Tulou (토루, Toru) is the planet of Denma.

Summary Edit

In 12. A.E. (2), Balak asks Edel is going to be given a full pardon next year around Madonna's birthday, and Edel will need to wait at least 4 years to be reinstated as a priest, so when Edel is granted his pardon, go to the Lang monastery on here, and train with other priests, because there's like a training school for the Black Chapter.

2 years later, Edel and his brother priest Yoon are trainning at Lang monastery on here. Edel thinks his uncle send him here to die. One trainee announces that the marine Quanx brigade came into the village to fight trainees again and they said they will put up their battleship for the fight. Edel says to Yoon that himself will fight.

Edel and Yoon are suppress the marine Quanx brigade. Edel asks he can has the battleship they rode in. Yoon answers it's going to belong to monastery, and asks this have something to do with the girl on Edel's chest. Yoon tells Edel will make sure that Father Superior doesn't find out.

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