May Cherry Blossom (메이 체리블라섬, Mei cheribeullaseom) is a character in Denma.

The majority of her acts see to the God's biography.

Biography Edit

Before God's death Edit

Few years ago, in God's Lover (22), Hawk wakes God up and talks about his niece whom he talked about last time, but soon the A.N.G.E.L. officials are also call God. God goes the hair salon, at this time, a woman recognizes him. She had a name tag 'MAY C. B.' on her apron and she says they had a team dinner until late last night, so everyone is coming in a little late. And She says she just started working one week ago and she says her name is May and her uncle told her a lot about God. She shampoos God's hair then gives him a scalp massage. God would often wake up from the cold mask sheet that was put on right before the scalp massage. God still remember that moment clearly, when she was kind enough to warm up the mask, so he wouldn't wake up.

God falls asleep when he looking at the badge with 'MAY C. B.' in her apron. When God arrives at home, he connects to the A.N.G.E.L., and searches for the last week's conversations about her of hair salon. On the screen, there's a scene where the hair salon boss that where she was introduced by someone, and the scene of the team dinner that former she went to. God smiles as he looks at her, who keeps a bright look, at the team dinner.

She prepares for the certification exam in 3 months. She really want to take the exam, because regardless of her level of experience, her salary instantly doubles up, there's no other place that would pay her so much. God tells her that he wants to go to the movie. She accepts God's appointment. But God was embarrassed. Her senior staffs say that God is a jerk in Angel Town that she should never acquaint herself with. After God calls her, he gets angry that she say yes to a movie with a stranger. She says uncle Hawk told her to be nice to God.

God thinks how to get along with her. God says to her that he deals with a movie whenever he model for her 10 times, because he need to prove that he isn't to be pitied by his friend's niece. And God becomes a model for her practice for the certification exam. God orders the researcher, who's wearing a eyeglass that, to pack his stuff and leave the Angel Town, but he says there's a way. She tells Hawk about what happened before. The researcher comes to her as a guest. Hawk thinks that God think he actually has a shot at her, at this time, a soldier comes and greets. Hawk thinks God won't stand a chance.

The hair salon boss says it's just God being himself. And the senior staff says she's an assistant, and they can't let the customer do whatever God wants like that. But The hair salon boss says let's make God an exception, and they all know how influential he's in this town, and they aren't doing it for free neither, so just consider it as a part of business, plus she now has a model that she can practice on at her leisure, and they're also getting paid for it as well, and they should take this opportunity and turn their shop into town's favorite, so looks like she'll start playing a bigger role. The researchers hair shape has changed.

God overlooked one thing from the deal. Watching a movie together wasn't an easy task. God pulled himself together telling himself that there's always first time. God had to spend all night calculating the risks and the optimal path before the date night. Finally the day came. But taxi wasn't a part of the simulation. Eventually God gets in the passenger seat. God doesn't even remember how his first date went, and the few things that he remember were the smile on her face, the steak that they had for dinner, and the remnants of her scent in the backseat. Except God's feelings for her. Finally God goes to her to hold a bouquet and makes a confession. She accepts his words very easily. But it was God's imagination. God goes to her to hold a bouquet to make a real confession, but she's already a girlfriend of a soldier who greeted Hawk. Her boyfriend is the Lieutenant Jewoo of the Space Defense Command. God eats the flowers and goes to somewhere. Jewoo says he's just as weird as the rumors say. Seriously, that was the worst timing. God lie down in the streets, and look jealous at the relationship between the two. God thinks he'll harass Jewoo.

God was so eager to steal her from Jewoo. So God came up with the idea to deploy her boyfriend to the deskworks of United Universe Keeper Army so that he'd be serving on another planet. Hawk said to Jewoo that he'll put him on the list of returners in 5 months. God comforts her and asks her to trim his hair down a little. In God's lodging, he blocks all of their communication. God thinks he'll shave. After shaving, God sends the eyesore to model for her. God says to the hair salon boss that, if she passes the designer certificate exam his hair salon will be the most popular destination of Angel Town. The senior staffs are uncomfortable with this appearance. It was empowering to be able to take control. God observed her taste, lifestyle, habits, and even her thinking process. The relationship opened up as soon as he took the fatherly figure approach. God was no longer nervous. God was relaxed. And the conversations weren't awkward anymore. Things got a whole lot simpler. And on God's second date, he was finally confident that he could do it. But she sighs because she can't reach Jewoo.

She calls Hawk. Hawk says Jewoo's personal line still not working because it seems like there's a network problem at the mission site. And Hawk says the bulletin board of the Space Defense Command says every troop is safe. Then Hawk asks God still bothering her. She answers God is actually helping her get settled. Hawk says God is the kind of guy who would do anything to get what he wants. She misses Jewoo while watching the cat in the keychain. The cat is just like God's appearance in current time. And 3 months had gone by. The hair salon boss, they said he was pretty famous in the industry. And God think it was true. There was no one who ever got a designer certificate only 3 months after graduating designer school. The hair salon boss really made it happen, but more importantly, it was she who made it for herself despite all the hardships. God saw her smile after a long time. Of course, that marked the end of their deal.

God asks the 2 researchers whose have a girlfriend how do they get to do kiss, and they advise him that to drink and kiss is the way of all of them nerdy researchers. He has a sense of dislike, but he decides to run it. God goes to the bar for a kiss with her. After that, both are drunk and go to the park. But she cries and misses Jewoo. After taking she back to her place, God couldn't stop thinking about her tears. God again connects to the network and curiouses how he do get Jewoo away from her.

In planet Thesis, Jewoo hang up his phone with her, because he didn't love her. Jewoo says he just wanted to spent his military days a little easier with her uncle on his back, but he couldn't even get him off the list of the peacekeeping troops. The United Universe Keeper Army is heaven, so the kids from the upper class all volunteer to be here, because they can play with noble lady.

Little God know what was going on around her then. She suddenly became an outcast. She was the first one who didn't go through the 2-3 experience prior to being a professional designer. And the boss' clear favoritism and unfair management really pushed her out. But the more God got involved in her life, she was gradually becoming isolated. Of course, the more isolated she was, the more she relied on God. But she never told God about what was happening behind. Behind her smile, God could see the dark shadow. And what shouldn't have happened happened. It's been 5 months since God deployed Jewoo to the peacekeeping forces, her boyfriend, who she thought would come back soon, died.

Hawk tells her that Jewoo died trying to save his comrade in a battle against terrorists. God thinks he didn't know things would end up like this and he just wanted to make her his, that's why he dispatched him to an office department, not a combat forces and he died.

After staying up all night thinking about it God realized what he had been doing to her. She was the only one who was kind to God who was an outsider. And look what God did to her he'll just kill himself, it wasn't that much, but he became disillusioned at himself. And then God became doubtful of the Angel project. God thinks, if the owners of planet Bella, who don't share the values with others, get to have and use this power, and if she becomes one of their victims. The director who was watching God secretly, he says the fell in love with a girl is so pathetic and he slowdown and now absent from work, so he's disappointed, so he can't take this anymore and he says he's done.

After a few days, she's back to her life. God thinks he can't just tell her that he feel sorry. She asks buy her a drink instead of to go watch a movie or dinner. At the bar, She shows God the cat keychain that Jewoo bought her as a gift, and if try pressing it, it makes cute cat sounds "I love you, May! May Cherry Blossom!" And She says her full name is May Cherry Blossom and her mom named her like that because the cherry blossom was in full bloom when she was born, she didn't even think thoroughly, but because of her name, one of things that she has dreamed of since she was a kid is to has an outdoor wedding where there's cherry blossom everywhere, and a lot of people celebrating and blessing her marriage, but Jewoo went far away.

At the park, she says she doesn't cause any trouble either but her senior staffs are hate her. And she asks how were God at her age. God answers just he stayed lab and library because if he wasn't the top of his class he had to pay for the tuition. At this time, she sleeps. That day, God instead of taking her back to her place, he took her his place. God regrets why he did do that at this time.

God felt complicated. God felt sorry and wanted to protect her. As God logged on to the server to delete everything related to his dismissal, he noticed someone in her room. A staff of hair salon and another staff of hair salon are says that she went out for a drink with God today, but she isn't coming back tonight, and she was going out after her boyfriend died. At this time, they says it's not her fault and it's the boss' fault, because he keeps on favoring her. Their conversation went on for a while. And God was a little too drink, so he sleeps. The next morning, when God woke up from the sound of glass shattering, everything was over. She realized through the Angel server that it was God who sent Jewoo.

God thinks she probably woke up early and had breakfast ready for him. When she accidently saw the files and images in God's room, she found out what he did. She's angry with God and tells he's a murderer, then runs out of his place. The director calls to a person that he's alone now, so have the surgical team ready. God is all of the sudden the whole thing felt so familiar. God is curious that what he does has to do and he feels cold.

After God's death Edit

Izumi says to God's dummy that he try to think of someone who he remember the most. God's dummy remembers May, but soon forgets.

The researcher asks to another researcher that where they does keep getting dummy supplies. The researcher answers they're donors, brain-dead patients, death-row convicts like terrorists, felons, murderers, there're plenty. At this time God hears 'murderer', and he remembers her. Ironically what dragged God out of the deepest abyss was the memory that he didn't want to recall.

The keepsake storage is a place where the belongings of the deceased are kept temporarily until the relatives take it. But, there God found something that reminded him that they really do keep every one of his belongings. Her bag that she left when she ran out and there was a cat keychain inside.

The sun was already on the rise. God looks at the cat key chain and plans to get a plastic surgery for this dummy's face with new identify, and it shouldn't be a problem accessing the underground clinic. And for a second God thought what it would be a good face to transform into Jewoo.

God finds bleeding and thinks he'll die from hemorrhagic shock, so he tries to call 911. God thought about what would happen after getting rescued from 911. But God didn't think it would work out well for him. God remembers her, and then he felt drained. So God tried to recall all things that he remembered in life. And started to recite them, hoping to feel relieved. And the memory reached the present quickly. God recalls the single room, alone, the library, the science high school, the science and technology institute, doctorate, the science and technology department, the network, the A.N.G.E.L. Town, her, dummies. God started to transfer all the data from the socket. The cat key chain was the last memory from an organic creature.

God wanted to finish those who killed and experimented on him off, at first. That dummy lab that was disconnected from the network was no longer there when God went to see it inside an avatar robot. There he somehow found a message from the man who was in charge. Based on the investigation, he transferred all of his data from his sockets to the network. The experts say that there is nothing to worry about because a consciousness will be scattered once it's transferred to the network but they can never trust those "experts". So they're closing down this facility. Until they receive a new set of orders from the top. But then God realized that there was a reason not to mess with them. Which is the answer to the question. "What am I going to do on this network from now on?" As a god with a personality he should try to bring back the smile that he took away from her. If he collide with them, they'll trace his signals and find her. Then she'll be in danger. So it was the best to disguise as a virus or a technical glitch to avoid getting noticed. God was furious but he had to does it to keep her safe.

God met her a year and a half later. God faced her as an abandoned digital pet. At that moment God noticed her tattered shoes. The record of her life for the past year and a half on the network, showed that she left the A.N.G.E.L. Town because she was so shocked for what God did and went to other cities and never stopped working. God guess she was afraid that she would be overwhelmed by her emotions if she had time to think about it. And most importantly, she was financially poor. It was because of the interest of the loan that she spent on housing, as she was having a hard time inside, she lost focus on her jobs. And started to get exhausted without anyone comforting her. She was so worn out that she didn't even recognize her mascot that she left behind. The fastest way to solve the problem. God takes her to the lottery ticket sales machine. When she won the lottery, she can build a few buildings with the much money.

God is a god, so that's the least he can do to a girl he love. But God was worried about one thing. God was worried that her life might be shaken by such unexpectedness. God got more worried as she kept on rechecking her lottery ticket. Her uncle, and his only friend, God told that bald eagle what had happened. Of course, without telling Hawk about the network Dummy and other crucial information. God says he need Hawk to guide her so that she stays on the right track. Hawk angry and says if God were alive in front of him he would shoot him dead right now. Hawk suggested her to go on a year-long trip around the world on a cruise. It was meant for her to rethink about her life. And have a broader perspective. she started to change after participating in different programs about life, culture, and geography from different countries. The people that she went on a cruise with were mostly socially successful, retired millionaires, or travelers from other planets and it didn't take long for them to pay attention to a young and kind lady like her. As they got to know each other, they all wanted to become her mentor. At this time, an old woman talks to her. God doesn't like the old woman.

The old woman asks her to help her. The old woman says the people of planet Bella are so indifferent to travelers from other planets because she could it take a week to get a single part for her prosthetic leg. And left the old woman unattended for a week, they're ignoring her because she's a traveler from another planet who don't have any power, and she hate those robot helpers or stupid cruise staffs so she want her to help her indefinitely because she can hardly walk by herself. The old woman asks for her name. Before she fell asleep, she called God a black cat and says she have a different dream now, after meeting new people here. Then God realized that the hair designer that she decided to be was a realistic dream she bore from the environment she was in. Now that she was in another environment, she started dreaming something else. God naked and he thinks, he want to touch and feel her. God touches her, and at this moment, she wakes up. She thinks who in the world is that grumpy old lady. God says that old woman pisses him off. The old woman tries to answer the her question.

The old woman answers she's a traveler from another planet in need of help from people of Bella. At first, she wanted to reject the old woman's request because of her rudeness. But after having a few talks the 2 became like a grandma and a granddaughter. She tells the old woman that she wants to goes to college. The old woman calls to Mr. chairman of the Saint Tetra university, the one of the top universities. God had no idea what that old lady was up to. The old woman says she set up an interview of Saint Tetra university for her on October 15th and that's 2 months from the end of this trip. The cruise tour was over. And she was back to her life. She tells Hawk that she's back. She immediately started to do research on colleges. She had a new vision and focused on it after the trip around the world. Saint Tetra university is the interview with the admission officers is everything. She thinks an interview at a top university like this is impossible and the old woman was just joking. God says he never saw that coming that silly hag, out of nowhere.

A month later, the old woman calls her and she says the interview is only a month away now, so pack her stuff and get over her house. At first, She just wanted to go there and say hi. God would stopped her if he had known what that hag was up to. The old woman introduces her to Soobin, the last son of the Hyponne family. The old woman was the nanny of the Hyponne family, a noble family of the planet Terra. The nanny was on the planet Bella to take care of Soobin who was studying here. And took a sabbatical year to take a trip around the world. That's just the way things are. Stayed there for a month, passed the interview, and registered for a 2-year course that prepares her for classes. And she and Soobin are kiss each other. God is depressed.

She used the association method like Soobin told her and it wasn't difficult, so she understood all study. Soobin calls her smart beauty. In the car, Soobin says they say this was the first time in prep school's history that someone's grade went up so much. The car arrives to her home. Soobin asks he can get a coffee before he goes. God angry and uses a librarian robot to beat the owner of planet Bella and says that wasn't the only thing damn extra-planet wolf wanted.

God angry and says the crook went inside to get a coffee and suddenly does this and that. God felt so sad that and caused a blackout. The owner of planet Bella says to his butler that that wasn't a malfunctioning of robots and the guy knew exactly who he was and he beat him up every time by manipulating the network from outside. So the owner of planet Bella orders his butler to use the entire A.N.G.E.L. system to find out the guy who's related to the extra-planet wolf that drank coffee.

The nanny of the Hyponne family says to Soobin that the establishment procedure for the brand school is over, and starting next year, he'll be studying from his home planet Terra, and the new professors will be positioned and the maintenance will be complete so he only has to stay the planet Bella till the end of this year. Soobin asks what does he tell her. The butler hears this. In the car, Soobin says to her that he has something to tell her but he didn't want to tell her at home, so he demands they may go for a drive outside the city.

After I met you~ I was happy~ but I need to go home now~ It's not that I hate you~ This was already planned~ It's time for me to go~ No one can stop me now~ I need to go home~ Goodbye~ Goodbye~ Goodbye, my love~ (Woaw Woaw Yeaaah~) If I go back now~ We will never meet again~ This is just the way life works~ I can't hold onto you~ I need to go home now~ Goodbye~ Goodbye~ Goodbye, my love~ (Woaw Woaw Yeaaah~) So now... Please marry me.
~ Soobin's song on God's Lover (73)

In the Live Galand, Soobin sings and proposes to her. God is shocked.

Soobin gives her a ring and hugs each other. God is outside in figure con form. The eldest son of the 6 brothers of Hyponne family confirms her identity through the butler. The eldest son gets angry with his nanny because she pushes the marriage between he and she, and she's a former hair stylist, and the marriage is a huge business for the nobles so the nobles can't have the blood of the lowest class from another planet mixed with their blood. But the nanny says no. She try to give God a fish con. But when God disappeared, she tells Soobin that black cat is been acting strange lately. At this time, when the people look at the clothes that she wears, it's estimated to be Soobin's dress shirt.

The other brothers of Hyponne family call to the eldest son and reproach him that he's so disrespectful because he did that to nanny. The fifth son advises the eldest son that they need to stop her instead by telling her how low her social status is compared to them, they have to make her realize that a civilian of another planet can't hang around with the noble of the planet Terra.

God says he were chased around by dogs and that's how the A.N.G.E.L. team's vaccines work. When there's a collision they can find out everything about what God has done in the network. God was fine about that, but he was worried that they might target someone else. Then the gift that God gave to her will become useless. And most importantly, if they start questioning her and she finds out about God's presence in the process. God was afraid of how she would react. God says after a while, he ended up thinking about removing his personality that he was holding onto. But before that God wanted to finish his job. God really didn't like the things the nobles were doing. The fifth son calls and says to Soobin that he has his engagement ceremony at the planet Bella and the actual wedding here on the planet Terra, and he'll tell nanny to prepare for the engagement ceremony so he goes focus on his study, and he hangs up. And the fifth son says to butler that nanny can't know about their plan and he says about this. Without a notice, 3 of the fifth son's in-laws will visit there and they'll run into each other, then nanny will have no time to have her prepared for anything. So until the fifth son's in-laws arrive, the butler shouldn't in any case, let them know that they're coming. The rest is on the fifth son's in-laws will prove him right about the girl that she's a gold digger who treats the old woman nicely, lures an innocent and naive noble guy, and plans to take the noble family's fortune.

The nanny says to her that all the siblings she changed diapers and Soobin's the most. She says nanny doesn't has to be so polite because she doesn't feel comfortable. Nanny says May has to get used to politeness, and she'll teach her about the family's rules from now on. May asks why nanny did introduce her to Soobin, and what she did like about her. Nanny answers she think she liked the way she were looking people in the eyes when she were talking. And nanny begins to talk about her past.

The nanny says she didn't know where to goes when she left. At this time, Soobin comes and stop her from doing leave. Soobin says when the nanny marry someone and has a kid she can babysit his kid so that he can goes on a date with his wife, and when the time comes he'll stay by her deathbed. This is the kind of guy young master Soobin is. After staying with the youngest master, the nanny didn't feel sad anymore. And when the nanny first saw her, she couldn't stop thinking about her young master. It was more of a personal thing. She were more humble and noble than all the other noble ladies. The way she cared about others, maybe the nanny learned to see through people after living with people who keep on ranking others. The nanny also noticed that she didn't has her arms crossed when she were talking to others. So there's a reason why young master proposed to her. She says that was a bit much so the nanny were like stalking her. The nanny says but she had to be very prudent so she'll take very good care of her. At this time, the butler says to the nanny that the daughter-in-laws are here. The nanny says the daughter-in-laws are without a notice. The daughter-in-laws come into the room.

God thinks he'll tries to erase the personality and he decides loving and being loved won't happen to him so there's no need to hesitate, but she let him just go and see her face for the last time.

Wearing a transparent cloak, God connects to the A.N.G.E.L. server and searches for her. God sees her on the screens. At this time, God hears the fifth son explains to the butler that he plans to harass her.

The elder son's wife calls her to Cherry, and she says one restaurant seems pretty famous so let's have dinner together but bring no one but herself. Without knowing their intention, she traveled 2 hours to meet them. Soobin calls her and he worries. She answers it's fine. She's prevented from going the restaurant because of the dress code. The elder son's wife says this is like the basic stuff, and the wives can't cancel the reservation, so she's going to has to wait out the restaurant for a few minutes. She was flustered, but she was more worried that she might have made them feel uncomfortable. So she had to wait outside indefinitely. They were the wives of her brothers-in-laws if she were to be married. When the restaurant hours are over, she calls the wives. The elder son's wife says they thought she would have left because they took so long, and the food wasn't too bad the restaurant. That's when she found out about the wives' intention. Of course, the wives were just getting started.

The nanny and Soobin asks what the sisters-in-laws did tell her. She says they didn't have much of a talk and she's tired to she'll goes get some sleep. She couldn't tell her about what happened because she knew that it would cause trouble. The second son's wife calls and asks if she knows Mr. Hitas because she's Bellan. She answers it's just that she isn't feeling so well. The second son's wife irritates and says she came all the way from another planet to see her. The sisters-in-laws take her to Hitas' performance place. The second son's wife says she doesn't leave in the middle of the show because she want to take her somewhere after the show. The sisters-in-laws go to VIP seats, and she sits in a place other than VIP seats. The third son's wife says the second son's wife bought a lot of things and they don't have enough room in the car, so she'll take a cab and follow them the boutique. And the second son's wife calls her to Cherry, and she says the oldest sister wants to buy her a dress as a gift and they don't want to cancel anymore reservations because of her. What the sisters-in-laws prepared for her was the ultimate humiliation.

The eldest son's wife orders to remove all the mirrors in the fitting room and don't come in until the son's wives are out. And when she comes in, the eldest son's wife says they chose a few dresses for her to wear at places that have a dress code so she'll go on up and try them on now. She's embarrassed, but she tries to wear a dress. At this time, the eldest son's wife says her gifts include top and bottom, inside and outside so first try the inner wears first. The second son's wife and the third son's wife says the sisters-in-laws don't have mirrors in this room, so they'll see how they look on her. The eldest son's wife says she want to see the beautiful body that the youngest brother-in-law fell in love with, so she's so excited to see how her gifts would look on her beautiful body. She's embarrassed and shed tears.

She feels shame so she says to the eldest son's wife that her gift is too much for her, and she goes out. At home, the third son's wife says to the eldest son's wife that if she took her clothes off they could have just slapped her face and had this thing over with. The eldest son's wife says they'll make her give up on her own, because it's too much for her to handle. Soobin holds flowers and cake and alone in front of her room. Soobin thinks she isn't picking up the phone. When God sees Soobin and thinks that he was a very humble man and he only thought that the Hyponne family were one of those rich families, but a noble family like this is no average rich family so winning a lottery is nothing for them. God changes the shape of the cloak and thinks he'll become her puss in boots for their successful marriage.

She opens the door and when Soobin sleeping there, she's kicks him aside and takes the cake and flowers. She calls the nanny and she says she's fine and feeling much better now and the sisters-in-laws were very nice to her. At this time, God calls her. She hangs up the phone with the nanny. God says he was being upgraded. She says the black cat is talking to her now. The nanny says she was talked to her so Soobin doesn't need to worry about her. Soobin says she didn't pick up his call. The nanny says maybe she needed time away from Soobin and she shows him an invitation. The sisters-in-laws see an invitation. The butler says the board of Saint Tetra university heard that they're in the planet Bella and wants to have a welcoming party for them and they asked them to send them a list of names that will be at the party. The sisters-in-laws plan to take her to the party and they'll finish this thing in front of everyone.

She angry and complaints to the sisters-in-laws that they're inviting her to the board of directors' party, so they're perverts because they don't like her. God shows the Hyponne family's property details and says they're really great. She asks why the black cat is doing this, and he answers it's because he's her puss in boots. She smiles because Soobin really own all these. She says she isn't going to that party because they to humiliate her again. God thinks this could be the opportunity to change the sisters-in-laws' mind a little bit. God says she has to accept their invitation and it's understandable that those witches don't like her and once she marry Soobin, she'll be taking a portion of their wealth, so it's a problem for them, and the fastest way to handle this is money, but they don't have that much money right now. God says this plan might sound strange and ridiculous to her, but he want her to trust him on this one, and it'll be physically exhausting, but it's able to defend the sisters-in-laws' dirty attacks in a noble way. In the cruise, Soobin says an engagement ceremony is what his brothers suggested. God tries to implement his plan after unfold the satellite map.

God took the ship somewhere, the mate says to captain that they can't even switch to manual mode. Everything went just as he planned. God took the ship to a deserted island. The sisters-in-laws won't be ignoring her anymore and God is sorry for the other people and they consider this a vacation. Even the personal networks are down. A planetary satellite probe isn't gonna work because he already had that taken care of as well. God tells her through earrings. God says no one is going to get hurt and this is a little extreme but it's also the quickest way to knock the sisters-in-laws off. Then God says he has all the information about the island and he'll be connected to her like this the whole time so stay calm and they can do this. When things started to happen, she felt guilty and had to lay down for a while. On the first day, it was a picnic for them as they're somehow sure of getting rescued. But a couple days later, when the food ran out they're no longer smiling.

The board of Saint Tetra university and the captain are blaming each other. The eldest son's wife want to take a shower so she and the second son's wife are go for a little dip. God tells to her that doesn't goes into the ocean in the morning. At this time, the eldest son's wife is screams because she's stung by the jellyfish. He says there're jellyfishes called "Bella Kironex Hell" that lives there and when she stings her, she'll feel unbearable pain and will soon be paralyzed and in a few minutes, will accompany hyperventilating, headache, fever, and become unconscious and she could end up dying in just minutes. The doctor comes but the network is down so he doesn't know the condition the eldest son's wife is in and what type of venom it's. At this time, she says everyone step away and Soobin cover her so other people can't see her. God says the cure is the folk remedy of Bellans, and the venom is neutralized with urine.

She refuses the work, because when God said no one would get hurt, but the eldest son's wife has hurt. God says he knew that jellyfish would do the work for them. She requests this is enough so God send them back home now. But God didn't does that. God told her that it would take time to go back. Because it was her time to shine. She cures to the eldest son's wife. The other son's wives request that she goes away if she's done with her folk remedy. She says she will and it won't leave any scars. And people started getting more thirsty as time went by. People got exhausted from thirst. She thinks she'll regret later, and help people first. Then when she calls God, he says the sun is bright, so she'll take out the sunglasses. She come with a group. God says she goes a left from there. And she started going off.

Things started to turn around quickly once they found the drinking water and food. Soobin asks how she does know these things. God says her to tells Soobin that she learned from one of the elders in the family. She answers her grandfather taught her when she was young. The second son's wife grumbles there aren't any meat. The taste of meat is one of the main reasons that God chose this island. It probably was a turning point. Once they got their energy back, they found out who their leader was. And that made those witches feel helpless. The eldest son's wife falls in thought. And people started to interact with others once they felt better. She calls Soobin after seeing the third son's wife who's doing the affair. The second son's wife is surprised to hear it.

In fact, she was peed here. Soobin says if he knew that they weren't going to be rescued for a while he would have made the toilet first. The second son's wife says to the eldest son's wife that her leg didn't scar and looks better than before so she thinks the ammonia of the Bellans good for skin. In the meantime, the third son's wife is afraid. The third son's wife says, if she ever tell anyone about she won't let her does it. She says it was too dark for her to see anything and she'll come follow her because she need more hands. The third son's wife says she need to get more sleep because she's so tired, but she come follow her. The eldest son's wife says she does want to come join them because they need someone to clean the dishes for them. The second son's wife is surprised to hear this. She eats food with the sisters-in-law.

The second son's wife asks to the eldest son's wife and the third son's wife that they plan on taking her in. The second son's wife become embarrasses because the eldest son's wife and the third son's wife suddenly shift their positions.

The second son's wife says she doesn't thinks they're close now. At this time, the signal sounds. That was the unexpected thing. God didn't think there would be a factor coming from the outside. So God's plan ended without success. Of course, everyone returned safety. The third son says he heard that she helped their family a lot on the island, so he'd like to invite her over for dinner and she can bring her family, friends, or whoever her want to come with. Hawk says he can't goes there. Hawk was the only family she had. So she had no one to invite. God thinks something. The second son's wife says to the other wives that she's coming with just one person and he's just someone she knows, so this is why she has been against her all this time.


At that moment Hitas comes.

That someone she knows was Hitas, the popera artist of the planet Bella. The second son's wife asks to Hitas that how does he knows her. In the past, God's avatar robot threats against the president of agency and asked a part time job and if he's agree, he'll pay it all up front. God asked to Hitas that if the Hyponne family ask how he knows her please say this. Hitas answers to the second son's wife that her late grandfather was a patron for Bella's art industry and without his help, he wouldn't be here today. The eldest son's wife asks to her that why didn't she tell them about that. Hitas answers it's because her as humble as her late grandfather and he didn't want anyone to know about his patronage and he never wanted to take any credit for it, that's why, to this day, the artists that he supported don't even know about his name and he was fortunate enough. And God thought, he didn't really need to take the Hyponne family to the island. The feeling was everyone seemed like Hyponne family had approve their marriage. The eldest son's wife says to the eldest son that she's somewhat qualified to be one of the Hyponne family. But the eldest son says a patron isn't the qualification to be responsible for the Hyponne family's wealth and if his wife can't get her off, just bring her back after the engagement ceremony, and he'll makes sure the marriage doesn't happen. God says that's not happening and the story's almost finished and the things he's about to does.

She says to the God that she's never heard of a story of digi-pet, which manipulates someone else's life, and she asks you're someone's avatar. God moonwalks and runs away. God says he can't even expose himself.

Soobin and her talk over the phone. Soobin says when he first met her, he thought she were a Quanx because there's no traffic jam during rush hour.

Soobin says whenever he's in her the control systems were always open as if they're protecting them even their trip during the holiday, so it's like the entire system on this planet is watching over her so maybe that's why he's feeling more for her because she's someone who's so special to someone else and even after he proposed to her nothing happened to him so he guess that someone doesn't hate him either but they're stranded on a deserted island so he guess he was wrong. She looks like she knows who someone is. The robot which is manipulated by God, recalls the image of a fighter after a long time and he says he'll protect her. Soobin says he's love her.

The director of A.N.G.E.L. says the manipulated satellite image is like the worst one of the network errors that had been happening frequently so he wish this all happened for the same purpose. Then, the director searches through A.N.G.E.L. the cross reference and find out if there's someone who repeatedly showed up at the places of the reported errors over the past year include the island incident. That person is her. The director is find out that she's an A.N.G.E.L. Town resident. Soobin says he put a lot into consideration on December 24, so this is their engagement ceremony so she can asks uncle and see if he's okay with the day. Men with sunglasses takes her to somewhere for ask a few questions. The director shows her to God and asks if she knows who he's.

She cries and Soobin hugs. She returns home. God moonwalks and tries to runs away, at that time, she tells to stop and says she knows who he's.

She calls God to Jewoo. At the past, God sees a message with the bomb heading to where the culprit is. The message was from an researcher who was with the director of A.N.G.E.L. When the researcher sent a message saying that the researcher was revealing the his identity, he requests to researcher that he tell her to this. The Lieutenant was paralyzed and things got worse by day, but the Space Defense Command couldn't just let such a talented young man die so they implanted his consciousness into the network project that Doctor God was in charge of, but no one really knew how much Lieutenant Jewoo felt for May. God thinks December 24th is her getting engaged.

The director of A.N.G.E.L. tells to soldier of Bellarian Space Defense that God's ghost on the network is for a girl that he once knew when he was alive and it's like a pathetic obsession.

The director informs the soldier that all the information sent to the satellite is being filtered and this level of firewall then it must be and all the satellites are synchronized so that they can't find out which one is the main server, in other words, they have to check thousands of the satellites manually every time the ghost moves. He thinks the terrorist must have taken the owner of planet Bella is actually better since the problem is now solved but he wanted to make a deal with the guy.

God recalls she wants an outdoor wedding where there's cherry blossom everywhere and a lot of people celebrating and blessing them. God thinks it's engagement ceremony, but tries to connect to the A.N.G.E.L. server to knows the weather for December 24th and asks if it's able to change the weather he told its. But the A.N.G.E.L. team is checking the satellite servers right now. God thinks he can't go back to the A.N.G.E.L. server right now because he rigged the lottery and they'll find out about it and she'll be affected by it. At this time, God increases the amount of water emission from all the power planets on planet Bella suddenly. God thinks December 24th, the day she leaves Bella, he has to stay on the satellite till then.

The owner of planet Bella calls Doctor God and asks how's she doing. And the owner of planet Bella proposes something to God. God accepts the offer, but under one condition.

The owner of planet Bella asked God again a condition. In the meantime God recalls. God recalls her warmth and her was kind and beautiful. God recalls thanks her for staying by his side for a little while and he didn't knows a person could be so kind-hearted and he must has gone crazy because of her kind heart because he thought he want to make her mine. And God remembers saying that she's a murderer.

God says to the owner of planet Bella that on December 24th that she's got an engagement ceremony. And God goes out of the robot and says, there was something that May wished for and he want him to call in some renowned wedding guests to discourage the other family. God says he can change the weather as she wished by the due date but even with this godly ability he can't get any wedding guests for her there's only so much that he can does to invite guests. The owner of planet Bella sighs, and he's surprises and tries to runs to him. The owner of planet Bella says he'll call in everyone from culture, media, sports, religion, economy, and politics those who're directly and indirectly related to him. The faces of each industry. So they made a deal.

December 24th Edit

In God's Lover (18), God tells to Denma that there's no resist to the project until he met her, because he wouldn't be able to upset the established hierarchy and most civilians were content as long as they didn't stay hungry.

The chauffeur talk to himself that how is it so warm when it should be snowing, and he says to Colonel Hawk that the ETA is 7 am. Hawk sees a saved message from someone. The message is 'Don't find me until December 24th! You Bald Eagle!' Hawk raise doubts what is this idiot ghost trying to pull off now.

When God says she's so kind, Denma says they're villains.

At December 24th, in front of the planet Bella Ruling Committee, people protest to close the A.N.G.E.L. system, because the power plant is out of control so it's manipulated the climate. The butler says to Soobin that he just moved the engagement ceremony to the garden of the cathedral. The third son says this is early summer weather. Soobin says no one would deny the existence of god when they look at her. She says she's flattered. The sisters-in-law are ashamed. God recalls the deal with the owner of planet Bella.

God thinks he accepted the offer, but he'll has to see if the owner of planet Bella does what he told him to does, because he's going to delete his personality by the end of today anyway.

The chauffeur wakes Hawk up. Hawk is surprises to see window. God sees her to hologram and he thinks after her engagement today, when she leaves Bella this warmth that she gave him would be gone and he knows it's meaningless, but he's feeling just a little bit better because he get to publish his book about when he had a personality. Then God sees the eldest son to hologram. The eldest son says he'll make sure the marriage doesn't happen. God thinks he'll show the eldest son what he can does.

Hawk says there're something going on around here and he sees Mr. Gon who's going to somewhere, and he says he's a movie star. The chauffeur says he might want to get off and start walking if Hawk want to make it in time. Hawk says these guys are all celebrities of Bella and what is happening.

The third son's wife is surprises to sees that Mr. Gon comes to May's engagement ceremony. At this time, the chief members of the ruling committee comes here. The third son is also surprises to sees that the one of the chief members of the ruling committee comes here. The one of the chief members of the ruling committee says to the third son that her grandfather made a huge contribution the the society and he's sure that she didn't know about it because he didn't want anyone to know about his contribution. The third son calls to the eldest son and says he met the board member of the ruling committee who he talked to about the Zipnight trade and everything that's happening here and it's real.

20180302 173505

20180302 173720

Hitas sings.

God says now he doesn't feels too bad about becoming the white head's pawn. After the engagement ceremony, God increase the output. The Lieutenant Colonel is finds God and angry and orders the soldier that to shoot him down before he does anything stupid. And the Lieutenant Colonel orders to pull it out of the gravity range and take care of it. God makes the maximum output. The third son sends the engagement video to his brothers because they have to see it. The brothers all praised Soobin about finding her. At this time, everyone looks out the window.

20180302 174002

Outside the window, Bella uses light to display the word WE ♡ MAY. God thinks this is the final goodbye. She thinks Jewoo. The eldest son says to the other brothers that they reopen the Zipnight trade with Bella and get ready for the wedding. The satellite is explodes.

God comes back to the A.N.G.E.L. server on the ground and he feels strange that why is the warmth still inside him. God thinks this energy is his personality resisting. There's no boots on his feet. God sees at the super cute girl, thinks that this warmth inside was a part of him and he just didn't know how to use it and he want to share this. God embraced the beautiful girl and feels happy and thinks the personality is so warm and good.

Current time Edit

In 15. A.E. (1), a month later, God makes his hand pointed and penetrates the assassins, and says this isn't a murder and it's an act of justice to protect the planet. Because there's still a trauma to what she called a murderer.

6 months later Edit

In 15. A.E. (3-3), 6 months later, the fifth son calls and says to Soobin that he's going to has to take care of some paper works for him. Soobin says he got assignments of his own, and he need to focus on school work. The fifth son says it won't take that long and asks what about his baby then. Soobin says that's because they're a college couple full of love, and she's loving it and he's her servant, basically. At this time, she calls Hawk and she has the nanny on the side. Soobin says he'll review the paper works and send them to his asap, and the fifth son says tell her that he said hi. After the call, Soobin reads to the Puss In Boots for her. She thinks black cat then Jewoo.

God grabs the cat key chain and pressing it, it makes cat sounds "I love you, May! May Cherry Blossom!" God thinks he misses her and he heard how she's doing from her uncle sometimes, and it's not like she care but he's doing fine as well. God thinks he wishes he could see her again one day, and he recalls the eagle.

Quote Edit

  • "You murderer!"

Trivia Edit

143. 집에 가야만 해 (덴마 God's love

143. 집에 가야만 해 (덴마 God's love .episode)

  • The song Soobin sang was later written the music by someone else. On September 30, 2015, a song written by a singer-songwriter, Kim Baram, influenced the author's lyrics and was uploaded to YouTube. And on November 13, 2017, this song was posted on Naver Music. At the fan meeting, on September 17, 2017, Time to meet god Yang, brother Yang, Mr. Yang, he says when he wrote the song lyrics, he thought that it was only a cartoon even though the author thought this is funny, but when he received the song made by the lyrics, he said he was embarrassed.
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