This is a episode. For extraterrestrial life, see Pigear

Pigear (피기어, Pigieo) is the fourteenth episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

Pigear means extraterrestrial life Pigear. In the end, it's revealed in the episode Pigear that protecting the Pigears is the Pigear themselves.

In Volume 5, it's revealed that this is a story about a filthy, smelly, cowardly and weaker male Pigear, and a beautiful female Pigear, which is said to god created the universe to show her off.

In (8), it's the same timeline as Savoy Gaal (5).

In (1), Bon says to Jet that "Okay!" But in (4) ~ (5), Bon only says "Ang" or "Ah". Because in original version's (1), Bon says "응!" (Eung), but it also means "okay". It's one of mistranslations.

In (5), Jet's ambassador "I am a man that can easily handle 17 thugs." comes from an famous ambassador for Chang-jung Lim's comment on Korean film Beat.

In (33), this scene is parodied by I Don't Want This Kind of Hero Ep. 37 - How Dare You! Because samchon (Korean), the author of I Don't Want This Kind of Hero, she's Youngsoon Yang's fan. In the past, Me-thu'-sha-el is parodied by Ep. 27 - That Man. (Mushiel = Me-thu'-sha-el (믓시엘) (Korean)). link (Korean)

Here are the fan arts. link

Characters Edit

  1. Jet
  2. Bon
  3. Jet's ex-girlfriend
  4. June
  5. Mu
  6. Mario
  7. Poachers
  8. Tanza
  9. Hoon
  10. Male Pigears
  11. Edel
  12. Denma
  13. Cell's Avatar
  14. Arcel
  15. Baby Pigears
  16. Female Pigears
  17. Yahwah
  18. Adam
  19. Director of Silverquick station-7
  20. Director of Silverquick station-7's colleague
  21. Gaal's junior Savoy
  22. Gaal
  23. Uriel
  24. Edrei
  25. Sylvia
  26. Ivon
  27. One inspector
  28. Another inspector
  29. Short hair
  30. One noble

Quanx ability used Edit

Quotes Edit

Gallery Edit

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