Quai (콰이, Kwai) is a character in Denma.

Summary Edit

It's the android that living in Denma's spaceship with Denma and Cell.

It's always expressionless. It have mouth, but it's no description of speaking or sounding, and all emotions and conversation themselves by placing a Chinese characters or punctuation marks on its forehead. When it isn't interested, its forehead is empty.

It can float in the air.

Biography Edit

4 months ago Edit

It and Cell watches to Denma on screen.

In Captain Hardok (5), it catches and eats the food that Denma spilled.

In Eve, Cell know nothing of it but its name. it takes ankh posture. But ankh is also a symbol of Church of Madonna, they own Silverquick.

1 month ago Edit

In Savoy Gaal (34), it dropped Hannah off at the center.

In (38), Denma is terminates. On the its forehead, 眠 is written. This is a hint of whether or not Denma lives.

In God's Lover (9), Denma departs. Denma sees it holding itself and tells Cell to take it away. Cell says it must be happy to see Denma back as well. It sleeps with Cell.

In A Catnap (170) - Ch.492, Cell laughs suddenly, and on its forehead, ? is written.

In 16. A.E. (1-4), Denma has a meal with Cell and it, but the food is awful, so he flips the table, and it catches and eats the food that Denma spilled again.

Current time Edit

List of Chinese characters Edit

A Dog of Pamana Edit

  • (1) - Ch.1
    • 血: Blood. Denma is bleeding.
    • 笑: laugh. Cell is smiling.
  • (2) - Ch.2
    • 痛: Pain. Denma is sick.
    • 藥: Medicine. It's giving medicine to Denma.
    • 喜: Pleasure

Captain Hardok Edit

  • (1) - Ch.5
    • 味: Taste. It's eating.
    • 捕: Catch. It catches the food that Denma spilled.
    • 有: Exist. The clauses exist that the assist-bots can be disposed of only at deliverers discretion.
  • (3) - Ch.7
    • 狂: Crazy. The act done by Denma seems crazy.
    • 幸: Relief. Denma stops his crazy act so it's relieved.
    • 安: Comfort. It's now comfortable.

Eve Edit

  • link - Ch.12
    • 快: Fast or Happy. It's a name.
    • 喜: Joy
    • 怒: Anger
    • 哀: Sorrow
    • 樂: Pleasure

Yael Road Edit

  • (1) - Ch.25
    • 快: Happy. Denma is happy.
    • 驚: Surprise. Denma will soon be surprised.
  • 7. A.E. (2) - Ch.35
    • 治: Cure. It's curing Denma.
    • 狂: Crazy. The act done by Denma seems crazy.

Mandragora Edit

  • (1) - Ch.38
    • 監: Monitor. It look at the monitor with Cell.
    • 笑: Laugh

Savoy Gaal Edit

  • (10) - Ch.58
  • (12) - Ch.60
    • 好: Good. It eats a lot of food so good.
  • (14) - Ch.62
    • 恐: Fear. It afraid of Yahwah.
  • (17) - Ch.65
    • 五: 5. It means 5 days.
  • (26) - Ch.74
    • 味: Taste. Chicken cream pasta smells delicious.
  • (28) - Ch.76
    • 多: Many. There're many amounts of tofu and kimchi.
  • (38) - Ch.86
    • 驚: Surprise. Cell is screams so it surprises.
    • 眠: Sleep. Denma is sleeping now.

God's Lover Edit

  • (9) - Ch.204: TT
  • (109) - Ch.305
    • 喜: Pleasure

16. A.E. Edit

  • (1-4) - Ch.322
    • 捉: Catch.

A Catnap Edit

  • (170) - Ch.492
    • 味: Taste. The chicken cream pasta prepared by Cell will look tasty.

Trivia Edit

에어서울 X 네이버웹툰 기내안전영상

에어서울 X 네이버웹툰 기내안전영상

  • He appeared with other Denma characters in the air safety video produced by collaboration with Naver Webtoon in Air Seoul.