survive, they create an obvious physical error intentionally. So the error results in a physical error of the body, somehow leads to an indescribable phenomenon that's outside of the law of physics. And with the natural reaction to recover the physical error a transcription of Quanx is thus created. This is how people explain the results of Mating.

This is divided into natural Mating and artificial Mating.

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Natural Mating Edit

Transcriptome may have the habit of the corresponding consciousness.

Ran went through numerous accidents since he started using the Intersecting Space and he noticed some interesting results from them, and he thought that he was a very special being. When the people open and close the Intersecting Space while having their vision blurry they get the ability to control Transcriptomes alongside an impressive Mating result, just like Ran.

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It's another phase of dummy experiment after the biodummy course. Dummies are implanting a consciousness into a body whereas this is combining a consciousness with one another.

Even on the planets that permit Artificial neurological cell procedure strictly prohibit this with absolute regulation. And that was because the result of a successful this is beyond expectation.

The artificial this is a classified top secret of the U.C.S.

The researchers are using that to minimize the collision during the fusion process of 2 different consciousnesses. When the sockets of 2 consciousness are directly connected without dummy adaptation process, almost all of them synchronize and collapse. As a curiosity, one of the first developers of Neuro-scanning wanted to see the result of this. "What if 2 very different consciousnesses are connected from one socket to another?" And with the 1/100 chance, they got the result on their first try. After putting the 2 samples in the tub and look it through the Georg filter, one looks black and the other looks white. That's a Quanx and the other one's the corresponding transcription of the Quanx. It isn't naturally born, and it's artificially created through this.

When people describe naturally occurred Quanxs they say Quanxs are one of the ramifications of physical errors in the universe. Now the people is able to mimic a part of the coincidental error of the universe through Mating of Neuro-scanning. The owners of planets' purpose of crating Quanxs artificially is probably for an unlimited life extension. They want to create formidable weapons and gain more power, more freedom, and more pleasure without anyone interfering with them. Because human desire goes deeper down than a bottomless pit.

God is puzzled that he can't remember this, because his memory is sliced off, it's a Memory cutting that can't be recovered.

Yahwah reports the President of Pax Industries that God is talking about this.

Using the network as a dummy means, in a way, this on another dimension, because the subject's consciousness is being integrated with people whose consciousness are connected to the network.

Denma thinks this, Dummy, the socket on the back of the head the things that he didn't know about were so unexpected.

At Pax Industries, the sunglasses bandage sees God is talking about this and asks the Director of Pax Industries that what he's going to does with it. The Director of Pax Industries says they'll get rid of the owner of planet Bella because he couldn't comply with the confidential agreement, and now that's going to be a threat to them so they'll handle it as started in the agreement.

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