Silverquick (실버퀵, Silbeokwik / シルバークイック, Shirubākuikku / 银色怏递, 銀色怏遞, Yínsè yàng dì) is a company in Denma.

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It's first mentioned in the A Dog of Pamana (1). And it's first appeared in the Eve Rachel (1).

It's an intergalactic courier and errand services that hires Quanx with special abilities as deliverer. Some woman approaches Quanxs and invites them to write a contract to join Silverquick. The contract period is 5 years. Denma was forced to get a job here. When he woke up, his conscience was transferred to a 12-year-old kid's body suffering from quadriplegia, via a Neuro-scanning device. Their motto is "We're Silverquick, quick, precise, and secure intergalactic courier service."

They not only deliverer but also errands.

Refusing to deliverer the package auto-extends the contract period. And it also says that the assist-bots can be disposed of only at deliverer's discretion. Cell says there's only one network she can't access in this universe. It's only as a contigency when Eves out of legal options according to Silverquick's policies. In Supervisor Bahel's How to Kill, it turns out that it's the Silverquick's main system.

In Eve (episode), Eves are property of Silverquick. Eves are designed for indoors, so if they get exposed to sunlight, they spontaneously combust. So they control Avatars from outside, or go around in protective clothing. Dr. Yahwah created Eve. Cell know nothing of Quai but its name. Quai takes ankh posture. But ankh is also a symbol of Church of Madonna, they owns Silverquick.

In Eve Rachel, Sliverquick's station 7 (실버퀵 제 7지구, Silbeokwing je 7jigu / 第七地区, Dai nana chiku, 银色怏递第7地区, 銀色怏遞第7地區, Yínsè yàng dì dì 7 dìqū), which is Silverquick's headquarters is revealed.

Silverquick's station 7

16. A.E. (1-3)

Denma expresses this place as the "evil lair." It isn't kidnapped here, it can come in by oneself. There's the delivery man of the month, Marvic is a good example. Yahwah controls Quanx deliverer. If damaged item was an important historical artifact, that Quanx deliverer receives an extra 2 years, and whose due bonus awards will all be forfeited. Using Quanx skills in the headquarters means that Quanx deliverer spanked by ricecakes. And if that Quanx deliverer attacks ricecakes, he dies as a cube to them.

Ricecakes swarm about everywhere in this base. Everyone here at Silverquick undergoes a 3-month training period, just like trainees. Most of Quanx deliverer have quite a history outside, and they don't immediately fall in line with the system. They really can't do much. One stupid outburst, and they're squashed. So, they either get cubed for being bold, or fulfill their contract while taking out their rage on disposable Eves. Yahwah can here Quanx deliverer's conversations in here. Some of them are seeking ways to make an escape.

Quanx deliverers doesn't know that they get disposed of once their contract is terminated. There's an incinerator here. It mainly burns dead Eves and cubes.

In Blackout, Apple is a secret group of Quanx planning an escape from Silverquick. Whenever there's a murder, they appoint one of Quanx deliverer to solve the case. And if the person assigned doesn't catch the perp in time a lifetime contract. So, the person have to find the murderer even if it takes false accusations. Once the murderer is pointed out, a public execution is carried out on the spot.

They've must figured out about the Apple. They're trying to make Apple members take out their own organization. It belongs to Jet and Denma etc. After Quanx deliverer will all meet their death in here, no matter what. Paying off debts, bonus pays, retirement sec... the hope of liberation with a pot of cash at the end of their dreadful contract, these are all lures to keep them shut. They'll get juiced out to the last drop and become disposed of like them Eves in the end. They thinks that Silberquick's control system is foolproof. But, it's actually filled with loopholes. That's why they've created "Adam" also known as ricecakes to patch things up. The death of Crying Daddy is a good example of how vulnerable the system is. If Crying Daddy's emotions got extreme enough, the entire system could go out. So, they were waiting for an opportunity, and used an insider to wipe him out. It's filled with loopholes. They're trying to turn Quanx deliverers against each other because even Adams aren't always effective. They can't track Quanx deliverers every single movement.

The Apple meetings take place under Silverquick's surveilance in an online game space using encrypted gaming teams. Apple members are collect information about Silverquick piece by piece, to build an internal map of Silverquick's station 7. The most Quanx here're on the brink of madness as many were kidnapped against their will only to be abused and controlled. The number of Eves thrown out every month from stress related outbursts proves this. Anyone that witnesses or experiences Silverquick's bizarre punishment for violations of company code is bound to think of an escape at least once. But most of them soon realize such attempts are futile. The only Silver lining is those who depart every month with a load of cash upon the termination of their contract. But, that hope only applies to the dimwits who have nothing on their shoulders.

Silverquick is a subsidiary of Pax Industries, a defense company. Defense companies are known to be linked to most Quanx abduction cases due to their desire to weaponize Quanx abilities. And Pax Industries is owned by this pseudo-religious organization, whose galactic size is beyond any imaginable scale. For example, Silverquick stations besides the station's 7 Quanx deliverers are staying in, are much larger as they handle large to mega class commodities, more common in space logistics. The station 7 alone carries 2,500 Quanx deliverers on top of 3,500 mixed-sex regular deliverers and staff, totaling up to about 6,000 residents. But no matter how liberally Denma guesstimate the living areas of all workers plus the office and storage areas, more than 60% of the space is left unknown. The huge amount of garbage discharge certainly tells them there're more residents besides workers. As someone once said, they may be researchers from Pax's weapons R&D. Here, a tiny and extraneous noise that constantly blends in.

The female deliverers are wearing Q-shaped cleavage look. The Directors are dressed in the same way.

Silverquick's top-level security measure is "Night of Adams".

Quanx deliverers are divided into divisions, each division having a supervisor. supervisors are educates trainees. Edrei is a supervisor. But Bahel, the other supervisor, is strangely kills a Quanx deliverer.

A few years ago, they ran a simulation and the results have shown great R&D values for Crying Daddy's abilities. It took them some time and effort to find younger and better suited subject for the research. Edel, an Ephraimite Quanx is make an excellent sample. Edel just arrived to Silverquick in the body of a boy named Arcel. Thanks to the Neuro-scanner, they're now able to control the blackout phenomenon in station 7.

Cockroach shape is Apple's spy-bot, and it's collecting data to map out the inside of station 7.

They've security team. Ferdo and Skellion belong here.

It's assumed that creatures with unique abilities are caught and used for experiments. Typically, there's Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros.

Silverquick and Church of Madonna are using Transcriptome. Adam is Transcriptome. In fact, Camael's identity is Yahwah's Transcriptome.

Quanx power limit is a method used by the Silverquick to ensure that the Quanx deliverers won't exceed the Quanx power than permit for self-defense. If someone doesn't follow this, they'll be punished.

The Directors' rank within the church is much higher than Yahwah's.

They always add beans to rice.

Yahwah can't detect Quanx abilities when she takes a catnap, and Adams can't appear.

Here's the fan arts.

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20 years 1 month ago Edit

In (6), Ran says this accident could seem like one of those conflicts, and this is the next stage of what he's protecting the development of the church from the rebels of inside and outside. Ran explains intergalactic courier business, that church body has been preparing and they need Quanx for courier guys as a part of the business plan and they'll be going on missions without knowing that they're, and he can't tell right now because it'll cost a tremendous amount of time and money. And Ran says the disturbance would be solve the how they control Quanxs. Then Ran says he went through numerous accidents since he started using the Intersecting Space and he noticed some interesting results from them, and he thought that he was a very special being. When the people open and close the Intersecting Space while having their vision blurry they get the ability to control Transcriptomes alongside an impressive Mating result, just like him.

The Duke meets Kanu and the Head Bishop. The Duke is the biggest investor for the See's new courier service business. The Duke asks what does making Hades terrorize the facilities of the See have anything to do with the See's new business. When the Head Bishop says he doesn't know the details, but there's absolutely nothing for him to worry about investing, the Duke says the See treats them Patrons like pushovers, because he's putting in a lot of money 'cause he trust them but he doesn't know what exactly is behind their terrorizing their own place. Kanu answers that when this is over, they're expecting a change in the structures within the See like a reformation of the Security Department and the Internal Affairs Department. The Head Bishop says the See is always trying to pay their investors the highest dividends in return so the Duke may trust them and keep the non-disclosure agreement, and he accepts it.

The Bishop's Guardian priest orders Hades to attack the chemical complex of Holy See, the biochemical lab, the Palace that has the Intersecting Space, and the Main Palace of Holy Madonna, because she's got other plans so she won't be there. Hades says the purpose of terrorizing the Main Palace must be to have the fundamentalists who support the abolition of Holy Madonna system but he can't understand the rest. The Bishop's Guardian priest says there's been a rumor that the Palace will be shut down and it sounded like that his mission is related to the new business plan of the church, which is intergalactic courier service, and they'll be using Quanxs as the serviceman.

Aaron thinks a dream that he couldn't understand so he think he'll see Hades, neither alive nor dead sometime in the far future, so he wonders how he'll look.

Gas Quanx says he got the top secret of the courier business of the Church of Madonna, and he bluffs that he has gotten this by infiltrating into the tight security of the Transcriptome. The Duke says when the Church of Madonna's business department asked him to be their business investor he just accepted it thinking it was a great opportunity, because he's interested in logistics, and it means he own the entire market, but when he signed the contract, there was a strange rumor that one of the bases will be filled with service guys who're Quanxs, and he thinks it's strange because they didn't say that during the prospectus presentation. The Duke says he asked them for a clear explanation, but all the See's business department said was that it was for security reasons, his money will be used for a pseudo religion without knowing he wouldn't let that happen. Meanwhile, the Duke unlocks the password, and he says the See which want to take over military supplies companies why they're trying to gather Quanxs to start a business. The Duke sees the top secret of the See, and he suddenly surprised and he excitedly laugh that, if the See want to be crazy they've to be really crazy, so he'll support how much ever they need.

The Head Bishop says there's something that the U.C.S. and the Patrons don't know, and the church have already got all the data that they wanted from the Intersecting Space and now they can start the courier service business.

The Head Bishop says a logistics business is good enough to be a revenue-making business model so no one would ever guess the real purpose of it, and this has to be done by someone who's able to control his power and this will compensate for the persecutions and the damages that the church has been taking. At this time, a teleporting Quanx appears and reports that someone opened the one of the top secret files of the church, and all the top secret files when opened, record who's reading it and send it. This is the courier business and the Duke opened it. The teleporting Quanx says maybe the Duke used one of the White Police Guards that the church doesn't know. The Chief Bishop angry and orders he want the teleporting Quanx to purchase all the channels that the Duke uses and watch everything that he does, and tell him want they found out about and that the top secret files can record, view, and transfer information, and he orders he should make sure to check if the number of views increases again, and he says he'll go see him right now, and there's only one way to faces his White Police Guards is she should tell the Archbishops of the Western church about the situation and get ready, which is they're going to war against the Patron alliance.

Mayhen notices the church called they said that the top secret file that the Duke opened can record, view, and transfer the information. The Duke angry so he shouts that Mayhen should kick that guy out of the White Police Guards. Mayhen reports the person in charge from the church requested a one-on-one meeting with him, and she says she thinks it's imperative that he share the information with other Patron leaders for his safety. The Duke says it's right, but suddenly, he recalled what his mom used to tell him when she was alive, she said a winner and a loser are always next to each other, so he'll meet with that person in charge, and if the deal goes wrong, it's a war, and if the deal goes through, he became the actual owner of the eight universe.

The Super-Transcriptome is in the fish tank. A priest asks does Ran really think that this fused creature can help the courier district of Quanxs, and there're too many of them and they're a bunch of outsiders with no faiths so does he think this will work. Ran answers the Super-Transcriptome will manage the Quanxs there and by simultaneously controlling the Transcriptomes that overpower them, it'll work. Ran says sometimes the Super-Transcriptome might get be overloaded but there will be extra equipment in place, along with the security dispatch from the church, and it's not that hard to control a group because they only need to set a few examples, strike fear into their hearts, and they'll submit, and especially those who think they're so smart are also quick to give up, and with that misbelief, they're imprisoning themselves. Ran says of course, in order to be a manager, they need some preparing to do before the basic training, so the memories and the perception of identities that are fused into one need to be blurred out constantly like just now, and he'll add another annoying identity to the mix to start interfering, other than occasional brief catnaps from now and then, the Super-Transcriptome will always be kept awake so that it has no time to perceive its old identities. Ran says a subtle balance is crucial here, so if the new identity pushes the original identities out to the subconscious and collapses them completely, the Super-Transcriptome will lose the ability to control the Transcriptomes, and on the other hand, if the added identity doesn't interfere will enough, the interference will be perceived as stress, which could lead to the worst case scenario, 'The Awakening', of course, it'll never come to that with him around, but in order to control that creature in the normal sense, to prevent its collapse or awakening, the fused identities must stay on the borderline of the consciousness and subconsciousness, and that's why they need the string of self-identity, which prevents it from falling to the abyss of subconsciousness, and when it follows the string. it'll eventually get to its avatar mark, a window through which the trapped identities can perceive themselves. The Super-Transcriptome's avatar mark is Yahwah.

When the Head Bishop and the Duke meet, the Head Bishop says the Church of Madonna is just so grateful for his interest in the church businesses, but his own fear is that the Duke might has taken too much interest this time. The Duke says there's no way to know how the church spend his money, and as long as he can become a major shareholder of the church's new business ventures, and as a believer, all he's asking is that he allow him to be of humble service for the otherwise perilous plans of the church and at this point, he could use a partner rather than a Patron. The Duke says he's a man of peace so all he did was sharing some of the church plans he acquired with the Patron alliance and U.C.S. The Head Bishop asks how many are willing to take part in this. The Duke answers he's done with sharing so he just want to be part of something bigger. The Head Bishop says there's no way he can convince the archbishops. The Duke says the Head Bishop only need to get the table ready and he'll do the talking.

Kanu's Guardian priest reports to her that the Head Bishop's spaceship exploded right before it could warp, and there's an incoming transmission and he says it's about the incident.

The Duke calls to Kanu and he says he just heard about the Head Bishop is dead. The Duke says since this incident took place on his planet and he's a Patron of the church and this happened right after the meeting he had with the Head Bishop, so he'll make sure that his people clear the site and recover the body for Kanu as soon as possible. Kanu says it's a church matter so they'll use all the resources they've to get to the bottom of this incident on their own. The Duke says he only asks Kanu to continue on with the Head Bishop's unfinished business, and he humbly asks her to arrange a meeting with the archbishops because he wants the sole right to participate in the church's new business ventures as a Patron. The Duke shows Joshua's eye and says it's a gift he received from a noble in his domain, and it's the most sacred halidom of the Church of Madonna, and now it wouldn't be right for a common believer such as himself to have this, and the Head Bishop position will have to be filled sooner of later by one of the Bishops. Kanu surprised to sees this and she accepts it.

5 years 4 months ago Edit

See Night of Adams.

4 months ago Edit

Yahwah says useless old sample such as Crying Daddy needs to be quickly scrapped. Yahwah knows the existence of Apple.

This is the background of the Band of Brothers.

1 month ago Edit

Silverquick manages Negev channel-3's 30% of the revenue, when Denma wanted.

Denma's memory after Yael Road was deleted. Cell thinks right now Denma's memory after the building collapse in planet Negev had been completely wiped out, and Yahwah told that she doesn't says anything funny.

Denma says to Cell that he staying there for 2 hours listening to some nerd whining and he's hungry so she'll get him chicken cream spaghetti. Denma thinks Mating, Dummy, the socket on the back of the head the things that he didn't know about were so unexpected. Then Denma thinks the most importantly the network Dummy and if Apple could somehow use the network of the Silverquick's station 7 as a Dummy. Denma saves it as a code in the notepad. Denma eats chicken cream spaghetti, and he senses of deja vu about the chicken cream spaghetti, searches for their menus, and sees that he can't searches it, and wondered he definitely haven't had this before but why did he want to eat this, and how it's possible that he's craving for something that he's never had, and this is a body memory that he's unaware of and when and where it did start.

Edrei acts superior that he has been so nice to those brats in class 3, and they've got a ton of customer complaints and there's only so much he can cover with his cuteness, and they think he's so charming that he can fix all their mistakes cause he's. Edrei orders his Eve that she should plan out their best route with that manifest, and he takes a cookie. Edrei tries to eat a cookie, but a cockroach is above so he removes it by his Quanx ability. But Edrei recognizes he used his Quanx ability, he blocks his hip and he sticks to the wall and he thinks that, he doesn't want to get slapped in the butt because it feels so different every time. Perhaps Edrei is a masochist. Edrei feels strange because Adam isn't appear. In Yahwah's dream, she sees Soy and Jay and sheds tear. Cell thinks Denma looks for Hannah's chicken cream pasta again because it must be really tasty. At this time, Cell laughs suddenly, and on Quai's forehead, ? is written. Edrei rebukes his Eve because she mangled up the route all over the place so he won't finish his service in time with this, and he told her to stop daydreaming about his charm while at work. At this time, Edrei's Eve laughs suddenly, and Edrei looks querulous. Maybe Edrei had something like this before.

Eves' smiles

All Eves are laugh. The Quanx deliverers, include Jet and Head-Eye, seem surprised or embarrassed to see their Eve's look, include Bon. In other words, Yahwah can't detect Quanx abilities when she takes a catnap, and Adams can't appear.

Denma has a meal with Cell and Quai, but the food is awful, so he flips the table. Cell says she just followed the recipe and maybe Denma has been having the same food. Denma orders let him see that recipe. Cell shows recipe, and Denma copies and says he want the same food again when he's done with his next order so she'll does it right next time, and he's going to sleep now. In the bed, Denma thinks this recipe is Cell wouldn't have gotten this from a normal database because the numbers are different so that means this is from outside and the day this was written was when he was unconscious. Denma recalls that when God wonders that he can't remember just that part. At this time, the phone rings. Ringed baldhead says he found a very special item today so if he call him his big brother, he'll give it to him. Denma says he did call him just to tell him that, and he tries to hang the phone. Ringed baldhead glares, so Denma calls him to big brother and receives the guide for a game, and hangs the phone. Denma sees the coding and surprises that Ringed baldhead found the Ephraimite Quanx that he mentioned, and wonders this is what Jet told him at the nurse's office. Denma thinks the redhead assistant kid called Arcel and he doesn't remember so maybe they really deleted his memory. Denma taps the screen when it shows Edrei and sees the record that the Supervisor saved him at the collapse site, and thinks when he return from this journey he'll question this their dog.

Current time Edit

In 15. A.E. (2), a month later, the owner of planet Bella, formed brotherly ties, informs Gosan that the Director of Pax Industries was trying to kill himself. Gosan says he's actually the largest shareholder the Pax Industries. The owner of planet Bella surprises and says they're destined to be enemies. Gosan says they must haven't known that they're sworn brothers and let him apologizes on behalf of them. Daniel brings Director of Pax Industries while Gosan is exercises with a sandbag over his glove. The Director of Pax Industries reports that, they received a report about the leakage of the Neuro-scanning technology so he tried to kill the owner of planet Bella, and he asks Gosan know Yahwah from Silverquick's station 7. Gosan answers Yahwah is shaman ghost. The Director of Pax Industries says Yahwah was talking about the breakup of Carlburn's Quanx Unit through U.C.S., so he had to respond. Gosan says they're sworn brothers. Gosan takes out the calculator and calculates the breakup of Carlburn's Quanx Unit. The Director of Pax Industries also takes out the calculator and says that has already been over with. Gosan says since they're sworn brothers so they have to add the zero percentage of going to war with Bella on the list.

6 months later Edit

In (3-2), 6 months later, the Director of Pax Industries calls Gosan an emergency call. Gosan wears a bread bag on his head, and says if it's not an emergency, he'll do something. At this time, the bodyguards are gathered and the Director of Pax Industries is on the screen. Gosan asks why did the Director of Pax Industries summon his White Centum Guards. The Director of Pax Industries answers it's for his own safety and there's been a riot at Silverquick's station 7 and Quanxs are escaping. When Gosan taps on a calculator, the Director of Pax Industries says this is no time for that and this could be a real threat to him because the leader group of rebels called the Apple made an encrypted document and he found his name on it, and it looks like they're trying to use him to protect them after they escape. Gosan laugh and says now everyone's trying to, so those filthy Quanxs are trying to make a deal with him, so let them. Then Dike and Ringed baldhead come to Gosan. Dike asks he's the Duke of Gosan, and he introduces himself as the Invincible Death from Urano. Gosan says Dike doesn't look like the Invincible Death though, and he doesn't know how skillful he's but the intruder is exaggerating himself because his 100 White Centum Guards that are standing in front of him right now, and they're all Hyper-Quanxs. Dike says he just killed one of Hyper-Quanx on the way. Here, it's likely that the Hyper-Quanx is one of Jet (Hank) or Eunguy (Randolph) or Yahwah.

20180311 182639

The fifth son of Hyponne family calls and says to Soobin that a strike from courier service employees turned into a violent protest and he doesn't know exactly what's going on though, all he knows is that it also stopped the logistics business at other Silverquick's stations, and it's also affecting their schedules indirectly, so, he's going to has to take care of some paper works for him.

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Night of Adams Edit

Night of Adams (아담의 밤, Adamui bam / アダムの夜, Adamu no yoru / 亚当之夜, 亞當之夜, Yàdāng zhī yè) is first mentioned in the Blackout (5). It's Silverquick's top-level security measure.

The most recent it took place 5 years 4 month ago. There once was a trainee named Matthew. He was an Ephraimite Quanx, just like Crying Daddy. He had a gentle and understanding nature, and never failed to keep smile on his face. One day, near the end of his training period, he receive the death notice from Edrei. His mother has passed away. The agony of losing his mother and the anger from being shackled broke loose all at once. Since he has a Hyper-level Quanx like Crying Daddy, the entire system shut down, and the station fell under complete darkness. Even the tiniest, extraneous noise died out, and everyone instantly knew that this was no ordinary blackout. Then, someone broke the rule. And then, they thought nothing could control them anymore. The place soon turned into bedlam filled with violence and madness, stemming from years on pent-up rage. What they didn't know was that the main generator in charge of station's core power wasn't affected by the E.M.P.s. Within 30 minutes, all sub-generators and the entire system was restored. Then, the retaliative top-level security measure, Night of Adams, took place against the 2,000 revolting Quanx. It was a massacre. Of the thousands, only a dozen including the Crying Daddy's closest friends and Crying Daddy survived.

What happened that night is highly confidential. If Quanx deliverers open up their mouth about it, they'll get cubed. The station's generator and power system are still the same as they were 5 years ago. The mail for Crying Daddy was also a death notice. Even if Crying Daddy's closest friends got rid of the letter, he was bound to find out his grandson's death from the electronic inbox after their meeting. If the blackout comes, they have no way of keeping 2,500 Quanx under control. Each of the liquor they poured was harmless on its own, but they turn deadly when mixed with each other. That's why Silverquick couldn't find any evidence. But, Crying Daddy knew what they were going to do. He just accepted his death like that.

In fact, it turns out that Yahwah had deliberately caused it to find his original body. The Deputy director of Internal Affairs' secretary says to the Deputy director of Internal Affairs that Yahwah even fell into coma from the aftermaths of the damage control.

Yahwah thinks God's words will definitely help with the modified plan, and this was nothing but a peanut compared to his new plan.

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Avatar (아바타, Abata / アバター, Abatā / 阿凡达, 阿凡達, Āfándá) is first appeared in the A Dog of Pamana (1). And it's first mentioned in the Captain Hardok (4).

This is one of the types of avatars, and the object that Eve can't go outside so they use this to support Quanx deliverer from the outside.

It communicates the user's voice, facial expression, behavior, and so on. Quanx deliverer as well as Eve, can be connected to the remote communication it. Eve carries several of these because it breaks well. It can be used as a camera to relay the current situation elsewhere. And it can enter into a narrow or dangerous place where Quanx deliverer can't enter directly. The elasticity of this is very good.

Screenshot 2017-04-15-19-04-14

Cell's Avatar, Denma with NAVER WEBTOON

This is a small robot resembling an octopus, and it can flight. Each Eve's Avatars has different colors. Cell's Avatar is green, Edrei's Eve's Avatar is ivory, and Bon's Avatar is red.

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Red (레드, Redeu / レッド, Reddo / RED, RED, Yàdāng zhī yè) is first appeared in the Eve Rachel (2). And it's first mentioned in the 5. A.E. (1).

It's highly sensitive package, class one.

In Eve Rachel, Yahwah appears on the screen, and he announced Marvic's contract was supposed to terminate today, but he've just received a damaged package claim from Marvic's client. Since the damaged item was an important historical artifact, Marvic's contract receives an extra 2 years, and his due bonus awards will all be forfeited. Marvic noticed that his Eve Rachel had destroyed the parcel, he uses Quanx ability to her so he discards her.

These're the special things by Denma. Below these're the description of Denma's Reds.

In Eve Rachel (1), Jet wins the bet with Denma. And then in 5. A.E. (1), Jet gives two Reds to Denma.

In 7. A.E. link, Denma gives Edrei a couple of packages, including 2 Reds, to help the delivery. However, Edrei gives 2 Reds to Denma again.

In Savoy Gaal (17), Edrei promises he'll take care of all their deliveries for the next 5 days. And he leaves Carlburn, but he leaving 2 Reds given by Denma.

In God's Lover (9), Cell shows Denma's rescheduled routes, and she tells first one to deliver the Red package. Denma remembers the bet he made with Jet and strikes Adam punching bag. And in (13), the first Red is turns out to be Dr. God's outdated fuel cell. Denma installs fuel cell, God asked them to told the publisher that he'll record his story and have they take it to them.

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