These are terminologies of Denma.

The 8th universe Edit

The 8th Universe (8우주, Pal-Uju) is first mentioned in the Captain Hardok (4).

There are the main spatial background of Denma.

There are United Council of Space of the 8th universe (U.C.S.) here.

8th space is old English version's name.

Causality Edit

Causality (인과율, Ingwayul) is first mentioned in the Sixteen (19).

See details here.

Ran is the one who oversees this in Church of Madonna.

Artificial Neuro-Sensor cell chip Edit

Artificial Neuro-Sensor cell chip (인공 뇌신경 세포소자, Ingong noesingyeong seosoja) is first mentioned in the A Dog of Pamana (4).

This A.I. neurosurgery can move the consciousness of a person or animal to another place.

Just drop it in the nanofluid and give it constant current and the bio-data stored in this chip gets reanimated. Then, it starts building its body by restructuring the nanofluid around it. This is very expensive.

Since this is an electronic device, it's affected by EMP.

Neuro-Scanning applied this technique.

Black market Edit

Black market (블랙마켓, Beulraekmaket) is first mentioned in the 2. A.E. link.

The owner of this place is the king.

Savoy abducts Quanx and sells them to here. Kid Quanx can get sold for a high price.

There is a slave market here.

Slave market Edit

Slave market (노예시장, Noyesijang) is first mentioned in the Savoy Gaal (3).

When young girls becomes slaves, they gets harshed.

Pentagon sold Guyrin over to El through the here. But Gaal says to Denma (Dike) that they didn't take Dike's girl, he mean, lady. She came to them and he don't know why, but she asked them to sell herself to El through the here. Then they suspected for her ulterior motive, but they had to take her offer because they were running short on cash.

Booster gun Edit

Screenshot 2017-04-15-19-03-51


Booster gun (부스터 건, Buseuteo geon) is first mentioned in the Savoy Gaal (2).

This is a powerful firepower weapon. Someone can hold it on a part of someone's body or someone can lift it by hand.

This is a special thing made by Mirai Datsu. Below this is the description of Gaal's booster gun.

Gaal shoots and destroys Adams with this. And he speaks to himself, everything Mirai sells comes in handy at the right moment, So he buy all his gears from her. Yahwah orders Edel to obtain the weapon and bring in its maker.

Church of Madonna Edit

Creatures Edit

Ahaziah Edit

Ahaziah (아하시야, Ahasiya) is first appeared in the Sixteen (11).

It's flowers.

These at the House of Royal Tombs, Nell would fill up her room with its scent any day.

It's symbolizes forbidden love.

The word Ahaziah comes from the biblical character Ahaziah. And The word Ahaziah is Hebrew אֲחַזְיָהוּ origin. It means "Yah holds", or "Yah sustains".

Ahacia is old English version's name.

Gora Edit

Giant gog Edit

Mimicry-Species Edit

Mandragora Edit

For episode, see Mandragora (episode).

Mandragora (만드라고라, Mandeuragora) is first mentioned in the Mandragora (episode) (1).

It have both intellect and emotion, and they tend to take form after their caretaker. It's grows planet Winnova, and it's the major agricultural product of the Goel Orthodox Church. Priests of Goel Orthodox Church are sending these to Bethel Sister's house of planet Even every year.

Most people in Evenessel, a retirement city of Even, they have experienced the amazing remedial effects of these, cultivated by Sister Naomi.

Beer-Lahai-Roi Imitatros Edit

Pigear Edit

Races Edit

Devarim Edit

Ephraimite Edit

Human Edit

Negevian Edit

Bathtub incubator (tub) Edit
Nectar Edit
Pico Edit

Georg filter Edit

Georg filter (게오르그 필터, Georeugeu pilteo) is first mentioned in the 9. A.E. link.

Savoy mainly uses thise and and Marutas.

It senses Quanx or Transcriptome.

If whose look at Quanx through this, the whole body of Quanx looks black. The black means a hole. Unlike the other Quanx, Ephraimite Quanx are black with a border-broken shape when looked by this.

If whose look at Transcriptome through this, it looks white.

Gerodi filter is old English version's name.

Maruta Edit

Maruta (마루타, Maruta) is first mentioned in the 9. A.E. link.

Savoy mainly uses these and Georg filter.

This can catch Quanx or people.

After close contact with the back of the target, a tentacle that resembles a human skeleton stretches out, blocking movement by capturing the body of the target.

In the caught part, it cause bruised. And it will penetrate target's skin if target continue to fight it.

There are various shapes of things such as tire shapes and box shapes.

Neuro-Scanning Edit

Neuro-Scanning (뇌전단 스캐닝, Noejeondan seukaening) is first mentioned in the A Dog of Pamana (1).

6 months ago, Dike was forced to get a job Silverquick. When he woke up, his conscience was transferred to a 12-year-old kid's body suffering from quadriplegia, via this socket.

It's applied Artificial Neuro-Sensor cell chip. So someone can put creatures' consciousness on the socket. But it isn't affected by EMP.

Ephraimite Quanx Edel also her conscience was transferred to Arcel's body via this socket.

Screenshot 2017-04-15-19-03-28

The socket containing consciousness is yellow.

Quanx Edit

Transcriptome Edit

Silverquick Edit

Adam Edit

Eve Edit

Quai Edit

Space disease Edit

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