Transcriptome (전사체, Jeonsache) is the terminology of Denma.

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In Eve Rachel (1), if Quanx attack this with the Quanx skills, it'll go through.

The official name is Quanx Transcriptome (퀑 전사체, Kwong jeonsache). It's first mentioned in the Savoy Gaal (1).

It's Quanx's interactant.

This is ivory. It looks white with the Georg filter. It's also no physical attacks worked. But Gaal defeats Adams with the booster gun that Mirai gave him. Edel pulls out the caught Gaal by mistake and takes it off to the side. Adam who's playing together touched it and then it's hit by the booster gun that Gaal shot. Denma sees this and thinks he can escape from Silverquick because he can fight Adams with a booster gun.

Church of Madonna and Silverquick are using this. Adam is Transcriptome. Adams are made by Yahwah.

Given the nature of the these, they're more likely to be used for control than protection.

They have an ego. They have an ego. They can eat food, drink alcohol, and dance.

In Pigear (29), the Gaal's booster guns defeats Adams is some serious matter that can break the hierarchy of the entire church body.

There is a Quanx ability to control this.

The control Transcriptomes user can use this in avatar format.


In God's Lover (4), Yahwah controls Camael (Mama).

Usually Quanx is born naturally. But if the people do Mating experiment, Quanx and the corresponding transcription of Quanx, in other words, the Transcriptome is made. It isn't naturally born, and it's artificially created through Mating.

No one on planet Bella can explain the how can Mating create them. The researchers are only assuming that it's the survival instinct of the 2 consciousnesses. As the 2 different consciousnesses are forced to combine with each other. Each comes up with a way to protect itself. Here is a example. It's creates artificial Quanx, denial. So like it says, it's about a consciousness denying the existence of the other, which separates the 2 into 2 dimensions. Therefore, although they're in the same place and location they're existing in 2 different dimensions so that they can't influence each other. And it's due to the multi-dimensional property of consciousness. They're together. but they're not. In other to survive, they create an obvious physical error intentionally. So the error results in a physical error of the body, somehow leads to an indescribable phenomenon that's outside of the law of physics. And with the natural reaction to recover the physical error a transcription of Quanx is thus created. This is how people explain the results of Mating.

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