Pamana (파마나, Pamana) is the planet of Denma.

This is Pamana(파나). Not Panama(파마). There is a typo in the subject of site address.

History Edit

Mclight settled Pamana 17 years ago.

A few years later, economic crisis broke out and brought many people to the mercenary.

5 years later, the mercenaries return home.

1 year later, a viral disease outbreak in Pamana. The health bureau expected the epidemic period to last for 3 years. The rocketing death toll and infections drove the planet into panic mode. Animals were not immune to the deadly disease. Soon, the rumors started, that mercenaries of planet thesis were the cause of the deadly virus. So mercenaries's children got attacked. There is also include Jinu, Mclight's son. So Jinu moves to planet Terra.

There is the Church of Madonna here.

20 years later, Denma and Cell comes here to rid of the source of power drainer using a potable EMP bomb.

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