Savoy Gaal (사보이 가알, Saboi Gaal) is the eleventh episode of Denma.

Summary Edit

It has planet Carlburn as its background.

In (5), it's the same timeline as Pigear (8).

The song Edrei sang in (2) is Crazy Kiya Re of Dhoom 2's OST.

In (10) -Ch.58, Gaal's ambassador "You may forgive your family's foe, but you never forget the asshole who cheat your money." comes from famous saying of the Niccolò Machiavelli's treatise The Prince.

The songs on (12), Rick Astley's song Never Gonna Give You Up, released in 1987.

The songs on old version, Danbal Meori(Short Hair) by Yong-pil Cho, a famous Korean singer, released in 1979.

In (16), Denma says to Yahwah that "Not even Edrei won't fall for that bullshit." But original version (include old English version) writes that "Stop talking such bullshit."

Here are the fan arts. link

Characters Edit

  1. Arcel
  2. Ballack
  3. Golden hair
  4. Yahwah
  5. Edrei's Eve
  6. Adams
  7. Red eyeglass Savoy
  8. Gaal's junior Savoy
  9. Edrei
  10. Gaal
  11. Gaal's friend
  12. Hannah
  13. Convex Savoy
  14. Concave Savoy
  15. Boyle
  16. Mirai Datsu
  17. Aaron
  18. Denma
  19. Quai
  20. Cell
  21. ???
  22. Red hair
  23. ????
  24. Boss of Pentagon
  25. Guyrin
  26. Edel
  27. Jet
  28. Theo
  29. Theo's colleague
  30. Azio's group
  31. Azio
  32. Gale

Quanx abilities used Edit

Quotes Edit

  • "Learn to distinguish between a short man and a child." -Golden hair
  • "Hey kid, I really don't like it when someone is behind my back." -Golden hair
  • Conversation between Edrei and Savoys
    • "Ah I can kind of sing and dance--" -Edrei
    • "Oh, really?!!" -Savoys
  • "Gaal! The cool guy of Carlburn, Gaal." -Gaal
  • "To our drink in hell." -Boyle
  • "...Chori chori kiya re♬ Dil yeh dil liya re ♪ Jadu se jadu kiya kiya re ♪" -Edrei
  • "No, Please don't! You can't sell my sweet body like that!" -Edrei
  • "His name was... Yeah, Dike! The guy who called himself "The invincible death"." -Gaal
  • "Switch the camera angle!" -Denma
  • "Nah ah, crying won't cut it." -Golden hair
  • "It's a tactical unit placement!" -Yahwah
  • 'Is he rehearsing a script?' -Edel, Arcel
  • "Okay! So, his specialty is bluffing." -Denma
  • "Look out for Savoys before the Quanx." -Gaal
  • "I won't ask again!" -Denma
  • Conversation between Edrei and Savoys
    • "Why? Are you afraid of me?" -Edrei
    • "Not at all." -Savoys
  • "May you rest in eternal peace in the arms of mother Madonna, Me-thu'-sa-el." -Edel
  • "You may forgive your family's foe, but you never forget the asshole who cheat your money." -Gaal
  • "Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let your down! Never gonna--" -Edrei
  • "Make your cry! Say good bye!" -Denma, Edel
  • "Panta rhei! Devarim!" -Devarims
  • "Let me live so I can die alone. Let me live so I can die." -Gaal
  • "The moons still shine tonight." -Gaal
  • Conversation between boss of Pentagon and Guyrin
  • "You worthless, piece of shit Quanx! You never, try your dumb tricks on Yahwah!" -Yahwah
  • "Yahwah hereby commands, terminate unit Denma immediately." -Yahwah

Gallery Edit

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