Terra (테라, Tera) is the planet of Denma.

Summary Edit

Jinu moved from Pamana to Terra 20 years ago. After the delivery, Denma and Cell goes to Jinu.

In Captain Hardok, Edom goes to the Terra to remain safe in the immigration records. 3 months later, Edom lives here as a milk deliverer and becomes a orphans' sponsor. The next day, Edom takes a photo with the refugee children of the Turtleship, Min-G, and Edoms who came to him.

In Yael Road, after Anne moved from Negev to Terra and started an academy, and it became a big success. Life on Terra is like living a dream. People call Terra a utopia. A lot of Negevians have moved to Terra to escape discrimination. and the Terran government has been kind enough to offer free Nectar for hard working Negevians.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Terra is Latin, English origin. It means "earth". But it is not certain that this is the Earth.

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