Owner of planet Bella is the character of Denma.

He also known as the master or elder (어르신, Eoreusin). He's planet Bella's owner.

In (18), God explains the owner of the planet. If Denma ask the residents who's the owner of planet Bella, they usually answers that's us citizens. And there're people who welcome this idea, the people who're often brought up in conspiracy theories as the true rulers in shadows. The actual owners of Bella, the apex predator of the capitalistic food chain. The best way for a busy house owner to protect his house is to give the house to his slave. Then the slave will protect the house as if it was his own. He'll even put his life to keep it safe. So, in case of a planet-wide threat, this delusional notion can't be more appreciated by the planet's true owners. The early owners of the planets, who figured out that money made money, understood that bond and debt were more efficient than physical shackles. Slaves thought they became free when they broke free from the shackles and started living in houses. But the owners still owned them by financial means. Even the majority of committee leaders, except for a few, don't realize that they're also merely slaves. To them, the owners are just faceless sponsors. They only identify sponsors as some big investor in the underground finance market. It's simple how the owners control these leaders. If money doesn't work, they go plan B. It means the owners kill leaders. The owners had always dreamed of a totalitarian control without a single glitch. And the A.N.G.E.L. program was going to make their dream come true. If the planet network was integrated into one, the owners would have complete control of an individual's life, and every citizen will be under full surveillance even before they're born. Also, when the data simulation map gets completed not only that natural disasters can be accurately predicted, but the owners can actually start controlling the weather, people's mood, and organizational behavior. In other words the owners become god. God says, there's no resist to the project until he met her, because he wouldn't be able to upset the established hierarchy and most civilians were content as long as they didn't stay hungry.

He first mentioned in the (20). A.N.G.E.L. project director and one committee leader talk that Dr. God is the only person who can actually endure such unrealistic timeline, and he's increasing his own workload to keep up, then he came up with an innovative method that actually saves money, so he only would have been able to implement such innovation, while straying not too far from the original concept. The A.N.G.E.L. project director says just trust God and tell him to be patient because they're getting the best bang for the bucks. And the A.N.G.E.L. project director says once project is done, it'll be classified as top secret by the planetary technology committee, the sad thing is that once the project is delivered, the doctor will be killed in the name of planet security.

3 months had gone by, the one committee leader says to the director that God hasn't made any progress for the past few months, and he has already mentioned it a few times, so they seems to God did find out about what would happen to him after it's over, if not how's God, what's he doing.

And 2 months later, the director reports the committee told them they decided not to let God be in charge of the project.

In (43), the director reports to his butler that God has the girl problem and the successor was decided this morning, and God's part where he uses his creativity is done. His butler says he'll send the surgical team by tomorrow. Then the director asks why does he want to keep God using Artificial neurological cell procedure. His butler says his curiosity is beyond his authority, but he says that he'll answer that it's his hobby. After the call, his butler orders the maid Mari that she bring him one of the new sockets for the Artificial neurological cells. His butler says everyone thinks the purpose of the Artificial neurological cell procedure is to preserve someone's consciousness, and at first even he thought that too.

God wanted to finish those who killed and experimented on him off, at first. That dummy lab that was disconnected from the network was no longer there when he went to see it inside an avatar robot. There he somehow found a message from the man who was in charge. Based on the investigation, God transferred all of his data from his sockets to the network. The experts say that there is nothing to worry about because a consciousness will be scattered once it's transferred to the network but they can never trust those "experts". So they're closing down this facility. Until they receive a new set of orders from the top. But then God realized that there was a reason not to mess with them. Which is the answer to the question. "What is God going to do on this network from now on?" If God collide with them, they'll trace his signals and find May. Then May will be in danger. So it was the best to disguise as a virus or a technical glitch to avoid getting noticed. God was furious but he had to does it to keep May safe. But nevertheless God wanted to see the man with his own eyes and tell him about his intentions. The man who's behind all this, the man who's above all laws and orders of planet Bella. That arrogant man who thinks of himself as the living god of planet Bella. The owner of planet Bella. In the end God found him.

God first met him at a library. He normally works as a librarian in the library. He orders to his butler that first tell the man to buy all the stocks of the pharmaceutical company, and once a virus is spread and a few dies, the loss will be up made up, and he report the rest when he get home. God didn't want him to realize that it was God. So God's avatar librarian robot started slapping him. God got more angry the more he thought about it. God says to him that he's someone stronger than him.

God sits in a hologram shape, sitting on a park bench and says he's the only one he got. He orders to his butler that so resume the dummy project now and make sure that the information doesn't leak out. God uses a maid robot to beat him again. Soobin asks May that he can get a coffee before he goes. God angry and uses a librarian robot to beat him and says that wasn't the only thing damn extra-planet wolf wanted.

He says to his butler that that wasn't a malfunctioning of robots and the guy knew exactly who he was and he beat him up every time by manipulating the network from outside. So he orders his butler to use the entire A.N.G.E.L. system to find out the guy who's related to the extra-planet wolf that drank coffee. His butler says the A.N.G.E.L. project team did an investigation on the blackout last night and found out that it wasn't an error, so they should have a lead on the guy soon.

Here is the fan art. 2014 - Source (Spoiler)

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