Planar Constraint (평면 구속, Pyeongmyeon gusok, 平面拘束) is the Quanx ability of Denma.

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This is also called Dimensional Manipulator (차원 전환, Chawon jeonhwan, 次元轉換). And also known as Edel's Room (이델의 방, Iderui bang / イデルの部室, Ideru no bushitsu / 易塞尔之室, 易塞爾之室, Yì sài ěr zhī shì). It's Edel tend to be poetic when naming.

The users are Edel, Ham (Balak), Yoon.

Where user trap a target in two-dimensional plane. If user touch it after user free it from the planar constraint, the original values of its mass, volume, and time dimension get restored. Then, it slowy comes back to its original form. The person who trapped in the plane, feels like the space around whom suddenly stretches like an infinite stretch, just as it entering the warphole. It can also store food.

In Savoy Gaal (7), if anyone is faced with this ability, Devarim's dream seems to be treated as someone dying.

In (9), the user possible to form the continuous dimensional manipulate barrier in a space and hold the bullet in 2 dimensions and turn it's direction.

In (12), the user create planar archieves, and then, user archieve the formed archieves into a new plane, and user repeat until... In Sixteen (21), so it's perfect for delivering large goods.

In Sixteen (2), the user have short life expectancy.

In (23), the users can rip the someone's any part of the body with their ability.

In (41), the user can uses their dimensional power to freeze patients' virus include Space disease until the cure is developed and this is possible as long as patients doesn't combust.

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