Write about the mention of time in the Denma.

In Denma, timeline is very complex because the time of A.E. and main part is often cross the time.

The current time is based on the end of the God's Lover (current time).

Link the corresponding chs. to the bulleted list in which the corresponding timeline appears.

Includes the same worldview, Iron Dog Is No Registration and Rami Record.

Thousands of years ago Edit

42 years ago Edit

40 years 3 months ago Edit

37 years 3 months ago Edit

About 20 years ago Edit

20 years 3 months ago Edit

About 10 years ago Edit

17 years 3 months ago Edit

12 years 3 months ago Edit

11 years ago Edit

10 years ago Edit

9 years ago Edit

7 years ago Edit

6 years ago Edit

5 years ago Edit

  • Sister Naomi used to works Winnova as a Mandragora master. She's meets with the Mother superior of Bethel Sister's house who visits here for a while. And she's goes Even. (Mandragora (3))

5 years 6 months ago Edit

5 years 3 months ago Edit

4 years ago Edit

3 years ago Edit

2 years ago Edit

August 15 Edit

1 year ago Edit

1 year 3 months ago Edit

  • Marvic is start to become 'The delivery man of the month' for a year. (Eve Rachel (1))

August 15th Edit

September 15th Edit

October 15th Edit

0 year Edit

9 months ago Edit

  • At the end of war with Big Four who are El's soldiers, Dike go to frequent bars after hearing that Jet was going to meet Aaron with his colleagues. Dike has a contract with some woman. And he was forced to get a job Silverquick, which is intergalatic courier service. When he woke up, his conscience was transferred to a 12-year-old kid's body suffering from quadriplegia, via a neuro-scanning device. Jet also joins Silverquick. (A Dog of Pamana (1), Blackout (4))

6 months ago Edit

3 months ago Edit

The beginning of Denma.

Current time Edit

1 year later Edit

50 years later Edit

Spoiler Edit

Current time

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