Nobility (귀족, Gwijok / 貴族, Kizoku / 贵族, 貴族, Guìzú) is a terminology in Denma.

Royal is old English version's name.

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It's first mentioned in the Rami Record (3) (Korean, In the Denma, it's (1)). And in original Denma, it's first mentioned in Sixteen (22) (Korean). In new English version, 14. A.E. (4) and God's Lover (38), it's mentioned ruling class or noble.

old English version is translated Earl El in Savoy Gaal (3). However, El's peerage didn't appear in the new English version.

This is a different privilege class than the general public.

In Sixteen (10), when Baron Hussadin came out, it was presumed that he was a nobleman, because his peerage came out.

The Patron is a nobleman who makes a huge donation to the Church of Madonna and private worshiped by Deva as a reward for it. Patrons may use Deva for personal enjoyment, and Devas may be used by several people for business with nobles. One example is Baron Hussadin.

It's similar to a businessman when they operates company. These are similar to chaebols.

The rank is duke, count or earl, baron are exists. It isn't know if there're marquis, or viscount. In the Korean version, there're marquis (Kuan's Fridge (147)(Korean)), and viscount (Dike (18)(Korean)) are exists. It isn't know who's giving a title.

The baron can even call in an army if they ask the counts.

The servants let the female Pigear loose in the forest behind nobles back. The servants set nobles up with the staff of The Animal Protection Lab who helped nobles to adopts them in the first place. The female Pigear are very sought after as pets from the these of Mu's planet. The owner's clubs are very active as well.

The United Universe Keeper Army is heaven, so the kids from the upper class all volunteer to be here, because the duty is easy and safe, and they can get paid a whole lot more, and they can get to play around with young and beautiful noble ladies.

The marriage is a huge business for them so some people thinks they can't have the blood of the lowest class from another planet mixed with their blood.

Those who possess more than the size of their heart see people as things. The only time that their view changes is when they see people who possess more than them. Their life wasn't about making relationships. It was more of ranking themselves. They expected them to do more for the lower class than they do for the superior class that they faced. 'The reason that I don't possess more is all because of you.' That's the way they saw them. It's humiliate. A couple minute talk with them will tire the lower class out. Of course, there're exception.

Denma is set in the universe eight where 3 superpowers, the United Council of Space of the universe eight, the Church of Madonna, and the nobles have divided up control of the universe.

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  • Baron Hussadin
  • Baron: He appeared in Kuan's Fridge (6). He's a smoker. One Hyper-Quanx explodes the car and teleports. Someone says what the another man see here's only a fraction of his training. He calls Juwan and says there're several reasons he does business with him, first of all, he's the top Quanx expert in all of universe eight. Juwan admits it. He says apart from Juwan's ability to gather information about Quanxs, but his precision, his profound understanding and application of almost every kind of Quanx skill are all just astounding, to say the least, and all of those fine qualities also make him the best Quanx trainer as well, and the ones he has trained are seriously the best of the best, the reason a low class noble like him is even able to do business with the Gosan family is thanks to those qualities he provide, for which he's always grateful, but even when he already provide such top-notch Quanxs, he's still so stingy when it comes to evaluating their combat skills, and his guess is he's the most rigorous one in the entire universe eight, of course, that's also the reason they've never failed their clients, not once, and he truly stood out among the others in the Hyper-Quanx market, which was formed shortly after the Aorica incident 20 years ago. He says he'll sell this one, too, and he gives Juwan to two billion. Juwan sees the money and says he has his own reasons for continuing to does business with baron, it's because he sincerely appreciate his qualities, and and he hangs up.